Dry Erase Walls Lift an Open-Plan Office to New Levels of Collaboration

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Dry Erase Walls Lift an Open-Plan Office to New Levels of Collaboration
Dry Erase Walls Lift an Open-Plan Office to New Levels of Collaboration

For decades before dry erase walls existed, offices typically contained groups of individual cubicles meant to keep team members and managers isolated from neighboring areas and from the sights and sounds of an open workspace, so they could have fewer distractions and concentrate better on work. But nowadays, open-plan offices such as those pioneered by Google LLC and Facebook, Inc. are allowing for greater and more effective collaboration among workers and managers. To keep up with the times, office designs need to reflect this progressive work environment, so team interaction in the open-plan office is becoming more and more common.

An office with an open design has numerous advantages for your business, and productivity may be further increased by including high-quality dry erase painted walls in your interior layout. The following are some ways to incorporate dry erase walls into your workspace to enhance the impact of an open-office arrangement and raise your team’s level of interaction, productivity, and contentment.

An Open-Plan Office Featuring Dry Erase Walls Greatly Boosts Teamwork

One of the significant advantages of adopting an open-plan office is that it creates the ideal setting for groups of employees to join forces at any time during the day so as to be more creative and “think as one mind.” Working in groups allows managers and staff to bounce ideas off of one another, and for this, a dry erase painted wall is especially helpful. When you get all of your team members up out of their chairs and working at a communal dry erase wall, you can easily and efficiently record a stream of creative marketing ideas, develop novel architectural plans, or come up with new product designs. Working in open-plan offices gives staff more chances to function together in harmony, and a dry erase painted wall provides a vast space on which to do so with ease.

Open Communication Channels are Key to Business Success

Internal communications can be among the most challenging aspects of business management to get right. Making sure that every team member is updated on company HR information, new product launches, and price changes can prevent errors and misinformation from being spread throughout the organization. Operating a business in an open-plan office makes it easier for all types of company interactions to be accomplished. And one of the most effective ways to use the communal areas in an open-plan office is to create an announcement area or notice board on your dry erase painted wall.

Post-it or Write All of the Information Your Team Needs to Know

Besides writing information on the wall, you can employ Post-it notes, a well-known innovative manual reminder system for when you are not in front of your dry erase wall. Post-its have been used for notes, messages, notices, reminders, and countless other ways. Using Post-its, you can post your dry erase wall contributions and announcement area for easy access by your team.

In this way, you can keep your team updated on all of the current company-related information they need to know and reduce the amount of time and energy you have to spend on sending emails. If your team is functioning in one open-plan office, they’ll all have access to this communal area on your dry erase wall to check and update notices when necessary. Items to display in the announcement area of your wall may include the following:

• Health and general safety guidelines: This data needs to appear someplace in the office, so why not “Post-it” on the announcement area of your dry erase wall?

• Insurance information: Regarding building, liability, and health insurance, you might want to display some of the main coverage for your team members’ reference, and the notice area is an ideal place to do so.

• Fire-safety information: As with health and safety knowledge, knowing where the fire exits are located and who the fire officers are is essential to your team’s security and well-being so that these items can be posted in your notice area as well.

• First aiders: Information about the names of your first aiders and where the first aid kit can be found needs to be displayed in every office, and doing so in your centralized announcement area makes it readily available to your whole team.

Working in an Employee-Centered Space Enhances Productivity and Contentment

Today’s socially aware business owners are interested in designing offices that not only address their company’s needs but also the needs and desires of their team members. Currently, optimal employee satisfaction is one of the major factors to consider when making a decision on office layout. An open-plan office permits all of your staff to freely and comfortably interact with one another, thus helping to build interpersonal relations and improving the team’s mental health and sense of well-being. Healthy interpersonal dynamics are a vital element in maintaining a positive atmosphere in the workplace. A caring leadership approach and continuous communication can play a pivotal role in building an office ecosystem that features strong teamwork and a low-conflict way of operating, which in turn leads to higher productivity and a better bottom line.

In the modern workplace, personal interactions and company productivity are equally important and mutually co-dependent. In businesses where a top-down “one team” approach exists from management to the nth level, beneficial results are sure to come about. Suppose the entire staff can work toward the same objectives, assuming that interpersonal relations and group awareness among members are good. In that case, the sky’s the limit on what can be accomplished.

Dry Erase Walls Can Enhance Both Group Communication and Worker Satisfaction.

Did you know that dry erase walls can help contribute to such a productive system and enhance worker satisfaction at the same time? Using a modern progressive organizational style focused on a positive work culture and values. You can encourage your team to use the walls to keep track of the meetings they need to attend, the deadlines they need to meet, and upcoming company social events they can participate in. Having top-quality dry erase painted walls in an open-plan office will thus help the members of your team to remain focused and motivated. Seeing the deadlines for projects clearly written on the walls in large letters will inspire them to work more energetically to complete their assignments well and on time. Moreover, the easy accessibility and visibility of the wall will eliminate confusion and, in turn lessen group tension.

Team Members’ Organizational Skills Will be Raised, and Their Stress Reduced

With continuous access to company-related information posted plainly on their dry erase wall, your employees will no doubt become better organized and less stressed, as they’ll be able to grasp the big picture of all that they need to complete right in front of them every working day. Dry erase painted walls are also ideal surfaces for noting down information that various team members might find helpful on a daily basis. For members of the sales team, such as the manager and representatives, this data could include country codes and daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales goals. For employees working on new product introduction (NPI), the steps for taking a product from the conceptual level to its final form could be posted. Thus, a writable and easily erased dry erase wall is a great spot for keeping track of all the actions the NPI team needs to perform to complete the project.

Considering the many benefits of incorporating a top-quality dry erase wall into your open-plan office, the next step is to try installing one for your organization, then quickly reap its rich rewards.

Dry Erase Walls Lift an Open-Plan Office to New Levels of Collaboration
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Dry Erase Walls Lift an Open-Plan Office to New Levels of Collaboration
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