3 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Paint

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3 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Paint
3 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Paint

Introduction: Whiteboard-painted walls and other surfaces in business, organizational, school, or household settings can transform formerly unused spaces into highly efficient and absorbing tools with endless uses for communicating information and expressing creative ideas and images. Through the application of our quality whiteboard coatings, virtually any flat painted surface may be made into a whiteboard where creativity can blossom more freely than through any other medium. Due to their ease of use and engaging, open-ended nature, whiteboard surfaces also enhance productivity in various fields because they encourage heightened focus and greater motivation among office team members, students, medical staff, and other users.

Transforms Walls

Transform your walls and workspace or any other smooth, flat painted surface into a writable space of any size or color. Top-quality whiteboard paint may be used to create the centralized office communication hub of your dreams! With their vast open areas, your walls can become handy places to convey vital information and express original ideas related to staff assignments, budget proposals, marketing campaigns, customer outreach efforts, and countless other aspects of your daily business agenda.

Our clear coating can be applied over your existing wall paint if you wish to maintain the feel and décor of your present workplace. However, in this case, you’ll need to make sure that the current paint is usable as a base coat for our quality whiteboard coating. You can get detailed information on this topic from the paint supplier where the paint was purchased. To act as a suitable base coat, your present paint will need to be free of antimicrobial agents, defoamers, and several other additives that react adversely with our premium whiteboard paints. You can get more information on this topic by consulting the fourth item in the FAQ section of our official website titled “How do I prepare my surface before applying ReMARKable?” Otherwise, if you prefer the traditional whiteboard look, you can install our white coating over an appropriate base coat such as our proprietary base paint and primer in one.

Whiteboard Wall Productivity

Declutter and modernize your office, classroom, or private residence for improved productivity and creativity among your team members, students, or family members. Through the use of whiteboard coated walls, you can do away with clunky chalkboards, traditional framed whiteboards, flip charts, and cork boards, as well as outdated and environmentally unfriendly handouts, company newsletters, weekly bulletins, and other paper documents that contribute to global deforestation and air, water, and soil pollution. In offices, schools, and households around the globe, these formerly common means of communication are quickly being replaced by large eco-friendly open-ended whiteboard coated surfaces, where writing and drawing may be done in easy-to-see forms that can be quickly erased when new ideas and data emerge. Whiteboard-coated walls and other surfaces such as room dividers, office doors, work stations, cubicles, and desks are excellent media for displaying important information and creative ideas in one central location that is accessible to all.

In the office setting, whiteboard-painted surfaces can also help to keep your team members focused and motivated in pursuing the essential goals that will move your business or organization forward. By allowing you and your team to centralize the presentation of key data and ideas, whiteboard walls make executing projects more efficient and details easier to manage. Using the vast area of a whiteboard painted wall, for instance, you can integrate the project ideas your team comes up with every day and manage various multi-functional processes in one shared centrally located space.

Through the use of a virtually limitless surface for collaboration and idea-sharing, the skills of your team members with diverse specialties such as marketing, accounting, human resources, and finance can be employed more productively in the pursuit of company goals. Thus, employees from all levels of your company or organization can function on an even playing field – the immense idea-enhancing space of a whiteboard-painted wall. By assigning a task to a team composed of multi-disciplinary staff members and allowing them to brainstorm and collaborate equally on a whiteboard surface, you increase everyone’s level of creativity and reduce “groupthink,” the strong desire for communal harmony or conformity in decision-making that usually produces unreasonable or impractical results.

The wish for unity may make a group tend to agree with one another at all costs, causing the members to avoid conflict and reach a consensus without critically evaluating their proposals. However, research in social psychology suggests that differences of opinion and healthy debate in a group meeting or brainstorming session lead to the most productive and practical outcomes. Such differences can easily be presented on a massive whiteboard-coated wall, where the opposing views of all team members are recorded in large letters for everyone to see and ponder, potentially leading to productive breakthroughs for a new project or plan.

If each team member offers an opposing viewpoint on a problem and a possible solution, they can record it all on the whiteboard wall and allow the others to provide feedback and criticism. In this way, innovations may emerge from a cross-disciplinary team approach to decision-making and productive collaboration. Your cross-functional team members can thus feel more deeply engaged in company decisions by having the freedom to express their ideas on the virtually limitless canvas of your whiteboard-painted wall. As a result, besides being responsible for their daily work-related duties, they can take credit for cross-disciplinary team decision-making with the help of your quality whiteboard coated surface and feel more a part of the company culture.

Endless Uses

A whiteboard painted wall can be used in countless informative and creative ways. In the business environment, brainstorming sessions, training seminars, customer meetings, conferences, and a host of other gatherings can be made more animated and productive through written and graphic communication on the open canvas of a whiteboard coated wall. The free-flowing nature of writing and drawing on a large space like a whiteboard painted surface can free up ideas and images from the farthest reaches of your team’s imaginations. Venn diagrams, graphs, flow charts, mind maps, staff schedules, marketing charts, time tables, and the like are more easily generated when your team has the mental and physical room to express themselves on an entire wall that’s easily written on and erased until the next creative idea comes up and the best outcome is reached.

In the classroom, whiteboard-painted surfaces can allow students to work in teams to solve math problems, brainstorm ideas for group research projects, create storyboards to prepare for school writing assignments or oral presentations, outline the plots of stories they’re reading, and more. With regard to understanding story plots, instead of using the old school method of writing down the sequence of events on index cards, students can make drawings on the whiteboard wall to help them see more clearly and graphically what the narrative is about. Even young students can use a version of this technique by listening to their teacher tell a story and then drawing storyboards of the primary sequence of plot actions in order to summarize and better grasp the story.

Similarly, teaching with storyboards created on a whiteboard painted wall can help instructors to quickly and easily convey complex ideas in math, science, history, literature, and other subjects – even more quickly than through writing or speaking. Moreover, the use of storyboards presented on whiteboard surfaces can help to remove linguistic and psychological barriers that might arise in classrooms where English is the second language spoken by many students. In such cases, the use of an interactive approach where teachers and students both produce graphics combined with text on a whiteboard wall can make learning fun and engaging for those learners who may otherwise feel inhibited about expressing themselves in class.

3 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Paint
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3 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Paint
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