Key Features of Premium Dry Erase Paint’s Pro-Grade Ten-Year Warranty

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Key Features of Pro Grade Dry Erase Paint's Ten Year Warranty

Key Features of Premium Dry Erase Paint’s Pro-Grade Ten-Year Warranty

A Top-quality dry erase paint ReMARKable comes with a full ten-year warranty against yellowing, cracking, and peeling. This guarantee is based on the superior ingredients, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, and strict quality control measures used to produce the paint. The following article presents some specific details about how premium dry erase paint compares to other brands on the market that are epoxy-based and thus prone to many problems both during and after application.

Yellowing is an Issue with All Brands of Epoxy-based Dry Erase Paint

Epoxy-based dry erase paints invariably become yellow over time, even when they contain chemicals that are designed to inhibit the action of ultraviolet (UV) light, the key contributor to yellowing in epoxy-based coatings and paints. Depending on the specific brand of epoxy-based paint that’s used, it may yellow quickly, or it may take several years to turn yellow, but it will definitely do so in time. In these cases, the hardener in the paint is the source of the yellowing. Epoxy-based dry erase paints even turn an amber color when they’re exposed to no light at all. However, being one of the only products of its kind on the market that features a non-epoxy formula, premium dry erase paint functions differently after application and does not yellow, crack, or peel.

Tests Show that All Epoxy-based Paints Yellow when Exposed to UV Light

Extensive tests on yellowing have been conducted with samples of several epoxy-based dry erase paint brands along with a sample of top-quality ReMARKable paint. All of the samples were rolled out onto a flat surface with a paint roller, labeled, and then placed in a QUV machine, which simulates the effects of sunlight through the use of fluorescent UV lamps. The machine speed-dried the paint samples for a time period equivalent to 100 hours of daytime ultraviolet light exposure.

After this process was completed, the paints were examined, and significant yellowing was apparent in all of the epoxy-based paint brands tested. However, the ReMARKable paint sample showed no signs of yellowing and remained perfectly clear at the completion of the experiment. The yellowing of epoxy-based dry erase paint may not be immediately noticeable if the paint has been applied to a wall and there are no white-colored items nearby to compare it to. But all epoxy-based dry erase paints do yellow over time, and the discoloration will ultimately become darker and more apparent with each passing year.

Cracking is Also Common with Epoxy-based Dry Erase Paint

The extreme hardness and lack of flexibility in dried epoxy-based paints can also lead to the micro-cracking of a dry erase surface. All walls shift slightly over time, and when an epoxy-based paint or coating on a wall becomes too hard, this shifting action can eventually lead to cracking, which in turn will lead to the lifting and peeling of the painted surface, known as de-lamination. As a result, it’s essential for a dry erase painted wall to have a little bit of flexibility. It should feel like a hard, smooth shell but should also have enough inherent elasticity to be able to breathe and move with the substrate it’s on so that it won’t crack and later peel.

Rigorous Quality Control Measures Guard Against Cracking and Peeling

This type of flexibility is one of the many outstanding features of premium dry erase painted walls and is the basis for the ten-year warranty against cracking and peeling that comes with every premium dry erase paint kit. Because of the strict quality-control procedures conducted at the factory, premium dry erase paint is always assured of being flexible enough to withstand cracking and peeling for ten or more years of regular use.
During the testing process, sample amounts of each batch of dry erase paint produced in the factory are rolled out onto a flat surface five different times and given batch numbers. Then the samples are allowed to dry for 48 hours and carefully tested to ensure that each batch of paint is of the proper quality and flexibility level before being bottled and shipped to our customers. After testing, the batch numbers are recorded in the company’s computer database, so when a customer buys a paint kit, the individual batch number is known and on record. In this way, the high quality of each batch of premium dry erase paint is assured. Thus, when customers call and have questions or issues regarding the paint’s application or use, their dry erase paint’s batch number can be referenced.

Cracking in Epoxy-based Dry Erase Paint Causes Issues with Staining

Micro-cracking in an overly complex and inflexible epoxy-based dry erase painted surface may not be noticeable until the surface is written on with a dry erase marker. At such times, the marker ink will settle into the micro-cracks, become visible as stains when the surface is erased, and be impossible to remove with an eraser or cleaner. In such a case, the only way to get the dry erase marker ink off of the surface is to sand it down below the depth of the cracks until all of the ink is removed. Then another coat or two of dry erase paint needs to be applied.

The Pro-Grade Formula of Premium Dry Erase Paint is Fit for Anyone to Apply

Premium dry erase paint’s single formula is of the highest professional-grade quality and is also suitable for homeowners and other DIY users to apply. For this reason, the paint is purchased and installed by both top universities, large corporations, health care facilities, and other commercial operations, as well as by homeowners and DIY painters – one formula is suitable for all types of users. This is not true of the epoxy-based dry erase paint brands on the market, which have one version for commercial use and another less durable version for non-commercial use by homeowners and other non-business-related customers.

Commercial-grade Epoxy-Based Paints Often Need to be Applied by Certified Professionals

With the commercial versions of epoxy-based brands of dry erase paint, a special certification is often needed for application due to their high toxicity caused by the large amounts of hazardous chemicals or VOCs they contain. It’s can be unsafe to have non-professionals handle paints containing large quantities of these chemicals. Also, drying times tend to be longer for the commercial grades of epoxy-based paints, making them less desirable to residential users and amateur DIY hobbyists.

Besides these limiting factors, epoxy-based paints are also more challenging to work with during application, as they tend to get increasingly thick and viscous when exposed to air. This quality also makes the professional installation of commercial-grade epoxy paints necessary. In addition, the high toxicity levels of epoxy paints require installers trained in wearing the appropriate face masks, in properly disposing of the leftover product, and in other details of the application process.

Applying Premium Dry Erase Paint Requires no Certification

By contrast, premium dry erase paint remains more fluid and easier to roll on during installation than epoxy paints and so can be applied by any homeowner or other person with basic painting skills. The paint is of professional-grade quality yet is appropriate for DIY applications in virtually any type of setting. For these reasons, premium dry erase paint is shipped to and used by all kinds of customers around the world for a wide variety of applications, both commercial and residential.

Non-pro-grade Epoxy Paints Require Two Coats and More Frequent Re-application

Another major drawback to epoxy-based dry erase paints is the fact that their residential-grade versions tend to be less durable than their commercial grades and require at least two coats for an acceptable application. This feature results in the need to re-apply the paint more often, and in turn, this leads to more time lost and more money spent by customers.

Key Features of Premium Dry Erase Paints Pro Grade Ten Year Warranty
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Key Features of Premium Dry Erase Paints Pro Grade Ten Year Warranty
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