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How to Use a Dry Erase Wall for Organizing Your Thoughts How to Use a Dry Erase Wall for Organizing Your Thoughts

Are you and your team members bursting at the seams with innovative project ideas and well-thought-out work strategies but need an effective technique for organizing your thoughts and daily tasks? With a dry erase painted wall at your disposal, you can easily meet any and all of your time-management goals. A high-quality whiteboard painted wall can be an incredibly effective tool to use for conducting daily time- and task-management activities, as it offers a huge open plane for creating a diverse range of schedules, timetables, and other time-management devices that can keep you on task throughout the work day and beyond.

The fact that dry erase walls are extremely easy to write on and erase also allows you to effortlessly add and delete items on your schedules and timetables. In this way, you can readily manage ongoing changes in your work duties and always have a handle on what you need to be doing at exact times of the day, on precise days of the week, or in specific weeks of the month.

Create Columns with Time Frames for Completing Your Tasks

Use your dry erase painted wall to stay organized and on top of your game by creating columns that include time frames for when your tasks need to be completed and write down all of your essential tasks/priorities under the correct time frame. Include due dates beside each one of your tasks. Then as time goes by and you finish a task, post a new task in the correct time frame.

Make a Handy Permanent Monthly Calendar on Your Dry Erase Wall

You can turn your dry erase painted wall into a handy area for creating a monthly calendar that will help you stay even more organized. First, sketch out a calendar template on your whiteboard wall with a ruler or yardstick and a dry erase marker containing dark-colored ink. If you need help designing a calendar, you can find many examples of easy-to-use calendar templates online. After you’ve drawn your calendar outline, use your ruler or yardstick to carefully apply black 1/8-inch automotive pinstriping tape over the lines in your entire calendar template. You can purchase the pinstriping tape online or at your local auto parts dealer.

Making a permanent calendar on the dry erase wall in your business office, home office, school classroom, restaurant, clinic, or other venues will eliminate the need to spend your precious time having to draw a new calendar each time one becomes faded and hard to see due to repeated use or accidentally erased parts. Your personal dry erase calendar time-management approach can feature spaces for days, weeks, or months, or for all three. After you have finished creating your dry erase wall calendar, items such as critical team virtual meeting dates, customer meeting times, due dates for your work projects, upcoming company events, and other relevant data may be recorded in the calendar spaces with dry erase markers for you and your team to examine. Because of the easy writability and erasability of your dry-erase painted wall, the calendar’s durable surface can be wiped clean at any time with a few swipes of a microfiber cloth or towel and new entries added. In this way, the calendar can be reused for an indefinite period with periodic maintenance.

Writing on a Dry Erase Wall Calendar Has Cognitive Benefits as Well

Scheduling your work projects, virtual meetings, and other job-related duties on an electronic calendar may seem like an easier task than writing the same information by hand on a dry erase wall calendar. But the cognitive and learning benefits of using electronic devices are much inferior to those of writing on the wall calendar. Studies show that the act of writing by hand on a surface such as a dry erase wall enhances mental acuity and clarity in people of all age levels. With regard to brain stimulation and general benefits to mental development, writing by hand is the best method of forming words and numerals that you can use.

No other linguistic communication technique is as powerful a mental stimulant as writing by hand. For this reason, using a dry erase painted surface as your essential business or home office calendar-making tool has no equal with respect to your mental clarity and well-being.

Add a Daily Schedule to Your Dry Erase Wall

Another approach to more effective organization of your time and activities is to have a daily schedule posted on the dry erase wall in your home, office, clinic, retail establishment, warehouse, or other venues. Doing so can be extremely valuable to your operation because it will help you to make the best use of your time and thus boost your day-to-day productivity and efficiency, assuming that you follow the schedule regularly. Using this method focuses on organizing your tasks so that you’re not wasting time on unnecessary activities throughout the work day and can instead concentrate on the practical tasks that enhance your income or well-being and that of your business or organization.

Because they’re extremely easy to write on and erase, dry erase painted walls allow you to make quick and effortless schedule changes whenever necessary. During video conferences, for example, you can edit scheduled content on the fly in response to your team members’ feedback and then instantaneously share the modifications with your colleagues by focusing your camera on the calendar. In addition, the vast surface area of a dry erase wall enables you to write in large letters and numbers for all of your team members to see and comment on. In his way, your colleagues will always have your most up-to-date schedule information at hand and be able to make suggestions or adjust their agendas accordingly if need be.

During Zoom meetings, you and your colleagues can also collectively keep track of your labor and sales to enhance your group’s output and time management efforts. By managing everyone’s availability, preferences, and time-off requests through real-time inputs to the schedule on your dry erase wall; you’ll be able to focus on ways to expand your business, not just manage it. You can also calculate and anticipate your labor costs and control your agenda to avoid the need for overtime.

Track the Progress of Your Efforts by Using Magnetic Hanging System

To help yourself even further in increasing your personal productivity and efficiency, you can write a series of headings that relate to the progress of your work tasks along the top of your dry erase wall, going from those that have not been started on the left to those that are in various stages of progress in the middle, to those that have been completed on the right; for example, “To Do,” “In Progress 1,” In Progress 2,” “In Progress 3,” “Done.” Then create columns around your titles with a ruler and a dry erase marker.

Next, you can use a novel magnetic hanging system like GoodHangups to organize your duties. First, write down all of your tasks on small pieces of paper and color-coordinate them according to their stage of progress during a given project using a different color of dry erase marker ink for each one; for example, To Do (red); In Progress 1 (orange); In Progress 2 (yellow); In Progress 3 (green); and Done (blue). Then attach the papers to GoodHangups that you have placed in the columns. Magnetic hanging systems like GoodHangups are simply made up of magnets and accompanying magnetic stickers, so no drilling into your dry erase wall is required for mounting.

Using this approach when your team is handling a complex project, for instance, one with a number of stages, deliverables, and stakeholders, you can keep track of all the parts as they progress and help your team members to reach their goals smoothly and on time.

How to Use a Dry Erase Wall for Organizing Your Thoughts
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