Why Brainstorm On A Whiteboard Painted Wall?

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Introduction: Top-quality whiteboard painted walls and surfaces possess many benefits and serve countless functions in areas as diverse as company training seminars, office brainstorming sessions, remote-access business interactions, and children’s playtime activities. Through the application of SmartMarker technology to dry erase markers used on quality whiteboard walls, the possibilities for functionality and ease of access become even broader, as these devices allow anyone in any location around the world to be in contact with the activities of whiteboard wall users in real-time.

Create Powerful Trainings With Whiteboard Painted Walls

Effortlessly make your training sessions more interactive and engaging by projecting your instructional presentation slides onto a whiteboard painted wall, thus allowing your team to make real-time annotations and engage in productive interactions about the content of the training material. Whiteboard painted walls are perfect for projecting both slides and videos, particularly when your projector is computer linked. And it’s easy to annotate what’s being projected by creating text or graphics on the nearby areas of your whiteboard wall. You can even use dry erase markers in a variety of colors such as red, blue, and green to color code the various categories of topics being annotated. Making comments and drawing graphics around projected images on a whiteboard wall can help to better communicate instructional concepts to your group, and inspire them to think creatively about the lesson, focus better on what’s being taught, and grasp material that might otherwise be hard to comprehend.

A key factor in a successful training session is putting your team members in the proper frame of mind to dig eagerly into the material so as to get more out of your efforts. And what better way to do so than through attention-grabbing videos or slides projected onto a massive whiteboard wall that everyone can write on? In this way, all of your team members will learn more from your sessions, come to better enjoy your training methods, and become more imaginative, inspired, and willing to take on and master new training material in the future.

Create Dynamic Interactions With Whiteboard Painted Walls

People love sharing their ideas in a creative and positive environment such as that produced by the vast, open-ended space of a whiteboard painted wall, which can inspire you and your team to new levels of original thought and expression and give the collective morale in the office a major boost. A whiteboard painted wall can be a highly effective tool in promoting vigorous interaction in both large meetings and small group discussions, but if it’s not used to its full potential, the participants can easily become distracted and lose concentration. Thus, it’s important to have one person be the “warden of the whiteboard wall,” to help prevent the discussion from going off track. It might also be helpful to follow the suggestions below to make your meetings more dynamic and productive.

1. Start off by writing down the key objective, idea, or problem that needs to be addressed in clear block letters large enough for everyone to see. For example, you could write “How to boost revenue in the first quarter of next year” or “Ideas for a new online marketing campaign.” Then, ask your team members to look intently at the central topic you just posted on the wall, to help everyone remain focused and start thinking about relevant suggestions.

2. Once people start coming up with ideas, record only the essential words and phrases related to the ideas; the details can be presented in written reports or strategy documents distributed to the appropriate team members sometime after the meeting.

3. As you move along with your session and your team members continue to think of new ideas, erase any material that’s no longer beneficial to the discussion, thus helping to cut out distractions and keep the participants focused on the topic at hand.

4. During the meeting, you will no doubt notice that the suggestions the team generates fall into obvious categories. So organizing everyone’s inspirations into separate columns or blocks on your whiteboard wall can help to prevent confusion and provide useful graphic support for the group to look at.

5. Section off a specific “holding area” on your whiteboard wall to write down any issues and ideas that emerge from the group that doesn’t directly relate to the topic being discussed. Whether or not you really plan to consider these items at future meetings, this technique is an effective way to placate those team members who brought them up.

6. At the end of your meeting, before erasing all of your work, take cell phone pictures of the results of your brainstorming meeting and later email the pictures to the appropriate team members for feedback and questions.

Following these suggestions can help you make more effective use of your whiteboard painted wall at every meeting or brainstorming session you hold.

Save Travel Time and Money With Whiteboard Painted Walls

Through the use of Smart Marker technology, participants can meet at any place around the world that suits them, thus saving both you and your international team time and money as everyone interacts simultaneously. The costs accrued from providing guest accommodations, hosting, and paying travel fees will forever disappear from your budget when you make use of this versatile tool in combination with a whiteboard painted wall. The flexibility that comes with using devices like SmartMarker along with whiteboard walls to interact with team members remotely instead of in-person can cut costs by eliminating the time spent (1) setting up for a meeting; (2) waiting for team members to show up; and (3) engaging in casual chit chat before and after the session.
Besides its clear time-and-money-saving advantages, there are a multitude of other reasons to use SmartMarkers along with whiteboard walls instead of holding traditional meetings. For example, research has shown that office personnel who travel less and work from their private home or home office more have better health, feel more contented, and are more productive in their jobs than those who spend a lot of time on the road. Thus, for the benefit of both your budget and your team’s well-being, it makes good sense to choose the SmartMarker/ whiteboard wall combination for your business or organizational meetings.

Special Moments with Family

Whiteboard walls are not only perfect for brainstorming and other uses by business people and professionals but are also excellent for children, who love the idea of having bedroom or playroom walls that they can decorate and thus express their creative imaginations with friends and family. In offices, classrooms, and private homes around the world traditional framed whiteboards are being replaced every day with top-quality whiteboard painted walls, which are infinitely bigger, easier to use and erase, and friendlier to the natural environment. So, get out the dry erase markers because it’s time to try something new and different on your kids’ bedroom walls!

The clear version of our top-quality paint is a durable, easy-to-erase transparent coating that can be applied over other types of paint to transform the walls of your children’s room into stimulating, highly interactive whiteboard surfaces. Whether applied to a wall, the kids’ play table, their desk, or their bedroom or playroom door, life will become a riot of dry erase marker fun and excitement as the youngsters make the surface into a creative writing, drawing, and doodling canvas. Low-odor dry erase markers work best on these surfaces, and a microfiber cloth or towel can easily erase them clean without the need for strenuous scrubbing. Being low in odor and certified as compliant with the safety guidelines of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), an internationally recognized green accreditation system, our eco-friendly paint formulation is safe for use in your kids’ bedroom and playroom or in any other space they might use.

In addition to being fun and exhilarating for kids, when children work on a vertical surface like a whiteboard painted wall they get a chance to acquire and strengthen multiple motor skills and develop important muscle groups in ways that sitting at a table or on the floor cannot provide. For example, when they get into different positions while working on a wall, such as standing up, kneeling, and leaning forward, they strengthen the muscles that steady and control the hips and spinal column and in turn affect the legs and torso, thus improving their posture.