Things to Know About Whiteboard Paint Tintable Base Coat

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Things to Know About Whiteboard Paint Tintable Base Coat

ReMARKable Tintable Base Paint is an outstanding product that is a combination of base paint and primer in one. This unique paint provides you with a time-saving, cost-efficient way to prepare any smooth, clean surface for transformation into a durable, easily erased whiteboard wall. Among its many benefits are the following: (1) it’s extremely safe to use since it contains no additives such as antimicrobial agents and polyvinyl acetate (PVA), which are known to be harmful to humans and the planet; (2) it adheres to any smooth clean surface; (3) it can be used with either the clear or white versions of our whiteboard paint; (4) it’s specially designed to work in combination with our quality whiteboard paints; and (5) it serves as both base coat and primer for our whiteboard paints so it saves you time and money.

Safe to Use Base Coat for Whiteboard Paint

Our high-quality base paint/primer contains no antimicrobial agents, dispersing agents, or polyvinyl acetate (PVA), all of which cause adverse chemical reactions with our coatings when contained in base paints and primers. These additives are also harmful to humans and the environment. With regard to antimicrobials, recent research by the nonprofit group Health Building Network shows that despite being marketed by manufacturers as beneficial to human health, they may be just the opposite. The online trade magazine Paint Square reports that paints, coatings, flooring, and other building materials that contain antimicrobial additives can potentially trigger the spread of so-called “superbugs” or types of bacteria that can resist most of the common antibiotics available today. Superbugs can bring about pneumonia, urinary tract disorders, skin diseases, and many other health issues. Thus, their use in paints, coatings, and other products poses a serious public health concern, and they should be replaced with other products when possible.

Similarly, PVA, an ingredient found in many commonly available paints, base coats, and primers, can cause lethargy, bad temper, sleeplessness, and faintness, and may adversely impact the heart, brain, and liver. This compound is also flammable and reacts easily with other chemicals, so it’s considered a fire and explosion hazard. In addition, no known enzymes or bacteria are able to degrade PVA, so it stays in the environment forever, just like plastics. For these reasons, our chemists have purposely avoided the use of these chemicals in our high-quality paints and tintable base paint/primer, so you can feel safe knowing that these and other hazardous ingredients will never be an issue when applying and using our products.

Adheres to any Surface

Besides walls, ReMARKable Tintable Base Paint is formulated to adhere to wood, Formica, melamine, Masonite, glass, stainless steel, tile, or any other smooth, slick surface that you might want to apply it to. Optimally, you should apply two coats of quality base paint/primer to such surfaces, waiting for a minimum of three to four hours between coats; no special primer is required. This is one of the key advantages of our base coat.

The standard slogan regarding our whiteboard paints is “They will transform any smooth painted surface into a whiteboard.” Thus, you need to cover slick unpainted surfaces such as glass or steel with a base coat, or our whiteboard coatings will not adhere. After the second coat of the base paint/primer has dried for at least 24 hours, our quality whiteboard paint may be applied. This simple process saves the hassle of trying to find the right primer to be used with a specific surface such as glass, steel, or wood since our base paint/primer can adhere to all of these materials and more.


You don’t have to think about which base paint to use with which of our paint varieties because our proprietary base paint/primer can be used with both the clear and white varieties of our whiteboard coatings. If you prefer to have a colored whiteboard surface, you can add tint and then apply the base paint/primer, which may be tinted with up to four ounces per gallon of universal colorants. After application and drying of the tinted base paint, a coat of our clear whiteboard paint may be installed. A universal colorant is a concentrated water-based color pigment used to tint base paints. Tinting of your base paint/primer with universal colorants can be done at the paint store where you normally buy your paints. But if you prefer the traditional whiteboard look, you can apply the white version of our whiteboard coating after the base coat is installed and has dried for a minimum of 24 hours.

Thicker than Some Paints

Our premium base paint/primer is a little heavier bodied than some other paints on the market, so depending on the nature of your project, you may want to thin it with up to 10% of water prior to application. Doing so can make the base paint flow a little more smoothly than it would if you left it unthinned, so it will be easier to work with as you roll the product onto your smooth prepared surface.

Best Go-to Paint

High-grade base paint/primer in one is absolutely the ideal go-to paint to use for preparing your surface before applying our premium whiteboard coatings, as it’s specially formulated to complement the chemical makeup of our topcoats. It thus helps to provide the best possible adhesion of our whiteboard paint to your surface, so you’ll never have to worry about issues of peeling, delamination, or cracking for the entire ten-plus-year life of your whiteboard coated surface.


Top-quality tintable base paint is an all-purpose primer/base paint in one that eliminates the need for a separate primer if one is required for your particular whiteboard paint application. This feature saves you time, energy, and money, thus benefiting everyone involved in your business, school, organization, or family. Our base paint/primer was developed after long experience with other base paints that produced adverse reactions with our whiteboard coatings, such as bubbling and soaking into a surface that made the coatings less durable and less easily erasable. To eliminate these issues, our top-notch team of chemists and engineers created the ideal base paint-primer combination that provides a trouble-free foundation for our premium whiteboard paints on all types of surfaces.

Saves Prep Work Time

As our tintable base paint/primer is designed to work in perfect harmony with both the white and clear varieties of our high-end whiteboard coating, it will save you hours of product research and prep work and ensure that you needn’t worry about whether you’re using the right base coat. Years of research and development went into producing the ideal base paint/primer formulation for use with our whiteboard paints in order to make installations more cost-effective for customers and provide them with the best whiteboard coated surface guaranteed to remain highly erasable for ten or more years of systematic indoor use.

If you’re planning to install our quality whiteboard paint on a porous surface such as raw drywall or wood, you’ll need to apply a primer before putting on a base coat. So why not skip a step and just apply ReMARKable Tintable Base Paint instead, which includes a primer and base paint in one? Choosing a separate primer would involve making sure that it doesn’t contain several additives, such as antibacterial agents, anti-mildew agents, and polyvinyl acetate (PVA), which adversely affect the erasability and durability of our premium whiteboard coatings. Looking for primers without these ingredients could be extremely time-consuming and difficult, depending on where you live and the availability of paint stores or suppliers in your area who know enough to provide you with the appropriate primer for your surface.

Moreover, the time involved in applying a separate primer, then a base coat, and finally our premium whiteboard paint can be greatly reduced when all you have to do is complete two steps instead of three, and the dry time for the whole process is just 72 hours – 24 for the tintable base paint/primer and 48 for the whiteboard coating.