New York, NY-the “Big Apple”- is home to some of the greatest innovations in history. A haven to entrepreneurs around the world, the ideas born here have an environment for growth like no other. Since the industrial revolution, New York City has wielded an influential force upon this nation’s marketplace like no other city. Stock markets, media, entertainment, education, technology, research, art, fashion, commerce, and finance; New York City continuously sets the bar in places never before imagined. Known as one of the world’s greatest hubs for performers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen & women, this city takes very seriously the reputation it has earned as a cultural and industry catalyst.


Using whiteboard paint on walls, whiteboard-painted tables, furniture, offices, and classrooms, the brainstorming, collaboration and creativity pouring out of New York City is truly ReMARKable.

New York is a beautiful city rich in culture and commerce drawing people from all over the world and from every generation. This vibrant city is home some of the largest and remarkable corporations in the world such as J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Verizon Communications, Pepsico, Goldman Sachs Group, and many more. In contrast to the already established industry giants headquartered here, New York has fostered some truly Remarkable startups including Spotify, SeatGeek, GrubHub, Codeacademy, Oyster, Birchbox, Squarespace, and Venmo.

Seen by so many as the place to chase one’s dreams, it is estimated that 250,000 people migrate to New York City each year in hopes of making it in “The Big Apple”. Fanning the flame of this entrepreneurial spirit are the venture capitalists, startup incubators, accelerators, and marketing firms who continually look to the people of New York City for fresh ideas and platforms. The marriage of these two sides is what makes the innovations coming out of New York City so ReMARKable.

Coffee shops, bars and restaurants, crossfit gyms, schools, office complexes, factories, grocery stores, you name it! In New York the demand for whiteboard workspace is extremely high despite the space for it becoming more and more limited. This is where ReMARKable whiteboard paint lends its hand so well. With ReMARKable anyone can take their desks, walls, think-tank conference rooms, classrooms, cubicles, or any other creative space and turn them into a ReMARKable dry erase surface! Don’t let your ideas be constrained by the dimensions of your current whiteboard space, with ReMARKable whiteboard paint you can create your own dry erase space on almost any surface you can imagine! We’re proud to see our brand represented well throughout the city in big offices like Sony and Google and smaller offices for startups, co-working spaces and incubators.

Text messaging, emails, phone calls, and video chats have given this generation the ability to collaborate across the continuum of space and time, but no matter what, this timeless practice still remains true: nothing sparks creativity and collaboration like sharing ideas on a whiteboard.


Inspiration can strike at a moment’s notice. Whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, ReMARKable provides the space and freedom you need to turn your concepts into amazing creations.

If you are in New York and ready to get started on your whiteboard project, you can place an order on our website today, or contact our local rep, Peter Harnack, at (408) 614-1720.