How Whiteboard Walls Help Architects and Interior Designers

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How Whiteboard Walls Help Architects and Interior Designers
How Whiteboard Walls Help Architects and Interior Designers

For architectural and interior design firms, fashioning environments that cultivate efficient communication and creative expression are an essential element in their day-to-day operations. And one of the best ways to do so is to incorporate whiteboard walls into your design projects. Whether you’re building out a classroom, an exercise room, or a board room, top-quality whiteboard walls can take your projects to a new level of functionality and beauty. It’s easy to spec whiteboard walls into any one of your architectural or interior design schemes.

Top-quality whiteboard paint can be employed across the board, from remodeling to renovations, to new construction projects. Whiteboard-painted surfaces are also perfect for in-house or remote office use by your team of professionals. From large, easily revised graphs to blueprints, you can mock up all types of specs for your projects in any location and at any time with a dry erase painted wall at your disposal.

Incorporate Whiteboard Walls into your Architectural or Interior Design Plans

Installing premium whiteboard walls in building interiors is an innovative way to make it easy for clients to share ideas and images in any commercial or residential setting. In addition, the walls’ vast surfaces can be used for generating both large text and large graphics, making it effortless to help meet the communication needs of all types of clients, from corporations to retail outlets to medical facilities.

Integrate premium whiteboard walls into various settings to suit individual clients’ requirements, such as a large area for creating calendars and charts for project management in a business office or a patient information board to maintain medical data in a hospital. In addition, whiteboard paint gives you the power to turn any smooth flat interior surface into a whiteboard surface so that you can help create the forward-looking structural designs and interiors of the future.

Whiteboard Walls Serve an Endless Variety of Purposes for Your Clients

Here are some of the many types of items your clients can create when you include whiteboard-painted walls in your building or interior design schemes:
• Large graphs, diagrams, and grids in educational and commercial settings
• Schedules, calendars, and maps in government offices
• Logo design ideas in wholesale and retail businesses
• Event plans and project management proposals in business offices
• Patients’ health status information in medical facilities
• Penmanship lines and music staffs in school classrooms
• Building layouts in apartment managers’ offices
Whiteboard surfaces are fast becoming the new standard for communication in all types of settings, such as business venues, healthcare facilities, universities, elementary schools, and retail establishments.

Benefits of Whiteboard Walls for Architectural and Interior Design Clients

The following are some of the countless advantages your clients can enjoy from having top-quality whiteboard-painted walls installed in their buildings.

1. Cost-effectiveness: Instead of having to pay for the costly installation of traditional framed whiteboards, you can incorporate attractive, economical whiteboard walls into new structures or resurface the walls in existing spaces with premium whiteboard paint, thus transforming the interiors into highly effective communication hubs for a fraction of the cost of whiteboards.

2. Environmental friendliness: The use of eco-friendly whiteboard paint in buildings reduces paper waste, conserves the environment, and allows you to create a setting that promotes “green consciousness” in your clients.

3. Supportive of existing technology: Premium whiteboard-painted walls complement the use of virtually all interactive whiteboards on the market, making it a simple task for your architectural or interior design firm to retrofit a current facility where time and money have already been spent on installing one or more interactive whiteboards.

4. Great durability: High-quality whiteboard surfaces stand the test of time. The superior quality of our paint formula allows finished surfaces to resist ghosting, smudging, and staining, the typical side effects of continual use. With high-end paint, you offer your clients peerless protection so they can use their whiteboard surfaces day after day and year after year for ten-plus years before repainting is needed.

Let top-quality whiteboard-painted walls revolutionize how your architecture or interior design firm works. Our paint can help to streamline your design operation with whiteboard surfaces that are highly functional and super easy to keep spotless and bright for a lifetime of regular use.

Allow for Easier In-house and Remote Communications among Team Members

In addition to the numerous benefits whiteboard-painted walls bring to architecture and interior design clients, they also enhance the in-house work of a firm’s team members. For example, besides building designs, architects may also be asked to provide pre-design data such as environmental impact or feasibility studies, cost analyses, and land-use studies. All of these elements of a project can be facilitated when the team collaborates on a dry erase painted wall. In addition, tasks such as brainstorming design ideas, making cost estimates, analyzing population data, and studying changes in land use all become more accessible and more efficient when a team has access to writing and drawing on a huge dry erase painted canvas.

The Huge Size Allows for Virtually Limitless Participation by Team Members

Due to their large size, premium whiteboard-painted walls also permit multiple team members to participate in working on architectural or interior design projects at the same time. The sizeable open surface of a whiteboard wall tends to stimulate more significant creative activity when multiple professionals are working together on new ideas. In addition, several team members can access the wall at the same time and offer continuous input and feedback in the course of working up plans for an entire building or an interior design.

Helps Team Members to Share Creative Ideas at Any Time of Day

The easy accessibility of whiteboard walls in the architecture or interior design office offers a ready means for spur-of-the-moment recording of creative ideas by individual team members and for impromptu brainstorming by a group of people at any time of day. As a result, architects and designers can spend as much time as they need working on ideas for buildings such as corporate headquarters, apartments, schools, and even airport terminals.

Much of the work involved in these fields is visual, so it’s essential to have a large enough writing and drawing surface to generate and develop ideas without having to worry about a lack of space. Unfortunately, flip charts and traditional framed whiteboards are too limited in size for most architects and interior designers to use. So, switching to the use of whiteboard-painted walls in the office setting can be a game changer.

Can Help Architects and Interior Designers Enhance their Businesses and Brands

At every stage of manufacturing, from choosing and blending the eco-friendly ingredients to intensively testing our top-quality paints post-production, we work to ensure that our customers experience effortless application, long-term durability, and easy erasability with our whiteboard surfaces. This untiring pursuit of excellence has been acknowledged by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a prominent construction-certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a non-profit group that promotes environmental awareness in the design, creation, and use of buildings around the world.

LEED evaluates commercial structures, homes, and entire communities with respect to the sustainability of their architectural plans, physical construction, operation, and upkeep. In this way, LEED helps educate owners, operators, and government leaders about environmental consciousness and ways to make the most ecologically aware of their resources and facilities.

The fact that top-quality whiteboard paint is compliant with LEED’s strict criteria for eco-friendly coatings means that when architects, interior designers, and others involved in constructing buildings select our products for use, they get points toward gaining LEED certification for their structures. This official recognition can help architecture and interior design firms enhance their professional credentials and brands and, in turn, gain more clients in today’s increasingly eco-conscious marketplace.

How Whiteboard Walls Help Architects and Interior Designers
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