Introducing the All New Smart Whiteboard Wall That
Records Your Doodles!|Syncs to Your Favorite Apps!|Broadcasts LIVE Online!

Save, Edit, Share and Stream with Evernote, Onenote, Dropbox, Onedrive and much more! Smart Whiteboard Walls are a collaboration between ReMARKable Dry Erase Paint and eQuil SmartMarker.

Transform your walls into a whiteboard with

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whiteboard paint.

and save up to 80% compared to the cost of a traditional dry erase board!

What is ReMARKable Dry Erase Board Paint?

Easy to Use, Do-It-Yourself Dry Erase Paint Kits Starting as Low as $120

Your Path to a Whiteboard Wall in 3 Easy Steps

whiteboard-paint-inspiration Choose between ReMARKable Clear for any color surface or ReMARKable White for a traditional whiteboard surface.

Young handsome worker with measuring tape Measure the size of your surface or whiteboard wall in square footage.

drawing concept city Place an Order, Apply ReMARKable and Enjoy Your New Dry Erase Breakthrough Creativity Space!




SM1_package_front_1024x1024ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint is excited to announce it’s new partnership with eQuil SmartMarker, a revolutionary new technology that is the perfect addition to any ReMARKable whiteboard wall. With Smartmarker you can capture, share and stream live notes from your ReMARKable whiteboard wall – straight to your favorite device. Bring those long-distance colleagues right into your meeting room, letting them see board notes live, and even participate – marking up notes remotely.

The Writing is On the Wall.

ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint Reviews

untitled-design-33Jason Spencer
Asheville, NC

“I work with building teams of people for collaborative business on a regular basis. One of our biggest frustrations in the process of co-creating something together with multiple people around a table, is the space to dream, envision, and lay out ideas, doodles, diagrams, mind maps and more.

We started out trying to go cheap, and went with Rustoleum’s paint for our co-working meeting space, and we wasted our money and our time with a crappy dry erase wall that wouldn’t even erase fully. Then we tried IdeaPaint, the expensive stuff. It was so difficult to apply, we just gave up. Finally, we purchased ReMARKable. Not only was the application smooth, but the wall itself is now beautiful, functional, and helping our teams to expand their capabilities together in a big way. Thanks ReMARKable!”


untitled-design-34Cherylyn Apking
San Diego, CA

“Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a whiteboard fanatic! When I came across ReMARKable, I was super excited to try it out. I first ordered a 50 sq. ft. Kit and applied it myself! Amazing! I am so thrilled with the results! It works awesome! Truly ReMARKable! I have since ordered over 1800 sq. ft. we have nearly every office wall covered in ReMARKable now! Everyone loves it! It has completely changed the atmosphere in the office. Just fabulous! A million “Thank you’s” ReMARKable!”


untitled-design-35Cody Murphy
Naples, FL

“We were in desperate need of additional writing space at the office, so I looked at buying multiple large whiteboards. The cost was ridiculous! It would have cost us over $11,000 to do the area we did with ReMARKable. For less than a $1000 we covered over 600 sq. ft. of wall space. ReMARKable works better than any erasable surface I ever used! I am very satisfied with the results! We have used our ReMARKable walls now over 2 years and it still looks brand new! I would highly recommend ReMARKable to any business owner who uses marker boards regularly, the stuff is awesome!”


Our customers turn whole rooms into ReMARKable dry erase walls.

So if you want to be super cool like Google, Starbucks or Sony…

Or super smart like Harvard and Yale…

Order up some ReMARKable marker board paint and start noodling.

ReMARKable for Business

What is ReMARKable?

ReMARKable for School

Why ReMARKable Dry Erase Paint?

Because You Get More Idea Space for Your Dollar


Unlike most wall coatings, ReMARKable is virtually odorless! ReMARKable is unique in the fact that it has unsurpassed durability, being a true commercial strength product, yet does not contain harmful odors. Other products have been known to clear out a room or at least give you the worst migraine you’ve ever had. You can rest easy using ReMARKable, no head aches here! When you’re all finished, a soap & water clean up is all you need!



ReMARKable is an amazing value! The average cost of a quality whiteboard per square foot is $14.50! Just imagine having to pay $14.50 x 200 sq. ft.! That’s would cost you nearly $3,000! With ReMARKable you could do 200 sq. ft. wall for less than $600! That’s an 80% savings for a product that works better and last longer! Now that’s ReMARKable!


Unlike nearly every other product on the market, ReMARKable has substantially increased cure times. Most products require a 5-7 day cure process before you can write on it! ReMARKable however, only requires a 48 hour cure time before you can write away! ReMARKable is truly ready to use in hours not days!


ReMARKable is by far and large the easiest product to use! It’s caveman simple! Many other products will have you pulling your hair out! NOT with ReMARKable! Some of our best installs were performed by kids ages 12 & under! Now that’s ReMARKable!


ReMARKable is made with the utmost quality & ingredients! ReMARKable is a water borne product that is 100% environmentally responsible! Many other products have terrible odors and high VOC’s, (volatile organic compounds) that are very unhealthy to use and harsh on our environment! With a simple and safe soap & water clean up you can rest assure that you are not harming your body or the environment by using ReMARKable!


ReMARKable White is about 50% less glossy than competitive products! Why is this important? Well, many professionals use a projector in conjunction with dry erase walls. Having a high gloss finish makes it unprojectable, as there will be a blinding glare. Additionally, if there are windows or lights near your white board, you will most certainly have bad glare areas! Not with ReMARKable! Our sheen is perfectly designed & coordinated for any condition! No sun glasses required! That’s another reason ReMARKable is the #1 choice for business’s & schools!


ReMARKable is smooth as a baby’s butt! Unlike any other product, ReMARKable has self leveling qualities that allow the product to lay down very smooth and not textured. Other materials take on the texture of the roller nap, leaving the finished product very lumpy, bumpy and full of lint! Our lint free micro-fiber roller and engineered rheology (how a product flows) is unparalleled! You can rest assured that you’ll be smooth sailing with ReMARKable!


You can have any color dry erase board you want! All you have to do is choose your desired color in a water borne satin, or semi-gloss enamel, paint the area you want to be dry erase and let dry. Once your color is thoroughly dry, apply ReMARKable Clear over your color and walaaaaa! You have a beautiful colored dry erase board! Now that’s ReMARKable!


The average life span of a traditional whiteboard is less than 3 years. The reason they begin to ghost and muddy is all about the ink. The ink in dry erase markers contain solvents that break down the integrity of of the surfaces and allow ink to impregnate into the surface. ReMARKable on the other hand is completely impervious and super chemically resistant, making it nearly impossible for ReMARKable to stain. If you do get a stubborn spot, just use ReMARKable soy based cleaner and it will restore your surface back to new!


The Origins of the Whiteboard

These beautiful surfaces were invented by Martin Heit, a photographer and Korean War veteran. The idea was originally developed for having next to a wall phone to take messages down on. source:


Improving Upon the Flaws of IdeaPaint

While Idea Paint gave the industry a great headstart, the product was flawed, and ReMARKable was able to capitalize on that with an all new formula of our own. More cost effective, easier to use, less odor, more durable and easier to erase for long into the future.

Not all dry erase paint is created equal.

With so many different options on the market for dry erase paint, it can be tough to know the differences. One thing is for sure – there are absolute differences, so its important you make a choice that you won’t regret, as many dry erase paints can be a horrendous experience.

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