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Fun group collaboration makes it easier for your shy team members to articulate their unexpressed ideas. Even the most introverted among them will feel motivated to step up and bring out their creative thoughts when sitting in front of the massive open expanse of a whiteboard painted wall. Whiteboard walls are excellent for eliciting ideas from a group and can help to secure the best and most creative output from all those in attendance, even the shyest members of your team. Gatherings featuring whiteboard walls are especially exciting for extraverts, people who focus their energy on the outside world and feel happiest when interacting with others.

Extraverts can generally react quickly to questions and have good answers ready to present, so they enjoy taking part in whiteboard wall discussions because talking with people and writing ideas down help to refine and stimulate their thought processes.

However, introverts, those who need some quiet time to collect their thoughts, may not always get a chance to voice their opinions when more extraverted group members are dominating the discussion. And if the introverts do get a chance to speak, the conversation may have already moved on to a different topic. So to create a level playing field and make sure that all those present, including the introverts, get an opportunity to take part, you can give as much prior notice as possible about the subjects for discussion; for example, you might provide an agenda with detailed questions or thought-provoking themes and later let everyone vent their ideas and opinions on your whiteboard painted wall, the perfect tool for spirited group interaction.

Prompting people to write their ideas down on the wall should be easy since the open expanse of a whiteboard surface is so inviting, even for the less assertive. In this way, you can ensure that everyone is engaged and able to share their ideas. Who knows? The quiet ones may have some brilliant insights lying dormant in their minds that just need a little boost to be revealed.

Whiteboard Paint is Versatile

Whiteboard walls are extremely versatile in terms of where they can be installed and how they can be used, being ideal for lecture halls, assembly rooms, school classrooms, restaurants, clinics, private homes, nursing facilities, and countless other venues. In a kids’ bedroom, with no fear of staining or ghosting, kids can convey their wildest imaginings and endlessly reveal their creativity on the walls through writing, drawing, and doodling. Similarly, in office settings, team members can write and draw to their heart’s content to express their original insights during formal staff meetings or impromptu brainstorming sessions. And in the school classroom, students can work in small groups to solve math problems, brainstorm ideas for essays, or outline the steps in a class project. No rules exist about what can be written or drawn on a whiteboard painted wall, so you and your staff have a vast unrestricted canvas on which to write a text, solve an equation, or draw a picture – anything needed to convey a budding idea, which may turn out to be a brilliant or even revolutionary insight, all through the versatility, scope, and natural erasability of a premium whiteboard wall.

Regarding brainstorming, whiteboard painted walls are especially appropriate and useful as their large roomy surfaces invite endless ideas to emerge, be written down, and then be erased as the next great idea comes up. The walls thus encourage spontaneity and the exploration of original ideas in both individual and group settings. And after a heated brainstorming session, the results of an individual’s or a team’s combined reflections can be gradually reduced to those that are the most doable. Then the walls can be used again to outline the steps that need to be taken to implement the ideas generated through the brainstorming.

Use on any smooth surface

Your group discussions will get a significant boost from using our top-of-the-line whiteboard walls because the unsightly frames that surround traditional whiteboards won’t limit the scope of your team members’ ideas or creativity. Our first-class whiteboard paint can be installed in private kitchens, school and university classrooms, restaurants, repair shops, business offices, workout rooms, and countless other areas where open-ended communications are essential. Also, a wide array of surfaces may be used as substrates for our coatings outside of their customary use on walls. For example, desktops, room dividers, pantry doors, tabletops, office cubicles, office furniture, and even bedroom ceilings may be covered with our whiteboard paint to create areas for limitless writing and drawing. One layer of our premium eco-friendly coating, the highest quality and simplest to install whiteboard paint on the market, will convert any flat smooth surface into a highly functional, attention-grabbing whiteboard canvas. And in the process, you won’t have to break the bank or test your patience trying to install a costly, foul-smelling, non-eco-friendly, epoxy-based coating.

Whiteboard Paint is Easy to Apply

Our whiteboard paints require no special skills to apply. Just read the easy step-by-step instructions and use a microfiber roller to produce the most highly erasable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly whiteboard wall available today. Also, no superhuman scrubbing with harsh cleaning agents is required to bring our whiteboard surfaces back to their original vibrant sheen, even after many years of continuous use. Just a light wiping with a dry microfiber cloth is all that’s needed.

Many other whiteboard paint manufacturers need to dedicate a great deal of time and energy to training their customer service personnel in the intricate technical aspects of mixing their products, preparing the surfaces to be painted, applying the products, and other details. However, we find such a training process unnecessary because our products are so effortless to apply, and our customer service reps are also installers with many years of knowledge to support the advice they give. So if you do come up with questions or concerns about application, they can help you make sure you get it right the first time.

Unlimited Size

With whiteboard paint installed in your office, classroom, home or other venue, you won’t need to set up a flip chart and easel each time you want to write or draw something, thus saving yourself time and money, since one coat of our premium whiteboard paint is all you need to produce a huge, long-lived, writable canvas. The answer to better communication, collaboration and participation in business, education, or the home may well be the repurposing of the massive surfaces you’ve had all around you for a long time – the walls of your office, classroom or private residence. In this way you can make practical use of your indoor environment to communicate in new ways instead of having to invest in the latest communications technology that will become obsolete before you know it. Repurposing is defined as the use of an object or idea for a function other than its original intended use. Repurposing an item can be done by modifying it to fit a new use or by using the item as it is in a new way. In the case of indoor walls, their immense surface areas generally have little use except to serve as partitions between rooms. But when they’re coated with top-quality whiteboard paint, they’re repurposed to become highly practical tools for communication and group interaction with limitless applications.

Moreover, working with the enormous surface areas of whiteboard walls involves no learning curve, because they’re as easy to use as writing on a sheet of paper but with incredibly more room to express your ideas. Due to their large size and effortless erasability, whiteboard walls inspire people to risk writing down any random thoughts that come to mind, in the knowledge that they can always be erased if a mistake is made or if more productive ideas arise.