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Set Creativity Free with Whiteboard Painted Walls

Although quality whiteboard painted walls are ideal for doing organizational activities on your own, such as creating to-do lists, arranging daily activities, and thinking visually about ideas or problems, brainstorming with a larger group is one of the most practical and natural uses of whiteboard coated surfaces. Brainstorming and team collaboration are often effective when planned out in advance, such as during a weekly staff meeting. However, the best and most productive brainstorming often emerges suddenly, at random times of the day while you’re doing other work, without preparing or thinking too much about how it should be done. Your office space should allow for this unplanned free-association to happen, and you should have the tools on hand to let yourself and your team members convey your creative thoughts and images anywhere in your work space.

Top-quality whiteboard painted walls allow for such spontaneous brainstorming, visual demonstrations, and collaborative sessions to occur naturally, due to the fact that they’re large, open, and ready for any casual thought or image that pdrops into the minds of team members. Discovering the best way to put ideas together among members of a working team can profoundly affect the results of a project. Usually, something large, easily viewed, and graphically versatile such as a wall is ideal. A brain full of ideas and images needs a giant empty whiteboard wall and a set of dry erase markers to get the mental juices flowing freely. The sense of independence that whiteboard painted surfaces generate can trigger so-called “right brain” activity in you and your staff members, leading to potentially groundbreaking ideas in project development and other areas.

Epigraphy or the practice of writing on walls has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. Research suggests that brainstorming is a naturally epigraphic activity — an action that’s best done on vertical surfaces such as walls. Writing on walls is a different function than writing on a computer, laptop or tablet, as wall writing fosters better hand-eye coordination, and visual attention, among other benefits. And a broad wall-view — multiple views of text or images possible at a single glance — is an ideal approach to collaborative design and thinking, hence the great current interest in flip charts, giant post-its, whiteboards, and all of their electronic equivalents. But by far the most cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and effective form of epigraphic display is a large high-quality whiteboard painted wall. And when it comes to whiteboard walls, you can never get too big, so covering the entire interior wall space of your office with high-quality whiteboard paint is a savvy business move that will reap countless rewards for you and your team, especially when it comes to brainstorming.

Human Interaction Works best with a Whiteboard Wall

Sharing ideas and collaborating via multiple methods have been practiced since humans first learned to speak, and that’s not going to change anytime in the near future. We still live in a physical world that involves regular interaction with other people on a daily basis. Technology has its place, but real-life communication among members of a group through an effective medium like a whiteboard painted wall can be a powerful stimulus for new ideas and for bringing those ideas to fruition. Every noteworthy company or organization, even the most technologically oriented, was once a casual scribble in a notebook, a sketch on a scrap of paper, or a nighttime flash of insight jotted on a bedroom wall. So, low-tech, human-based activity remains the primary foundation of daily life and of the start and development of businesses and organizations around the world. For this reason, making the best possible use of the human potential available in your workplace through the simple but powerful medium of a whiteboard coated wall makes perfect business sense.

No Need to Be a Whiteboard Wall Picasso

A whiteboard painted wall is a starting point and one of the most effective ways to communicate a multitude of ideas where you don’t have to deliver a perfect diagram, a symmetrical figure or a detailed mind map, but instead just a simple blending of words and drawings that everyone can understand. , Thus, there’s no need to be an accomplished artist to use graphics and language to share plans, develop original ideas, and solve problems while brainstorming on a whiteboard wall. The exploration of new territory and the avoidance of stifling conventions have always been among the hallmarks of highly successful entrepreneurs, artists, and others who have changed the world for the better. And few tools have the capacity to help your team accomplish this than the open and mind-expanding surface of a whiteboard painted wall, where it’s easy to show the connections among ideas with words and images.

Open the Floor with Your Whiteboard Painted Wall

At the start of a brainstorming session, when you establish guidelines such as “There’s no such thing as a bad idea” and “Everyone’s ideas are valued here” it helps to set up positive expectations and produce a highly creative environment for a free-ranging exchange of ideas. In addition, the naturally spacious and inviting surface of a whiteboard painted wall encourages everyone on your working team to join in the action and express their creative insights, even those who may normally feel reluctant to speak during regular staff gatherings, such as shy people, new people, and lower-level staff members.

Make Your Whiteboard Wall Brainstorming Sessions Stormy

The typical meeting space has a flip chart attached to an old easel where presenters often start filtering ideas from a brainstorming group based on their own viewpoint to guide the team’s thinking, which rarely leads to any amazing breakthroughs or great ideas. By contrast, a room with a massive whiteboard painted wall gives everyone on the team the opportunity to be freely heard in an unfiltered manner and to have their views recorded on the wall for all to see. In this way opposing opinions, information, and ideas can lead to the most groundbreaking ideas and new directions for a project or policy.

If the mood of your brainstorming session turns negative, take that energy in a productive direction by encouraging debate among participants. Dr. Charlan Nemeth, a University of California, Berkeley psychology professor, found that groups encouraged to debate came up with 20% more ideas than those instructed not to comment on others’ views. As Dr. Nemeth says, “Debate encourages divergent thinking and enhances the quality of thought and decisions of the group.” So, if during a brainstorming session people start to express divergent opinions, you might end up with some valuable suggestions. And even if you don’t, your team members will be more productive after having stretched their minds in new directions.

Now you can Save and Share Your Whiteboard Wall Brainstorms

Nowadays everyone has a smart phone so snap some photos of your whiteboard wall’s contents before and after a brainstorming session and turn them into PDF files or PowerPoints for your team to study later. Also, brainstorming shouldn’t be an isolated event, so to foster a steady stream of ideas from your team members you can create a shared file where everyone can store their random thoughts and inspirations. It might be a Google Drive or Dropbox folder, a Pinterest board, or just a simple text file or Google Doc that everyone can add ideas to any time at their leisure.

Have your team members think about a specific prompt such as “Develop a user-generated content marketing campaign,” or find examples of a broader theme like “Personal branding pays.” You may even create a room in your team chat app for brainstorming. This technique makes it handy to feed off of one another’s ideas; for example, one person might link to a noteworthy campaign, while another might have a related insight several hours later.


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Posted: October 27, 2019


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