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Home Decorating Ideas Using Premium Dry Erase Paint

Home Decorating Ideas Using Premium Dry Erase Paint

The large attractive surfaces of top-quality dry erase painted walls are perfect decorative additions to various parts of your home’s interior space, from the kitchen to the kids’ room, to the garage, to the living room. Besides their eye-catching appearance, dry erase walls in your residence can also provide many other benefits, such as smoother communication among family members and more significant opportunities for creative expression and practical activities for both kids and adults.

What’s more, premium dry erase paint may be applied to other surfaces in your house, such as the refrigerator, the pantry door, dresser drawers, the kitchen countertops, the workbench, the dining table, and the home office desk. Below are some creative ideas for ways to decorate and provide useful communication tools all around the house with premium dry erase paint.

Dry Erase Paint Your Refrigerator to Create a Communications Center

Your refrigerator can take on a whole new identity as a communications center that allows for large, easily seen text and graphics to be posted and then erased when they’re no longer needed. Gone will be the need to put up notes and lists with magnets on small pieces of paper. When your fridge is coated in top-quality dry erase paint, you can write in big letters and easily change the content with a few swipes of a microfiber cloth. The chance to write in large letters on the fridge’s dry erase surface will make it easier to leave attention-grabbing messages about essential appointments, chores that need to be done quickly, and other topics that your family members need to know about and not forget.

Make a Childhood Whimsy Wall in the Children’s Room to Inspire Creativity

If you install top-quality dry erase paint in the kids” room, they may be inspired to produce a large-scale art wall or “whimsy wall” and have a lot of fun while enhancing their artistic skills in the process. Dry erase walls tend to bring about an immersive, engaging, and mentally stimulating experience for kids, so the original artwork they produce on their whimsy wall is sure to be highly innovative and one-of-a-kind. Having the kids express their whimsical, youthful natures on the wall can promote creative ability that will be useful in their school work and in other parts of their daily lives both now and in the future.

After the children fill their dry erase whimsy wall with art, you can take pictures of their creative efforts to show to relatives and friends and to remind the kids of the great work they did. In this way, you’ll enhance their innate creativity and boost their confidence and self-esteem in dealing with academic life and other challenges.

Make a Dry Erase Household Chore Chart to Motivate Your Family to Work

A clear, easy-to-read chart listing all of your family members’ regular chores is simple to make on the large canvas of a dry erase painted wall. Such a chart will be a key element in helping your household run smoothly and in keeping both interior and exterior areas clean and well-organized.

The Master Household Chore Chart

Begin making your household chore chart with a master list of tasks that need to be done, and then break the list down into individual lists for each member of your household, using a different color of dry erase marker ink for each person. In this way, you can employ color coding to more easily keep track of everyone’s designated duties and divide up the chores evenly so that no one family member has an excessive amount of work to do to keep your house or apartment in tip-top shape.

On the master list of family chores, write down all of the work to be done around the house and how often individual tasks have to be completed. The list ought to include both outdoor and indoor jobs that must be accomplished on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. If you prefer to use a pre-formatted document as a guide for this purpose, you can search the internet for household chore checklists. On these extensive online lists, you might notice tasks that you forgot to put on your master chore list but that do need to be done regularly.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Chores

With respect to chores that should be completed every day, you can begin by listing items such as the following:
Washing dishes
Cleaning bathrooms
Feeding animal companions
Doing laundry
Preparing meals
Weekly, monthly, and yearly chores should also be listed in this way on your dry erase wall. Weekly duties might include:
Mopping the floors.
Taking out the trash.
Watering the house plants.
Weeding the garden.
Next, you should list monthly tasks such as cleaning windows, bathing animal companions, and vacuuming the drapes. Finally, yearly jobs such as winterizing the house and pruning trees and shrubs should be listed.

Individual Household Members’ Lists

When you feel that you’ve finished forming your master chore list, you can begin erasing items from that list and moving them over to smaller individual lists for the various members of your household. In dividing up the master list, it’s essential to keep in mind the ages and capabilities of your various family members so as to avoid placing overly high expectations on any one person. It would be best if you also thought about splitting some chores into smaller tasks that can be done by children who may not be able to carry out the whole job.

Dry Erase Paint Your Pantry Door for Multipurpose Use

You could also apply the white or clear version of premium dry erase paint to a pantry door to provide your family with an easily accessed surface for writing notes, making shopping lists and calendars, listing kids’ pick-up times, leaving appointment reminders, and posting a host of other information. In this way, combined with your dry-erase painted refrigerator, your kitchen will become a multi-use communications hub and creative space for the household that motivates the family to do their chores, reminds everyone of important dates, and offers a showcase for your family’s creative thoughts and images.

Dry Erase Paint Your Dresser Drawers and Closet Doors for Labeling

Dresser drawers and closet doors in your bedroom are also helpful surfaces to coat with top-quality dry erase paint so you can organize your clothes and remind yourself of where various items are located. On these surfaces, you can label the contents and also note outfits, shoes, and accessories that you want to wear on specific days or for special occasions. In addition, these surfaces could be handy for writing down clothes, shoes, and other items that you want to have dry cleaned or repaired, to pass on to others, or to contribute to charity.

Dry Erase Paint Your Bar, Countertop, Work Bench, and Dining Table

The sky is the limit when it comes to the practical applications of premium dry erase paint. So, besides the above-mentioned surfaces, you can transform a countertop, a workbench, a bar in the den, a room divider, a dining room table, or virtually any other smooth flat surface into an attractive canvas for writing messages to family members, note-taking during phone calls, and numerous other uses.

In addition, if you choose to create a dry erase look other than white, you can apply the clear version of premium dry erase paint to a surface as long as the original color is light enough to write on legibly with a low-odor dry erase marker. In the kitchen, you can paint the tabletop with white dry erase paint to hide the table’s dark wood tone, and so create a paperless work and play area for all of your family members to use and enjoy.

Home Decorating Ideas Using Premium Dry Erase Paint
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