ReMARKable™ is a clear dry-erase product made by 360° Coatings. With so many outstanding features, the best way to learn about ReMARKable is on our How It Works page.

360° Coatings creates coatings that provide unique solutions to professionals for use in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Although each 360° Coatings product line is unique, every 360° product must live up to the core principles of 360° Coatings:

ReMARKable History

ReMARKable dry erase paint was a solution to many problems in the whiteboard paint market. When David Rairick and Susan Anspach, both professional faux finishers, tried working with various dry erase paint solutions on the market, they were met with incredibly frustrating experiences. The products they tried, like IdeaPaint, Rustoleum, Writeyboards, Benjamin Moore Notable, and more have all failed simple tests like… how easy is the product to apply for an average non professional painter? how toxic or strong of an odor that causes headaches? does the finished wall erase easily without effort? when you erase, does it smear, smudge, discolor? does the product dry with bubbles and non-smooth flaws on the surface that will interrupt the writing experience? Unfortunately, every product that they came across on the market could not pass these tests.

ReMARKable whiteboard paint was born out of these failed tests. David and Susan went to work on creating the perfect whiteboard paint formula that applies easily, erases easily, does not smear, smudge or discolor, even over time, is non-toxic and virtually odorless, and is totally smooth when finished for a great writing experience.

Our Coatings Have a Purpose

Every product we make must be of the highest quality and serve a distinct purpose. We only develop high-quality coatings that use cutting-edge manufacturing technology, are easy to use, are cost-effective and offer a far superior alternative to any other available option. Only the best coatings earn the distinctive 360° Coatings name.

Real-World Tested

How do we know our coatings work? Because we use them every day. 360° Coatings was founded by a team of the world’s most sought-after professionals in the coatings industry; craftsmen who still work in the field and talk to real clients. We understand what it takes to get the job done right. We understand the challenges you face every day when trying to spec and apply coatings in large-scale applications. And we know that every 360° Coatings product must live up to the reputation that we’ve built for ourselves over the last three decades.

The 360° Promise

When you purchase a 360° Coatings product, you get more than a can of paint. You get an innovative product that has been created to merge functionality with design. You get step by step instructions on how to use it and exceptional support by some of the world’s leading professionals in the coatings industry. You get the confidence that we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from 360° Coatings and we’ll make sure you can use our products with success. That’s our promise.

For more information about 360° Coatings and our amazing products, visit 360coatings.com.

Meet the Team

David Rairick

David Rairick

Chief Executive Officer

David is a genuine, compassionate, hard working family man that loves to apply his creative mind and big heart to innovation in industries he is passionate about. His work as a world renowned Master Faux Finisher and Teacher led him to years of experience with various coatings. He founded 360 Coatings and ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint in 2012, alongside of Susan Anspach. David has a knack for creative vision and leading teams toward efficiency and effectiveness in bringing innovative products to market.


Susan Anspach

Susan Anspach

Sr. Manager /Technical Creative Planner

Susan, an incredible family woman and blessed grandmother, is the central hub for all systems, processes and communications for ReMARKable Dry Erase Paint. She is amazingly talented at keeping a lot of plates spinning at once, and works with a love, passion and enthusiasm for her role at ReMARKable and the impact she can have directly with our customers. If you’ve ever received support from live chat online, email or phone, you’ve likely had a wonderful conversation and opportunity to work with Susan. She not only holds things together with Customer Care and Sales, she also is in the background managing Distribution, Operations and Manufacturing and Finance too! Susan was one of the original founders of 360 Coatings and ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint, and is a cornerstone team-mate.

Get started with ReMARKable. ReMARKable will transform just about any surface into a dry erase board. It is a beautiful, non-toxic do it yourself whiteboard paint kit that will empower you and your team with a boost in productivity, creativity, collaboration, organization and more. ReMARKable is available in white and clear and in 5 different size kits ranging from 35 to 600 square feet. Save time, money and headaches by choosing the best whiteboard paint on the market... ReMARKable!


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When we realize the grandest beauty in the universe, even life itself, all began with an open canvas…

Then it is possible for us to receive the clue, and the cue from nature to do the same in our own lives.

At home. At the office. At school.

Wherever that might be. We have the opportunity to start fresh with an open space, open mind, and open canvas. Which opens the door to breakthroughs, and new perspective that will help move our missions forward.

That’s where ReMARKable can help…

A bigger open canvas has proven to alter, and significantly improve the way a team (or class, or family), collaborates, co-creates, and envisions together.

Just ask some of our friends at places like…

Facebook, Google, Starbucks and Harvard

This fall is a great time to open up your space for a season of more effective brainstorming, collaboration and creation.

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