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Introduction: The best whiteboard paint has many outstanding features that make it far superior to traditional framed whiteboards and other whiteboard coating brands currently on the market, such as its great potential to foster creativity and mental organization, rapid 48-hour drying time, amazing ease of use, non-toxic ingredients, and affordability.

Whiteboard Walls Boosts Creativity

In conference rooms, office spaces, co-working spaces, classrooms, homes, and other venues our top-quality whiteboard painted surfaces can stimulate creative expression and inspire those who might normally feel shy about revealing their thoughts to go ahead and reveal what’s on their minds. Thus, an excellent way to update and improve communication in a business office, learning space, hospital, private residence or other venue is by adding high-quality writeable surfaces. To be sure, many offices, classrooms, clinics, and libraries already have a number of traditional wall-mounted whiteboards, but team members, students, and others often view these spaces as accessible only to business managers, teachers, or others in authority. By applying whiteboard paint to your walls and other types of writeable flat surfaces you can help staff members, students, and anyone else to expand their views, “find their voice” and make use of the surfaces for creative communication.

There are many ways in which to include whiteboard painted surfaces in your business office, private home, classroom, or other areas. You can paint walls, desks, tables, work cubicles, room dividers, doors, and more with top-quality whiteboard paint. In the business office setting, including a variety of both vertical and horizontal whiteboard surfaces can address the varying needs and preferences of individual team members, and can carry out different functions. Vertical whiteboard painted surfaces like walls and large room dividers are ideal for conducting brainstorming sessions and doing collaborative work such as group project planning, as well as for holding conferences, seminars, and workshops with larger groups of people. And horizontal surfaces such as office tables, credenzas, and desks are excellent for projects that don’t necessarily need to involve everyone on the team, such as individual or small group planning meetings and one-on-one brainstorming sessions.

In classroom settings, when students work collaboratively on projects, writing and drawing can help them to clarify and work out their ideas. Being able to see an outline for a research paper written out in large letters, drawing a colorful sketch of a science project they’re planning, or working jointly on the surface to solve a math problem can all be particularly beneficial to learners, especially those of the visual learning style. While they could just as easily do these tasks on paper, whiteboard painted surfaces allow students to quickly write, erase and rewrite as they work and give them vastly larger spaces to work on. Having students use vertical surfaces such as walls and doors can also help them in the physical sense, because working while standing cultivates some muscle groups that help children to develop an erect posture and others that enhance fine motor skills such as pencil grasp and wrist flexion for writing and drawing.

Organizes Thoughts on a Whiteboard Wall

The large, open-ended canvas of a premium whiteboard painted wall can help you and your team members to organize your thinking in a way that allows your best ideas and theories to be visualized, expanded, and transformed limitlessly. When budding ideas are written down or graphically presented on a huge whiteboard surface, it allows the creative parts of the brain to operate more freely than usual. The broad, inviting space of a whiteboard painted wall tends to encourage free-thinking and expressiveness in people, as opposed to the narrower, more constricted writing space of a traditional framed whiteboard, which requires smaller writing and drawing and hence a lot of erasing to express lengthy information and ideas. With a vast whiteboard painted wall, it’s easy to create large columns, outlines, mind maps, storyboards, and other tools for organizing ideas and information during meetings, brainstorming sessions, small group discussions, and the like.

Whiteboard Paint that Dries in 48 Hours

Compared to low-end paints that require a three- to seven-day curing process, our high-performance, top-grade whiteboard coatings require only 48 hours to dry and to be ready for use in an endless variety of applications. This makes them the quickest-drying whiteboard paint products currently available on the market. Rapid dry times have numerous practical and psychological advantages, such as minimal lost time on the job for businesses, schools, organizations, and households, which translates into minimal lost revenue, and an increased ability to return to normal daily routines, hence minimal stress and anxiety for users. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, the need to wait five to seven days for the paint to cure is both unacceptable and unaffordable. These long drying periods are necessary because of the noxious fumes released by most of our competitors’ whiteboard paint formulas.

Easy to Use Whiteboard Paint

Our top-quality whiteboard paints are composed of a two-part formula developed by some of the world’s leading chemists, and are extremely easy to use, aka caveman simple! Trying to clean most other whiteboard painted surfaces will have you pulling your hair out, but our products erase quickly with a few swipes of a microfiber cloth or towel and stay clean until your next use. When you clean your quality whiteboard surface with a microfiber cloth, it removes everything down to the minutest vestiges of dry erase marker ink without smudging or streaking.
By contrast, other low-end whiteboard coated surfaces are frequently subject to smudging and ghosting, which is the gray, cloudy look that occurs when marker ink is left on a whiteboard or whiteboard painted surface too long, when low-quality markers are used, or when a whiteboard surface gets too old and starts to become porous enough for the marker residue to penetrate and stay embedded in the surface.

Non-toxic Whiteboard Paint

Our superior quality whiteboard paint products contain none of the toxic, sickening chemicals, and produce none of the smells that can be found in low-end whiteboard coatings, many of which are epoxy-based and extremely damaging to human well-being and the natural environment. If cheap epoxy resin enters the water, hazardous chemical compounds leech out into the water, affecting both human health and also the water and surrounding topsoil. Although biodegradable resins are now being developed, the synthetic epoxy resins currently in use for products like low-quality whiteboard paints are derived from fossil-fuel sources, and so are not biodegradable and can only be incinerated under strict control due to the release of highly toxic substances when they’re burned.

Inexpensive Whiteboard Paint

When you purchase and apply our premium whiteboard paint, the end result will be a massive, highly flexible, long-lasting, and creativity-enhancing whiteboard canvas that you can write and draw on at a fraction of the cost of traditional framed whiteboards, which have comparatively small surfaces and thus much less functionality and flexibility of use. For instance, a traditional 4’ x 6’ framed whiteboard may be priced as high as $200, whereas a 50-square-foot area can be turned into a massive whiteboard surface for the very same price or even less. Whiteboard painted surfaces also last about three times longer than standard framed whiteboards, offering even better cost efficiency during their lifespans.

Another factor that makes high-end whiteboard painted surfaces more inexpensive than traditional whiteboards is their low cost of maintenance. Maintenance expenses are defined as the costs involved in keeping an item in good repair or working order. When buying an item such as a whiteboard painted surface that requires maintenance, you should take into account both the purchase price and the item’s future maintenance costs. In the case of our top-quality whiteboard surfaces, the ongoing maintenance expenses are extremely low due to their high durability and resistance to cracking, fading, smudging, peeling, and discoloration. Hence, they’re far superior to standard whiteboards, which are much more prone to these problems, and require more upkeep, especially when it comes to frequent cleaning with liquid cleaners due to smudging and ghosting, the cloudy gray appearance that comes from a variety of causes such as dirty erasers and long-term use.

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Posted: February 17, 2020


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