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This is every team’s dream:

Boosted creativity, collaboration, brainstorming, productivity, effectiveness of meetings and incredible teamwork.

It’s probably your dream too.

Now achieving these things is not impossible, but there are two major problems: Cost and Time

You see, most people go to great lengths to improve their team. According to a report by Bersin and Associates, “… research shows that organizations currently invest approximately $720 million annually in engagement improvement, including both outsourced and internally developed programs. Only 50 percent of the potential market has been tapped, with half the organizations stating an interest in engagement programs actually investing.”

“To put it more simply, organizations are spending nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars per year (emphasis added) trying to improve employee engagement — and that only represents about half of the $1.53 billion that Bersin projects that companies will eventually spend on it.”, states TLNT in its Weekly Wrap: $720 Million Spent on Engagement and This Is All We Get?

Now that’s a lot of money. To make things even dizzying is the amount of time spent. Think about your own team. Apart from the amount of money that goes into team building, how much time is spent? Just think about it for a moment.

Now take a look at this statistic from People Lab. Expert Emma Bridger states, “I recently came across this interesting infographic from HR Review, which details how the HR elite spend their working week. I was pleasantly surprised to see that employee relations and engagement are a key area of focus, with respondents spending an average of just over 15% of their working week on this. In fact, this was topped only by “meeting with senior staff and business partners”, which takes up 21.8% of the working week.”

All this goes to prove that if you want a more productive team, a more creative team, or a more effective team, then you need to spend lots of time… and countless hours.

But let me stop you there.

And ask…

What if you wanted all these things (creativity, productivity, effectiveness) for your team? Is there any chance you’d be able to, without having to spend so much money? And time?

I’m not talking about simple tweaks like solving puzzles and having a scavenger hunt. I’m referring to a single tweak that can significantly boost your team.

The answer is yes, you can.

If your team has been struggling with creativity, collaboration and productivity, or you feel your team has tons of untapped creative potential but no way to draw it out, you will find a quick proven fix below…

Even Facebook has seen results with this tweak.

I promised to show you the single quickest way to significantly boost your team’s creativity, productivity, and effectiveness in the shortest time possible and at an affordable cost.

I’m going to do just that. Below, I’ll show you:

  • This year’s best company to work for
  • What employees say about how much they love working with them
  • The single tweak they implemented to improve their team’s creativity, productivity and effectiveness
  • What you can also do to quickly and significantly improve your team and replicate Facebook’s results

Facebook is (according to Glassdoor) the best place to work this year. And this isn’t necessarily because they have the best team… or the best tools… and I’m pretty sure it’s not just the food either.

Business Insider spoke with two of Facebook’s employees — to find out “what the big deal is all about” — and guess what? Both employees agreed that “they’re excited to head to the office every day.”

Yes, you read it right. No error. They are actually excited to head to the office every day.

In fact, according to Business Insider, prototyping engineer Spencer Burns says, “Every Sunday night, I go to bed and sleep great.

Every Monday morning I wake up and I’m excited to come to work because I know I get to work on the things I’m most passionate about.”

In other words, Burns doesn’t just work at Facebook for the money. He actually loves his job.

So how does Facebook do it? How do they keep their team excited to show up to work each day? What one tweak (you can use) has Facebook implemented to boost team creativity, effectiveness, and productivity?

Take a look at the images below to find out. If you can’t see any images, you’ll need to enable them first (Go ahead and enable your images).

Did you see the tweak? No? Take a look at another image:

Surely, you must’ve seen it this time. Here’s a third image if you still didn’t see it, after which I’ll tell you what it is.

So here’s the story…

Facebook is a strong team-oriented company. And if you’re a team-oriented company, you know that your offices and meeting spaces need to foster incredible teamwork and collaboration.

Facebook knew that too, so they went on a hunt. They did tons of research. They tried lots of different approaches. Finally, they found it.

Facebook discovered what is quite easily the single quickest way to significantly boost team creativity, productivity, and effectiveness. And the interesting part? This tweak is affordable and easy to implement.

Facebook saw remarkable results and loved the new discovery. They found that expansive, massive whiteboard on the walls throughout their company allowed their team to experience the benefits of limitless space for creating, working together, and designing ideas, workflows, mindmaps and more without the limitations of small, traditional whiteboard space.

Now you see what the images were trying to communicate.

Can you get the same results? Absolutely!

Facebook is not the only company to tweak their surroundings and experience a more creative (more effective, more productive) team.

I’ll show you exactly how to improve your team today.

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But… and this is important… the coupon is only good for a limited time. So if you’d like to improve team collaboration at the lowest price possible, and without fretting over shipping costs, get ready. Call today to get your special code.

Imagine your team, a few weeks from today. It’s another Monday morning. The atmosphere is different. There is a certain excitement in the air.

Everyone seems to be busy working. Unlike the past, where teammates only seemed to work, they actually are. People on the team don’t feel like they have to work. They really love to work.

Ideas are coming up faster than ever before… and several of them are really good. An idea that used to take days to present itself now takes a few hours.

The office feels 2X larger than it used to. Has there been an expansion? No, but it does feel that way… and you’re enjoying every inch… it’s crazy, but it feels like you have limitless space in the office… and everyone is loving it too.

Now let’s stop right there and be clear on this:

This is not a dream or wishful thinking. Facebook and countless other companies have transformed their teams from where you are now… to where you will be in a few weeks

How have they done it? By simply tweaking their office spaces. Take a look:

Introducing ReMARKable, the whiteboard paint for businesses in the software/tech/web/internet space who are serious about improving teamwork and collaboration in the office and at meetings.

When you buy today, you get a whiteboard kit including 2 different liquids that get mixed together right before application. Some kits come with a roller.

To be honest with you, the single quickest way to significantly boost your team’s creativity, productivity, and effectiveness, is to tweak your surroundings. Every other option either costs a fortune, or takes a huge amount of time. Sometimes both.

After helping Facebook, Google, Sony, and countless other businesses to improve team engagement, we are offering our product to you at an incredible discount for a very short time.

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