Limited by the Confines of Your Workspace? Stretch Beyond!

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Are You Feeling Limited and Bound by the Confines of Your Workspace?

We know the feeling. And so did many of our customers… before they experienced ReMARKable, the whiteboard paint that can transform just about any surface, like your walls, into a dry erase whiteboard.

We’d like to help you stretch beyond your small and limited workspace, even break outside the digital realm that you may feel exhausted by at times. Getting in front of a huge, spacious whiteboard wall can be one of the most liberating things for your brain, body, and your overall state. You can remain productive, creative, and super engaged in your work, but by standing up and moving, and seeing the bigger picture with the perspective of your own creative doodles, mindmaps, lists, connections, diagrams and more on the fullness of your entire wall, you experience a freedom and expansion that just simply isn’t possible on your laptop, in your cube or at a desk.

Enjoy 30% Off Whiteboard Paint for your entire wall, now through Sunday 4/9/17 with coupon code STRETCHBEYOND at checkout.

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Coupon code expires Sunday at 11:59pm EST on 4/9/17 and only applies to ReMARKable whiteboard paint kits, but not ReMARKable accessories, SmartMarkers or Smart Whiteboard Wall bundles.