How Long Does Whiteboard Paint Take To Dry?

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Quality Whiteboard Paint = Fast Drying

One great thing about top-quality whiteboard paint is the short period from the time when the paint is applied to the time it’s dry and ready to be used. Premium whiteboard painted surfaces now have shorter dry times than ever before, offering you and your organization or business countless benefits. And whiteboard coatings such as ReMARKable that dry more quickly than competing brands have the well-earned status of being exceptional products. Having an eco-friendly whiteboard painted wall that dries quickly enables you to return to your normal work routine in a short time, increases the productivity of you and your team, and reduces harm to our planet. By lessening the hours required for your whiteboard painted walls to cure, you can get back to work on your objectives and complete them without having to wait long for the ensuing profits.

Imagine not being able to get projects completed because you have to wait for seven days until the whiteboard paint on your office walls has dried. This is the amount of time required for low-end epoxy based whiteboard coatings to completely dry. And even longer dry times are required for these types of coatings in areas with cooler temperatures and/or higher humidity levels. Time is money, and needlessly wasting precious work hours in this way can diminish a company’s overall efficiency and ultimately its bottom line.

Quality Whiteboard Paint = 48-Hour Dry Time

Many whiteboard paints consist of a two-part formula that can be tricky for all but the most skilled painters to apply correctly. By contrast, our top-quality whiteboard products, which are also comprised of a two-part formula, are undemanding for even novice painters to install. Besides being easy to apply, if certain spots on your whiteboard coated surface were missed during installation and need to be gone over, you’ll notice this in just 48 hours and the touch-ups can be done right away. With other whiteboard paints, if you notice a few areas that need to be touched up or repainted, you have to wait an additional three to seven days for the surface to be fully functional again.

When using a high-end brand such as our whiteboard coating, you can write or draw on your freshly painted surface just 48 hours after application. To get the fastest drying time in the entire dry erase paint industry, consider our premium whiteboard coatings. The post-application curing period required for most of our competitors’ epoxy-based paints is from three to seven days, during which time the workplace that’s been painted typically needs to be vacated due to the toxic fumes known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being emitted from the epoxy resins and solvents in the paint. Therefore, companies or organizations need to shut down operations at their usual location for several days and set up temporary workspaces, requiring time, energy, and money that could be more profitably spent in doing business at their normal venue.

Regarding VOCs, while and after most of our competitors’ coatings are applied, high concentrations of these hazardous fumes containing the chemicals used in the manufacturing process are emitted. VOCs are extremely harmful to human health and the natural environment. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea, and possible liver, kidney, and brain damage. Our coatings, on the other hand, are formulated with extremely low amounts of VOCs, are virtually odor-free, and are among the first whiteboard paints to comply with the safety standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), one of the world’s top green building-certification programs.

Water-Based Whiteboard Paint is the Best Alternative

The industry’s average dry time is three to seven days for low-end whiteboard paints, which are typically epoxy-based and not eco-friendly. Premium water-based whiteboard paint is thus most desirable for companies concerned about how long their walls will remain wet in the workplace. The many benefits of water-based vs epoxy-based coatings include the following.

A. Water-based whiteboard paints use water to disperse the resin they contain in order to create their particular formulas. The high water content of these coatings makes them more environmentally friendly than other types of paints such as those with an epoxy base. Waterborne coatings contain far fewer VOCs than other kinds of coatings and are also less flammable. A less-flammable formula is beneficial because not only is it much safer, but it also decreases the amount of hazardous waste that a product generates. Such coatings also have little or no odor, because they’re composed mainly of water. These are some of the main reasons that our company insists on using a water-based coating for its paints.

B. The benefits of using waterborne coatings are experienced on both the micro and the macro levels. In the short term, little to no odor is released while the coatings are drying because they contain no or extremely low traces of solvents. The water in water-based coatings goes through the evaporation process more quickly than the chemical solvents in other types of coatings, leading to faster drying times — in the case of our products, 48 hours. Plus, it’s usually safe to handle flammable solvents around premium water-based paints because the paints are not flammable themselves. Over the long term, water-based coatings are also exceptionally durable, making them reliable for many years of continuous use. With our whiteboard paints, you can be assured that the coating on your walls will hold up well for ten or more years before needing to be redone, thus saving you both time and money.

Slow Drying Whiteboard Paint = Low End

Remember that slow drying times have absolutely no relation to better quality whiteboard paints. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Most of the lower quality dry erase paint products sold by our competitors require that a business or organization shut down its offices for several days during application due to the products’ slow drying times and the high concentration of VOCs emitted by the epoxy-based resins and solvents used in their manufacture. As mentioned, VOCs are exceedingly hazardous to human health and the environment.

By contrast, our high-end whiteboard paints are fast-drying, are made with non-toxic, virtually odor-free ingredients, and are among the first whiteboard coatings to comply with the safety standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), one of the world’s foremost green building-certification programs. So there’s no need to vacate your office or school for any period of time before our products are applied and while they dry.

Some of the downsides of temporarily shutting down your workplace and moving to a temporary space include the following:
• Extra expense for moving incurred by your company, organization or school
• Inconvenience to you, your staff members and clients of traveling to the temporary place
• Potential IT issues and lack of technical support at the temporary location
• Awkward interactions among team members at the temporary space
• Possible negative effects on staff privacy and comfort.

In view of these many disadvantages, applying high-quality water-based whiteboard paint is your easiest and most practical choice if you want a highly durable whiteboard surface that allows you to stay in your regular work environment and save yourself the hassle and expense of a temporary move. It makes perfect business sense to have our whiteboard paint applied in your customary work area. Since it’s made with components that are non-toxic and virtually odor-free, our LEED-compliant dry-erase paint allows you to remain in the comfort of your own office as it’s being installed, all the while knowing that you’re using a healthy, top-quality, eco-friendly product that’s completely safe for you, your team members, and your clients.