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Dry erase boards will never be the same, thanks to the invention and perfection of dry erase paint. For the longest time, dry erase surface users were restricted to the boundaries and limitations of a container known as the dry erase board, or whiteboard. Now, just about any surface can be a dry erase surface, changing the world of dry erase doodling and brainstorming forever. Simply applying a coat of ReMARKable white board paint will bring transformation to the surface and enable you to be thinking out loud and visually with your dry erase markers in no time at all.

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If you’re ready for a seamless, painless experience turning your walls, tables, desks, and other surfaces into a dry erase board at a great price, order up some ReMARKable today!


Dry Erase Paint

There is a wide range of dry erase paint that is available on the market today. From low-cost, cheap, and low-quality paint options (reminder that you get what you pay for with these products), to higher-quality options, to the total and complete evolution of dry erase board paint that you’ll find with ReMARKable. ReMARKable is the perfection of all of other dry erase board paint products. Limitations include smell, toxicity, difficulty erasing (erasability), longevity and durability, dis-coloring, bubbles and inconsistencies, long dry times, and overall difficulty and challenging applications.

ReMARKable is non-toxic, virtually oderless, erases fast and easy, dries within 48 hours (fastest dry time of all whiteboard paints), incredibly durable, does not discolor or bubble up, and is super simple and easy for anyone to apply even if you’ve never painted before.


It’s not worth a headache and toxins in your system. Many wall paints out there can be very bad for your body. ReMARKable is certified non-toxic, and virtually odorless. Your nose and your body will notice a massive difference between ReMARKable and competitive brands of dry erase paint.


There’s a wide range of prices out there for whiteboard paint. If a price seems too low to be true, trust us, it is — we’ve tried those paints, and they are horrendous to work with and use. For the upper echelon of quality paints, you’ll find ReMARKable to be the most competitively and reasonably priced with various discounts/coupons available depending on the seasonal sale going on.

Ease of Use

Some whiteboard wall paint products can be extremely difficult to work with. They can be overly sticky and pasty and just a mess to get to spread out on the wall. They can also be very full of air bubbles and difficult to get smooth and flat. ReMARKable is built to spread out organically on its own and it smooths across the wall gracefully with ease even for people who don’t paint much.


It’s amazing to us that most white board paints do not erase easily and cleanly. The last thing you want is a wall or table full of smudges and discoloration from the markers over time. You don’t want to have to scrub and scrub and scrub to try to get your surface clean again only to be disappointed with permanent marks that won’t erase. ReMARKable is extremely erasable and built to be a very easy swipable erase with a cloth and ReMARKable cleaner.


Many dry erase coating products are just too shiny, and create a lot of glare in well lit rooms. We’ll often walk into rooms with competitor products and find that we need sunglasses just to avoid the blinding glare. This is an important issue for meeting rooms, well lit rooms, and even for projecting video onto a whiteboard. ReMARKable intentionally created a low glare surface for our coatings so that it will work in any room and you can project onto it without blinding the audience.


When you are making an investment for your home, school and office, you obviously want it to be one that will last for many years to come. ReMARKable has been standing the test of time for our customers. While competitive products can age quickly and become worn and discolored, ReMARKable years later remains beautiful in color or pure white depending on the type of wall or surface you made using ReMARKable Clear or ReMARKable White. ReMARKable it built to last.
Dry Erase Paint by ReMARKable
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Dry Erase Paint by ReMARKable
Dry Erase Paint by ReMARKable is the perfect formula - the most erasable, lowest toxicity, easiest applied, and fastest drying.
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ReMARKable Dry Erase Paint
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