Using Dry Erase Walls During Group Activities

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Using Dry Erase Walls During Group Activities
Using Dry Erase Walls During Group Activities

Due to their large size and ease of use, premium dry erase painted walls are a natural fit for communication and interaction during group activities in business offices, schools, health care facilities, and other settings. The expansive canvas of a dry erase wall invites groups of users to write and draw as much as they like, erase what’s no longer needed, and then add more. In this way, it provides much greater latitude for presenting ideas and information than the limited surface of a traditional whiteboard, chalkboard, or flip chart.

The functions presented below are just some of the many ways in which top-quality dry erase walls can make your team’s exchanges of data and ideas easier, more creative, and more productive.

Dry Erase Surfaces Improve Communications with Clients and Peers

By offering broad surfaces on which to convey important data and ideas related to all facets of business operations, dry erase walls facilitate communication both among working peers and with clients.

Client Project Kickoff Meetings on Your Whiteboard Wall

Launching a new business project or starting an association with a new client involves conveying a lot of precise details and ideas that are hard to communicate via email messages, text messages, or chats. For this reason, holding an in-person kickoff meeting is a better alternative because it allows your team and clients to talk about expected outcomes, suitable lines of attack, and personal views without filling up a feed or risking the loss of vital data in an undelivered email or text message.

Your whole team can ask questions and express their opinions about their roles and duties in relation to the forthcoming project. And with everyone who’s involved present at the same meeting, multiple departments can learn about how each one’s assignments will fit into the whole in order to achieve the end result. Using a dry erase wall can be of great help in this process, as its large surface will let each team member write project notes or presentations while explaining them and getting feedback from the client and team. And since the wall can be so easily erased, ongoing adjustments can be made as the meeting goes on, and everyone has an opportunity to submit their data.

Make Announcements and Requests on Your Dry Erase Wall

In-house communications are among the trickiest aspects of business administration to perfect. Guaranteeing that all of your team members are regularly brought up to date on evolving HR policies, new marketing strategies, and periodic price changes can prevent mistakes and misinformation from proliferating all through the company. Running a business requires that both managers and staff keep abreast of all company interactions and decisions. And one of the most efficient ways to do so is to generate an announcement area or notice board on a top-quality dry erase wall. There, daily work schedules, essential company notices, HR policy changes, and a host of other data can be posted, allowing for easy viewing and annotating by team members and management.

In military and other government offices, it’s crucial to be methodical about workplace procedures and to regularly set the daily agenda. Dry erase walls can be helpful for this purpose in any branch of the military, allowing personnel to keep track of training procedures, equipment accessibility, military drills, reservists’ schedules, and much more.

When installed in public libraries, dry erase walls are perfect for posting announcements about new books and other media offerings, free services such as story times, study areas for patrons, book clubs, other public libraries in the area, and much more.

Whiteboard Painted Walls Assist in Meetings and Presentations

Conducting a productive business meeting can be as challenging as landing a spacecraft on the moon. Managing the many options involved may appear hopeless at times, and a team gathering never seems to end up quite as you intended. But inefficient team meetings aren’t inevitable. With the right medium for interaction and a bit of motivation, you can hold the meeting you hoped for each time your team gets together. One such medium is a top-quality dry erase wall, which provides a durable and unlimited space for making presentations, posting opinions, and developing creative ideas for new products, marketing schemes, and more.

Dry Erase Painted Walls Serve as an Ideal Medium for the Use of Visual Aids

Using well-designed visual elements at meetings with staff and clients can elevate your presentations to a new level of excitement, as visuals make team members feel more engaged and energized about the content you’re presenting. Employing high-quality slides, videos, and diagrams can help participants better comprehend and feel involved with your presentation, and a dry erase wall provides the ideal screen on which to display visuals. In today’s high-tech, highly competitive marketplace producing graphic presentations is becoming an increasingly important skill for business owners and managers to master. And the surface of a premium dry erase wall is ideal for keeping you apace with your competitors when it comes to presenting cutting-edge visual displays.

Make Meetings a Highly Interactive Team Activity with Dry Erase Walls

To make your office meetings more than just dry personal lectures by the owner or office manager, you can take advantage of the unique opinions, knowledge base, and skills of your team with a premium dry erase wall. During get-togethers, the members can input their ideas on the vast canvas of the wall and get ongoing feedback from others. In this way, your meetings will become more interactive, efficient, and meaningful, resulting in improved creativity, productivity, and profitability for your organization.

Due to the great size of a dry erase wall, multiple team members may write their ideas at the same time during meetings and offer feedback to one another as they go along, thus improving team spirit and strengthening company culture. The fact that the wall is extremely easy to write on and erase makes constant addition and revision of text and graphics a breeze. And the sheer magnitude of the dry erase surface allows the team members to get a panoramic view of all the items posted. This makes it easier for everyone to get the big picture and visualize the interconnections among the various team members’ ideas.

Brainstorming sessions are especially appropriate occasions for the use of dry erase walls, as even the least assertive members of your team will be eager to offer input about what’s going on. There’s something almost magical about dry erase walls when it comes to eliciting ideas and feelings from people who normally feel hesitant to speak up at meetings, and this quality can be of great benefit to your company.

Leave Messages on the Whiteboard Wall for Staff on Different Shifts

Having access to a dry erase wall can also allow you to leave messages and reminders for your team and thus keep them on their toes about daily duties and unexpected changes in work assignments. The strong visual impact of seeing these notes written in large letters on the big canvas of a dry erase wall will clearly remind them of their responsibilities and assist you in holding them accountable in case of memory lapses. By helping to develop your team’s sense of responsibility, a dry erase wall can thus become a valuable management tool.

In operations such as hospitals and factories that employ workers on various shifts, a dry erase wall can also be a handy place for workers on one shift to leave messages for those on the following shift. Notes written in large letters on the surface of a dry erase wall will be more noticeable and easier for team members to remember than text messages or emails that might not be checked and thus unintentionally ignored.

Educate Peers and Clients with a Dry Erase Wall

Dry erase walls installed in the business office are also outstanding educational media as they offer virtually unlimited room to teach both new recruits and longstanding colleagues about scheduling, workplace efficiency, office systems, company HR policies, safety rules, and more.

Using Dry Erase Walls During Group Activities
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