How to Purchase Whiteboard Paint

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Pick Your Whiteboard Paint Application

Our top-quality dry-erase paint can be applied in private kitchens, school and university classrooms, restaurants, shops, business offices, and countless other areas. Also, a wide variety of surfaces may be used for applying our coatings beyond their traditional use on walls. For example, desks, pantry doors, factory doors, tabletops, office cubicles, and office furniture may be coated with dry erase paint to create large writing and drawing areas for endless uses.

1. If you coat the office meeting room walls with whiteboard paint, brainstorming sessions, video presentations, and other activities involving collaboration in groups will undergo exciting changes as team members get familiar with expressing themselves on your large, open dry erase surfaces. Allowing your staff members to work together on vast, smudge-free canvases, where they can record whatever spontaneous thoughts come to mind gives everyone a stimulating new communication channel.

2. With just one coat of our quality dry erase paint in white or clear you can also add writable functionality to your office furniture. Since our paints are low odor and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) they can be easily and safely applied even while members of your team are working in the room. With clear whiteboard paint, not only can you create a writable surface, but you can also retain the original appearance of your surfaces. In this way, you’ll be able to refurbish your workplace without having to replace a single piece of office furniture.

If you create writable desks throughout the office with our dry erase coating, you and your team can forget about using paper and instead write notes, to-do lists, reminders, meeting times, and other information directly onto your desks and simply wipe off what you wrote with a microfiber cloth when the data is no longer needed. You’ll thus reduce clutter, save paper, and help the environment. You might also transform your company’s lockers into writable areas so that each member of your staff will be able to write their name directly onto the surface and erase it when someone else starts using the locker. Or if you’re using cabinets to store office supplies or other items, you can clearly mark what’s inside by writing on the front so everyone can easily locate what they’re looking for.

3. Give your restaurant a distinctive, contemporary feel by transforming its kitchen and dining areas with attention-grabbing whiteboard painted walls, where you can post the day’s lunch specials, new menu items, and other information. With a dry erase wall behind the cash register, customers can easily examine menu selections, quotes of the day, nutritional facts about your food, new additions to the menu, and the like. You can also save space on one wall for customer comments about their impressions of your restaurant, and then snap photos of the wall for subsequent display on your Facebook page or website. You can thus include an unusual, up-to-date form of advertising in your standard stock of marketing techniques.

Choose Your Dry-Erase Color

The white version of our paint can be installed to create a traditional whiteboard look or you can apply a clear coat on a mid- to light-toned surface to blend in seamlessly with the current décor of your home kitchen, office, classroom, or another venue. Unlike traditional whiteboards, dry erase painted walls don’t have frames and thus fit like a dream into a room’s existing interior design, especially when our clear coating is used over a room’s present wall paint. Also, if you prefer a colored dry erase look on a different kind of surface, you can apply our transparent coating to a desk, door, room divider or another flat area as long as the original color is light enough to write and draw on with standard low-odor dry erase markers.

Measure Your Whiteboard Wall

First, accurately measure the surface you want to cover and then multiply the height by the width to determine the exact square footage and the whiteboard paint kit you’ll need to purchase to cover the entire area. If you find that your surface is just exactly the size that can be covered by the contents of one paint kit, to be safe it’s best that you buy an extra kit because our products should always be applied in just one coat. Each of our dry erase paint kits is formulated to cover the recommended area. Thus, you don’t want to try stretching the coating by going over the surface several times like you would with ordinary latex or enamel wall paint. You can always save what’s leftover in the containers for application on another surface because unlike other dry erase coatings, it’s not necessary to mix the entire contents of the kit’s two containers at the same time.

If you don’t intend to coat the whole wall, mark off the area you want to paint with a pencil. The wall should be as dirt-free as possible so if dirty it should be washed down and allowed to dry completely. If necessary sand the surface to the desired smoothness, being sure not to leave any scratches or divots. Wipe with a microfiber cloth or carefully vacuum the dust from the wall. Wear safety glasses and a breathing mask while you’re sanding. If there’s a chance that it contains lead, the paint on the wall should be tested and the necessary safety measures taken. Kits to test for the presence of lead may be purchased at paint and home improvement stores.

Check Out and Enjoy Your Whiteboard Painted Wall

Our easy step-by-step do-it-yourself whiteboard paint kits will have you set up with a beautiful long-lasting dry erase surface in no time. And wherever you apply them, our coatings provide an instant dose of fun and excitement. The possible uses of our premium whiteboard surfaces are infinite. Here are some ideas.

1. If installed in a kids’ room, the wall can be used by your children to make drawings of family members, friends, pets, or any other people, animals, or objects they like. Children’s drawings always bring a smile and can uplift your mood when things aren’t going as planned. Also, having access to large vertical surfaces for writing and drawing has been found to greatly benefit children’s development. For instance, dry erase walls stimulate youngsters’ imaginations, and enhance the learning process outside of school by allowing them to freely express their ingenuity through sketching, poetry writing, doodling, and other activities. Also, using vertical canvases such as whiteboard painted walls improves the following skills in children: (1) bilateral coordination; (2) shoulder and elbow stability; (3) ability to cross the midline of the body; (4) wrist extension and pencil grasp’ (5) visual attention and hand-eye coordination; (6) spatial awareness; (7) sensory control; and (8) core strength and posture.

2. In the business office. a meeting room wall can be coated with top-quality whiteboard paint for brainstorming sessions, discussions, product presentations, and other activities involving group participation. In this way your team can work together on a huge, smudge-free surface to record impromptu thoughts and drawings using a stimulating new vehicle – the whiteboard painted wall. Office meetings and small-group discussions can thus reach new levels of fun, excitement, and creativity as everyone enjoys using a helpful modern tool for organizing information and expressing individual creativity.

3. Transform your hotel’s main office area or meeting room into a place to manage your facility more effectively and creatively on wall-to-wall whiteboard coated surfaces. With vast open-ended spaces on which to display staff work schedules, mind maps, and the like, whiteboard walls will inspire you and your team to come up with new ways to plan and manage your budget, arrange meeting times, develop advertising strategies, manage catering and accommodations services, plan repairs, schedule events, arrange room reservations, and direct your team members.