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Whiteboard Painted Walls Inspire teams to be Visual
Whiteboard Painted Walls not only inspire team members to be more visual, but also bring back fun while eliminating the common frustrations of business meetings.

Give Staff Members Free Rein to Express Their Creativity on Whiteboard Painted Walls

Allowing everyone on the office team to join in the fun and write on the whiteboard painted walls at their leisure sparks new levels of creativity in members who may feel shy about standing up and expressing themselves during traditional staff gatherings. This process allows a team to see a whole new set of ideas during business meetings, brainstorming sessions, and odd times of the day, thus generating improved worker performance and a feeling of freedom to openly express opinions and insights among colleagues.

With everyone using them to convey messages and ideas, express random musings or just plain doodle, your whiteboard painted walls will undoubtedly become busy hubs of office activity, stimulating increased creativity in ways you could never have imagined. In addition, the surfaces will help foster a sense of community in the office team that transcends the mundane world of work.

You may already have traditional whiteboards in your office, but they’re probably mounted in places such as conference rooms, so they tend to be used only for specific activities on specific occasions, such as weekly meetings. However, if you install a whiteboard coated wall in an open area such as a hallway, break room, or cafeteria, it will completely change how your staff thinks about using a whiteboard. Because such spaces are inherently accessible to all, out in the open for anyone to use, people will naturally gravitate toward them and want to use them to express their ideas and concerns. As a result, you’ll find that there’s never a time when the surfaces are not covered with writings, drawings, memos, and notes, or used for impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Thus, your premium whiteboard walls will prove to be useful in many ways. For instance, they’ll allow everyone in the office to contribute their thoughts about specific projects, issues, or other topics, making for the effortless cross-pollination of ideas among staff members. Also, while walking by a whiteboard painted wall you might notice that someone has created a list of topics to cover at an upcoming staff meeting or brainstorming session. You and other team members might then respond by adding items to the list, creating an effortless way to offer collaborative input before a gathering even starts.

A Whiteboard Painted Wall Brings the Fun Back into Business Meetings

Cover any surface in the office, board room, or other places where gatherings are held with whiteboard paint, hand out sets of erasable markers to your coworkers, and let each team member list ideas, questions, or company goals on their favorite area of the wall before and during meetings. In this way, you can add an element of spontaneity and fun to the regular office work routine and provide a chance for everyone to let loose and brainstorm novel insights that they may not have been able to generate otherwise. You and other team members may well find that the doodles, sketches, and random thoughts left on a wall will help you to better understand concepts that have so far been hard to grasp.

You might also find employee discussions turning into impromptu meetings in the rooms where whiteboard painted walls are installed. On such occasions, right in the middle of a meeting, an employee who wanders into the room may come up with a useful idea or comment and post it on the wall for everyone’s review. In this way, your whiteboard coated surfaces become open-ended media for the generation of creative ideas by anyone at any time.

Another advantage of having whiteboard painted walls is that they’re educational. Staff members working on a job-related project can use the whiteboard surface to sketch out their unfinished ideas and leave them up on a wall for others to see. This can lead to different people coming by and adding new insights, thus teaching the staff members valuable lessons in how to execute their project.

Yet another benefit of having whiteboard painted walls is that they create a sense of community. For example, your company’s social committee can use them to post announcements or notes about upcoming events, or team members may draw cartoon characters or write jokes on a wall to lift everyone’s spirit through entertainment. Because they’re out in the open for everyone to see and use, your whiteboard painted coated walls are thus ideal places to reach the office community and show camaraderie.

Whiteboard painted surfaces are successful tools for communicating and fostering social cohesion because they’re so readily accessible, and also because they’re so low-tech. Although virtually all companies, organizations, and schools today have a wide array of high-tech tools at their disposal, the low-tech whiteboard painted wall with markers is an extremely easy medium for brainstorming and other types of group interaction — there are no constraints and they’re effortless to use. So it’s worth noting that sophisticated technology doesn’t provide the best solution to every problem; sometimes, low-tech works better and may even be more fun! For this reason, high-tech companies such as Facebook and Google have installed quality whiteboard painted surfaces in their corporate offices with resoundingly positive results.

Whiteboard Painted Walls Eliminate Frustration

Assigning a personal section of a whiteboard painted wall to each of your team members will allow everyone to freely write down new ideas and notes as soon as they come to mind. This strategy will eliminate the frustration of your staff having to record ideas on note pads or scraps of paper and then losing them later. You and your colleagues can forget all those sticky notes and loose snippets of paper containing office to-do lists, reminders, or weekly project plans. With high-quality whiteboard painted surfaces, you’ll be able to write easy-to-read messages all around the office for the whole staff to see and record. In addition, you’ll never run out of writing space, and you can rest assured that your coworkers will notice your messages as they’ll be written in large letters for all to see. You can even use different colored markers to write different parts of a message to make important points stand out.

Another key benefit of having top-quality whiteboard coated surfaces on walls, doors, desktops, and other areas of the office is the fact that using them for writing and drawing reduces the need for paper products, which seldom get reused or recycled. In addition, even if they do go to the recycle bin, materials such as post-it notes and note pads are difficult to recycle due to their chemical composition. Sticky notes are considered environmental pollutants by producers of high-grade paper and by companies that collect paper for recycling, because of the adhesives they contain. Regarding this point, the State of California’s recycling office says that post-it notes also usually contain dyes, which make them unsuited for recycling with white paper. Fluorescent-colored post-its pose a special problem in this respect. So, for the sake of environmental conservation and the paper-making process, it’s best to avoid using sticky notes and instead find an eco-friendly option such as quality whiteboard painted walls, which have vastly greater writing and drawing surfaces while leaving a much smaller ecological footprint.

In this way, your office work will become more orderly and you’ll be freed from the hassle of mislaying notepads, post-it notes, and loose bits of paper containing important data. On quality, whiteboard painted walls you can consolidate your thoughts, make your daily work schedules, erase them, and then start all over again with a new set of items the next day. With our readily erasable coated surfaces, arranging your ideas on the wall or other area and then editing sections as you go is a stress-free process. And you’ll have no papers to misplace, tear or stain, thus safeguarding your ideas and memos and reducing the amount of waste paper in the environment.


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Posted: November 18, 2019


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