Boost Your Team’s Communications at Meetings with Whiteboard Coated Walls

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Boost Your Team’s Communications at Meetings with Whiteboard Coated Walls
Whiteboard-Coated Walls Will Boost Your Team’s Communications at Meetings

Due to the explosive growth of new technologies (Aside from Whiteboard-Coated Walls), work processes, and managerial methods in recent decades, many ways in which businesses and organizations function are constantly evolving, but meetings are not. As a result, meetings have been productivity drains for decades, consuming vast amounts of time, capital, and energy that could be better spent on other tasks. In addition, because of established company schedules, many people have to arrange their daily work activities to fit around required meetings and not the other way around, as team members’ calendars become increasingly packed with time-consuming and often needless gatherings.

In the U.S. alone, meetings cause businesses to lose roughly $30 billion a year in wasted time, along with deficits in opportunity costs, reduced engagement among team members and declines in productivity. This is unlike any other significant investment that companies make, as meetings enjoy a privileged position in the business world that is beyond debate. Yet, for decades, large and small companies have unthinkingly continued holding regular meetings without assessing how or even if they serve a proper function.

Around the world, executives commit approximately 23 hours a week to meetings, eight of which are unproductive. And it’s not just those who lead the meetings that fail to benefit. Roughly 90% of participants admit that they daydream during meetings, and 73% say they pay no attention to what’s going on and work on other projects instead.

Whiteboard Walls to the Rescue!

However, this situation need not be endured any longer. By incorporating innovative, highly efficient media tools such as whiteboard-coated walls into your workplace, you can put an end to daydreaming and lack of focus among your team members, maximize the team’s efficiency, and stimulate creative thinking in all your business or organizational gatherings. In turn, you’ll make more cost-effective use of everyone’s time. This increased efficiency and engagement can also allow for fewer and shorter meetings, thus freeing up team members’ schedules to pursue their regular duties most of the day.

The Attention-Grabbing Quality of Whiteboard Walls

The vast open-ended nature of whiteboard-coated walls makes them ideal for building more productive meetings since they allow for large amounts of information to be conveyed, evaluated, and revised in real-time, and for the free expression of your team’s creative ideas, even among those who might generally be hesitant to speak up in a group. The large size and high visibility of writing and drawing done on a whiteboard-coated wall help to hold participants’ attention, thus enhancing their input and note-taking ability and the overall effectiveness of meetings. This increased attentiveness and engagement can, in turn, help you to cultivate your personal brand and business persona, boost your company’s profits, and put an end to meetings where few people pay attention and valuable company time is wasted.

Whiteboard-coated walls hold a group’s mental focus well because of their large size, naturally collaborative quality, and ability to stimulate endless creative ideas. Effective listening is one of the most challenging skills for humans to acquire, and it’s also the most complicated way to remember spoken material over time. The process involves actively absorbing a speaker’s words, demonstrating that the listener is paying attention, and offering feedback to make clear that the content is understood. However, in meetings, these steps are not always easy for participants to take. For this reason, team members may find it hard to stay focused, particularly during a long session with many new facts and figures to absorb. And even in brief meetings, it may be challenging for people to pay attention due to sounds from construction work, from other people talking, and the like.

These issues can easily be addressed by installing top-quality whiteboard-coated walls in your workplace. The vast open spaces available on whiteboard walls for writing in large letters and for drawing large, highly visible images make them perfect for maintaining your team’s focus and interest during all types of meetings, even those that involve significant quantities of facts and figures. This expansiveness promotes greater engagement from all your team members. In addition, it stimulates more creativity than would be apt to arise if a smaller surface, such as a standard framed whiteboard, were used.

Brainstorming: the Perfect Type of Meeting for Dry Erase Coated Walls

A team brainstorming session is one of the most potent kinds of meetings you can hold with a whiteboard-coated wall. With large or small groups, brainstorming meetings are a natural and extremely practical use for whiteboard walls. These sessions may be arranged in advance, but the most productive brainstorming often arises suddenly, at random times of the day, without planning. For example, suppose your office is equipped with whiteboard-coated walls and an ample supply of dry erase markers. In that case, this impromptu form of free association can happen easily, as your team members can convey their creative ideas and images anywhere in the office where a whiteboard wall is available for use.

Because they’re expansive, open-ended, and ready to record any random idea or image that your team comes up with, premium whiteboard-coated walls invite impromptu brainstorming, quick graphic displays, and other forms of creative collaboration to occur naturally. Finding the ideal method for generating new inspiration among your team members can profoundly affect their level of interest and attentiveness during meetings. And for virtually everyone, a large, readily seen, open-ended surface like a wall is perfect for this purpose. Team members who are ready to express their original ideas and visual images can use the immense canvas of a whiteboard wall to get their mental gears moving and let loose with dry erase markers to their hearts’ content. The feeling of freedom that whiteboard-coated surfaces produces can initiate so-called “right brain” action in team members’ minds, resulting in unlimited new ideas for projects and plans of any variety. Due to the great size of a whiteboard wall, multiple team members can even work together as a group when writing and drawing out their ideas.

The Added Bonus of Using Smart Markers in Your Meetings

Thus, problems of inattention, distraction, and daydreaming during company or organizational meetings can all be solved by using the highly engaging medium of a whiteboard-coated wall. Moreover, your wall offers even more benefits if combined with a Smart Marker. A Smart Marker is a regular dry erase marker that’s been inserted into a specially designed sleeve that lets you write text or make drawings by hand and have your team hold on to the data via the sleeve’s digital memory. Using this device, what is heard or seen during meetings may be saved indefinitely, thus freeing attendees from remembering and paying attention to all the details of the proceedings. Therefore, premium whiteboard-coated walls become “smart” surfaces with endless potential for saving ideas and generating new ones because team members can always go back to what was presented at a meeting and expand on the content ad infinitum for future project development.

Use Your Whiteboard Coated Walls to Engage Audio-Visual Presentations

A further approach to helping your team members, whether in-house or remote, to focus on and engage with your meetings is to make use of well-produced audio-visual elements, which will make them more interested than usual in giving feedback on the content. Utilizing attention-grabbing slides and other high-quality visual components such as well-designed videos, flow charts, and diagrams can help attendees follow and feel absorbed with your meeting contents. And what better surface is there to display such visual pyrotechnics than a massive glossy whiteboard-coated wall? Designing and executing effective audio-visual presentations is a critical skill in today’s telecommuting and virtual communication environment, where the electronic transfer of data and ideas is rapidly replacing face-to-face interaction. And using a whiteboard-coated wall is the perfect way to keep up with this trend.

Boost Your Team’s Communications at Meetings with Whiteboard Coated Walls
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Boost Your Team’s Communications at Meetings with Whiteboard Coated Walls
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