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Introduction: Whiteboard painted walls have an endless variety of practical applications in traditional business offices and may be used in much the same ways when working from a home office. The following ideas on these approaches are presented below: (1) create a designated workspace that includes your whiteboard wall; (2) generate a daily task list on your wall; (3) create a message board; (4) include a “pending work” area on your whiteboard wall; (5) make a home office calendar; (6) brainstorm and sketch on your wall; (7) create an inspiration area; (8) make a list of contact numbers; and (9) do virtual meeting presentations on your whiteboard wall.

Create a designated workspace around your whiteboard wall

Make sure that your whiteboard wall is installed in a dedicated workspace so that it’s prioritized specifically for work-at-home tasks. In this way, you can avoid having other members of your household make casual use of the whiteboard surface for personal messages, casual comments, and the like. Incorporating your whiteboard wall into your workspace gives you an enjoyable and practical tool for doing scratch work and brainstorming ideas that need a lot of area on which to conceptualize projects or plans. Producing outlines for business proposals, creating storyboards, and determining project goals on your whiteboard wall can provide a great boost to your productivity and creative thinking.

There’s nothing that equals using a dry erase marker on the huge canvas of a whiteboard painted wall to create visuals and new ideas for a marketing campaign or other work-related project. The actions of writing and drawing stimulate the brain and introduce a sense of play into your workday and home office environment, as the expansiveness and easy accessibility of the wall’s surface facilitate creating visual links among various ideas and images that are unachievable on a tiny tablet, computer, or laptop screen. Whiteboard walls have been shown to stimulate creative thinking just based on the sense of freedom and openness they provide for users.

Generate a daily assignment list on your whiteboard wall

For efficient task management, a daily assignment list is a must-have tool, and a whiteboard wall’s large dimensions allow you to produce jumbo-sized lists that are readily visible from your work station and other parts of your designated office space. Having a personal task list on a whiteboard wall makes it easy for you to move your schedule around by simply erasing inaccurate, unwanted or outdated data and writing in new information when the need arises. Also, if your task list is on a whiteboard wall and is available for all to see, you may feel inspired to be more efficient, because if you leave certain tasks undone, others in the vicinity may notice and jokingly remind you that you’re slacking off!

Create a message board on your whiteboard wall

Use your whiteboard painted wall to create a message board where you can write brief notes and reminders to yourself or your family members. If others in your household are less tech-savvy than you are, you can use your whiteboard wall instead of a tech device to give them reminders

and notes. For example, you can dedicate a small section of the wall to giving details on what you’re doing, where you’ve gone, and what time you’ll be available in case you have a meeting or some other activity that requires your presence elsewhere.

Include a “pending work” area on your whiteboard wall

You can transform your whiteboard wall into a magnetic surface by adding GoodHangups, a new magnetic hanging system for notices, photographs, memos, and other items. GoodHangups are removable and reusable and require no holes to be drilled into your surface. Using this unique system, you can attach “pending work” items to your whiteboard painted wall, such as unfinished paperwork, receipts, or letters that you have not yet filed or attended to. In this way, you can minimize the clutter on your home office desk while keeping important items in an easily accessible place to be handled later.

Create a Home Office Calendar on your whiteboard painted wall

When working from home, you’re your own office manager, and lacking activities such as staff meetings to break up your day, you can quickly lose focus. Thus, to stay on task, it’s important to write down what you’ll be doing and when you’ll be doing it throughout the day. This is another element of telecommuting for which your whiteboard wall serves as an invaluable tool, as it allows you to list work-related events, activities, and reminders that inform you of when to switch gears and begin tackling new assignments.

You can draw a semi-permanent calendar template on your whiteboard wall or fashion one out of colored tape such as washi tape, and simply fill in the relevant dates, days, and activities each month. Like your message board, your whiteboard wall calendar will also provide you with a handy means of sharing your schedule with other household members and eliminate the need to send texts or emails explaining your whereabouts at any given time. Also, not everyone enjoys using digital calendars, so if you prefer using a pen and a notebook for making annotations and scheduling activities, you might find creating a whiteboard wall calendar to be ideal for you. And if you’re a blogger, you can include an editorial calendar or publishing schedule on your whiteboard wall to help remind yourself of your blog’s ongoing feature articles.

Brainstorm and sketch on your whiteboard painted wall

If you prefer brainstorming through the use of a physical medium, you can use your whiteboard painted wall in place of mind-mapping software. You’ll find that the vast open-ended nature of a whiteboard wall makes it the perfect vehicle for highly productive brainstorming with virtually boundless mind maps that can stretch from ceiling to floor and from corner to corner of your home office wall.

And if you work in design, marketing, or any other field requiring visuals, your whiteboard wall can come in handy when making quick sketches or studies for projects. In this way, you can also avoid the waste and environmental damage involved in using paper. Moreover, if you feel uneasy about the idea of drawing directly on a blank piece of paper to start a design or sketch, beginning the process on a whiteboard wall and moving on from there might feel less daunting.

Allocate an inspiration section on your whiteboard wall

To get occasional doses of inspiration throughout your workday, you can use your whiteboard painted wall as the medium and write down motivational quotes such as “The future depends on what you do today” by Mahatma Gandhi, or attach photos or drawings that inspire you to be more creative and productive.

Make a list of contact numbers on your whiteboard wall

Your whiteboard wall can also include an easy-to-view list of emergency phone numbers, as well as the mobile phone numbers of everyone living in your household. In this way, you can avoid wasting time consulting a digital or paper address book in an emergency.

Make video presentations on your low-gloss whiteboard wall

If you need to do a video presentation for your vlog but lack the time or skill level to produce an effective PowerPoint slideshow, you can do the presentation on your whiteboard painted wall. In fact, the large inviting surface of the wall will no doubt inspire you to come up with more creative ideas than you would if you did the presentation via PowerPoint. And of course, such presentations need not be limited to vlogs. You might also use your wall to conduct video presentations, to make video proposals for clients abroad, or to illustrate points during video conferences.

Since your whiteboard wall is large enough and versatile enough to be used for all of the functions listed above, you can save yourself a lot of paper and technical issues by using it as your go-to medium for all your work-from-home activities. And if you think hard enough, you’re sure to find many more practical uses for your highly writable and easily erased whiteboard painted wall.