Increasing Productivity at Home Using Dry Erase Walls

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Increasing Productivity at Home Using Dry Erase Walls
Increasing Productivity at Home Using Dry Erase Walls

Top-quality dry erase painted walls are perfect for increasing productivity in business offices, retail shops, and other commercial settings, and they can be just as effective in the home. Since they offer durable, convenient writing surfaces for countless household applications, dry erase walls can make family interactions smoother and thus help activities and tasks get done on time and with greater efficiency. Here are some of the many ways dry erase surfaces can increase your family’s productivity by offering a simple, effortless means of communication for everyone to use.

Create Easily Updated Family Grocery Lists

Converting one of the walls in your kitchen, family room, or other space into a dry erase surface can be helpful for writing down family grocery lists. There you can record items to be purchased along with the quantities and brands your household prefers. Anyone can add to the list when they find that the pantry or fridge is out of stock on certain items or if they want to buy specific foods or beverages. A dry erase wall in the kitchen can also be a handy place for family members to write ideas about favorite meals to prepare and recipes for foods they’d like to enjoy someday.

Post a Schedule of Daily Household Chores

A dry erase painted wall is also an excellent substitute for the refrigerator door to post schedules of daily chores. To enhance your family’s productivity in completing chores, a list of regular assignments is a must-have tool. And the vast surface of a dry erase wall allows you to write in large letters that can be viewed by everyone. Having a schedule of daily tasks posted on the wall makes it easy to rearrange or revise the household agenda by simply erasing inaccurate or out-of-date entries and posting new information when needed. Also, with a daily chore schedule displayed in big letters on the wall, your family will feel more motivated to be productive. Because if specific tasks are left undone, others in the household may notice the omissions and remind those responsible to do their duty.

Remember Appointments with a Dry Erase Wall Calendar

You can also create a highly visible and easy-to-use appointment calendar on your wall. As every efficient manager knows, calendars are essential for keeping track of appointments in business offices, healthcare facilities, and other busy locations, and this is equally true for the home environment. A large calendar displayed on a dry erase wall makes tracking appointments much easier. You can add notes to your calendar about upcoming engagements and quickly erase and update entries when needed.

Coordinating your daily appointments with the assistance of a dry erase wall calendar will help you stay focused on your most important activities and keep your mind at ease. Also, compared to the small confines of a paper calendar or a calendar on a framed whiteboard, a dry erase wall calendar has many advantages.

For example, the large surface area of a dry erase calendar allows you to input all of your essential appointments in big, easily read letters and numbers. And if you need to make a revision, you can quickly erase an entry and write in the updated data. Also, by creating an hourly schedule, you can plan your appointments from the beginning to the end of each day; and just like with a weekly calendar, if an appointment needs to be postponed or canceled, you can promptly move it to another time slot or delete it entirely. As an option, you might even want to create a one-year calendar, for which dry erase walls are perfect, as their large size allows you to input and delete long-range appointments with ease.

You can create your calendar using a ruler or yardstick and a roll of colored electrical tape, washi tape, or 1/8″ auto pinstriping tape (if you want to have thinner lines). Pinstriping tape is generally available at online retailers or your nearby auto parts store. Just draw the template for your calendar with a low-odor dry erase marker and a yardstick and then carefully apply the tape over your pre-drawn template using the yardstick as a guide.

Do Your Special Occasion Planning with a Dry Erase Wall

Whether you’re organizing a small birthday gathering for the kids or orchestrating a significant occasion with many guests, like a wedding or family reunion, event planning is a huge undertaking. All types of events, no matter how simple or complex, require meticulous preparation and management to be successful. From calculating a budget to arranging the activities, a dry erase painted wall can be your best friend and helper as you plan for and work on the fine points and logistics.

It’s essential to take the following steps early in the planning process to make working on your event as hassle-free as possible.
Define your goals
Calculate your budget
Seek the help of family members and friends
Choose the location and date
Create engaging invitations
Plan the program of activities
Confirm who will be attending
Arrive early n the day of the event and make sure everything is in order.
In this process, your dry erase wall can come in handy for defining your goals, calculating your budget, listing potential helpers, brainstorming locations and dates, designing invitations, planning the activities, and listing potential attendees.

Create a Medication Schedule to Maintain Family Health

Having a dry erase painted wall in your home makes it easy to create and update a medication schedule for family members to follow. On the large canvas of your dry erase wall, you’ll be able to clearly display the precise times when medications or supplements need to be taken, along with how much to take. In this way, you’ll help avoid dosage and timing errors and enhance intra-family communications to prevent memory lapses and potential health issues.

After creating your medication schedule, you can input each dose to remind yourself and others of times and amounts and thus ensure regular consumption. Taking multiple medications daily can get confusing, and mistakes or forgetfulness can have serious medical consequences. So, be sure to use your schedule to keep track of all your family’s required medications and supplements. You might also take a picture of the schedule to share with doctors and emergency personnel.

A Bill Payment Schedule Can Help You Manage Debts

Keeping track of when to pay your bills each month can be challenging, especially if the bills are due on different days. However, you can easily remember your due dates if you create a payment schedule to survey all of your bills and whether or not you’ve paid them.
Creating a checklist on your dry erase wall makes it simple to keep your household bill-paying process on track and done in a timely manner. Just write the list on your wall so that it’s readily available at all times to refer to when household bills are due. Having the checklist written out in large letters and numbers on your dry erase wall is much handier than keeping a list on an easily lost piece of paper in a checkbook or folder.

Handle Children’s Schedules with a Dry Erase Kids’ Calendar

Children’s schedules are among the trickiest parts of family life to organize, but if you use a dry erase kids’ calendar to keep everything straight, your days will flow much more smoothly. A kids’ calendar that suits everyone’s needs may seem undoable, but coordinating various schedules and transporting the children to their sports practices and games becomes a snap when you create a giant calendar just for the children on your dry erase wall. Just make the kids’ calendar according to the directions presented above for the household calendar, and make sure that each child has an assigned color of dry erase marker ink to keep them sorted out when you read their entries.

Increasing Productivity at Home Using Dry Erase Walls.
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