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Top Quality Whiteboard Paint

Our competitors’ products can’t compare to our top-quality, long-lasting whiteboard coatings. After applying our whiteboard paint, to walls and other flat surfaces in your manager’s office, meeting room, co-working space, retail or coffee shop, kids’ room or classroom will become popular centers for collaborating and producing ideas, allowing your work team, family members or students to function in exciting new ways promoting easy communication and inventiveness. Our whiteboard paint also makes for trouble-free maintenance as it creates an easy-wipe surface that is easily cleaned without the need for herculean strength to scrub off dry erase marks. This characteristic is the major selling point for any high-quality whiteboard painted surface.

Whiteboard paint review sites have once again recognized our product’s excellence, naming it the “Best Dry Erase Wall Paint for 2020.” These websites describe our whiteboard paint as “high-quality, environmentally friendly, and odorless water-based dry erase wall paint formulated to create a superior glossy finish with minimal glare.” Both of our white and clear dry-erase coatings are designed to create the traditional whiteboard effect on the painted surface, as well as maintain high erasability quality. Moreover, it has a low VOC [volatile organic compound] count, which makes it non-toxic even when it comes in contact with human skin..

Increase Collaboration With Whiteboard Paint

With whiteboard painted walls installed all around the office, clinic, classroom or other venues you can unleash collaborative effort and creative contributions from anyone anywhere at any time. The experience of interacting, writing, and drawing on a surface without size restrictions inspires creativity, productivity, and cooperation in your team members or students, giving them free rein to express latent ingenuity they never knew they had. In the office setting, you can strategically install our coatings in communal work areas or anywhere else that you and your team might want to hold an impromptu get-together or a formal meeting. In this way, your staff can be freed from the need to huddle around a cramped workstation or reserve a conference room to present their original ideas or conduct a quick consultation.

Investment Into A Whiteboard Wall

Considering that they last for ten-plus years of regular use and offer limitless room for expressing original ideas and images, applying our whiteboard coatings is a smart business investment for both practical and creative reasons. The dictionary definition of “invest” is to allocate money in the expectation of some benefit or return in the future. In the case of our premium whiteboard coatings, the benefit from your investment is many years of trouble-free use, which translates into a lot of saved revenue, because after installing our paint, you’ll never again have to purchase short-lived traditional whiteboards or flip chart paper.

Whiteboard Paint That Performs Best

The best-performing whiteboard paint that can be purchased today is known as ReMARKable. Our whiteboard coated walls put the “erase” back into “dry erase,” as their durable non-ghosting surfaces can always be easily wiped clean with a few swipes of a microfiber cloth, leaving no unsightly streaks or smudges. Thus, you can leave all your fears of whiteboard shadowing behind and remain confident in the fact that our surfaces will perform reliably for ten or more years without needing to be replaced.

After years of testing, perfecting and marketing our proprietary formula to countless clients, we can state with confidence that it’s like no other whiteboard paint when it comes to erasability, eco-friendliness, and long-term performance. Our top-quality coatings will never stain, crack, fade or yellow even after ten-plus years of daily use. Not like traditional whiteboards, our whiteboard surfaces last long and are never susceptible to ghosting or smudging with normal use and care. Our low odor, environmentally friendly and long-lasting paint formulation has been developed to provide the highest level of performance at an affordable price. Because we believe so strongly in the reliability and durability of our paints we offer a full ten-year warranty against cracking, delaminating, yellowing, and fading, and pledge that your whiteboard coated surface will remain as vibrant, serviceable, and attractive as the day you installed it.

More Space When Using A Whiteboard Wall

Our whiteboard surfaces add extra space to your workplace or school for enhanced creativity and greater visibility of your original ideas and graphics. Transform your conference room, employee lounge, clinic, break room, executive office, home office, classroom or hallway into a creative hot spot that’s available for use at any time. Whiteboard coated walls are perfect for any area where you meet to plan projects, develop marketing strategies, brainstorm new brand names or create budgets. Our whiteboard walls give you and your team members an unrestricted blank slate that encourages innovative ideas and outside-the-box solutions to problems.

You won’t believe the level of creativity that emerges from your team, your family members or anyone else who uses it when you turn an entire room into a vast writing and drawing area. You can cover every wall or other flat surface with our premium whiteboard paint, give each of your team members a set of dry erase markers and a working area, and never have to fret about running out of space during meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Trusted Whiteboard Paint

Innovative companies and distinguished institutions such as Facebook, Inc., Harvard University, Google, Inc., Starbucks Corporation, DIY Network, and the University of California Berkeley have all placed their trust in the extraordinary quality of our whiteboard coatings and have installed them on the walls of their corporate office buildings, research labs, and other venues. Such forward-thinking organizations base their trust in our premium whiteboard paint on their desire to help office staff or students expand their intellectual horizons with up-to-date forms of communication.

This trust is also founded on the rigorous quality testing performed on every batch of our products before it’s shipped to our clients. Another factor that contributes to our brand’s dependability is our policy of providing access to our experienced team of customer service reps via phone at virtually any time of the day or night. All of our representatives, who are also seasoned professional whiteboard paint installers, give you their direct cell phone numbers, so whenever you have a question or concern they’re ready to help. Having the personal phone number of one of our reps makes a great difference in your confidence and trust in our products because you’ll always be assured of a successful installation after following their advice.

Whiteboard Paint That Transforms

Our whiteboard wall coatings transform any smooth painted surface or room into a writable work area that encourages joint effort and free-ranging creativity. Whiteboard paints can also transform established ways of thinking, as now more than ever before, colleges, universities, businesses, and other organizations are updating their operational strategies and investing in tools such as whiteboard walls to explore the inventive, risk-taking instincts of staff members and students. Harvard University is no exception to this trend, as they were among the first universities in the United States to develop an independent facility, the Harvard i-lab, which is filled with whiteboard painted walls.

Students who seek to follow in the tradition of Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg and other famous business pioneers from Harvard can make use of vast amounts of whiteboard wall space to develop their entrepreneurial ideas. The i-lab has succeeded where other such ventures have failed because staff members and students are jointly creating an environment in which idea-sharing occurs naturally. Students from any Harvard department can use the facility to develop their creative concepts in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and care. And some of the most effective tools they use at the i-lab are its all-pervading whiteboard painted walls.

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Posted: January 20, 2020


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