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Dry Erase Wall Quotes for April 2023
Dry Erase Wall Quotes for April 2023

Your dry erase wall quotes for April begins with what many people consider the funniest day of the year, April Fools’ Day, and the rest of the month is all about spring’s arrival and warmer weather. April Fools’ Day means something different to everyone. For some, it’s a day to play pranks on innocent victims, whether silly and harmless tricks on the kids or more elaborate stunts on the grown-ups. Starting the month off with some friendly practical jokes always reminds us to avoid taking ourselves too seriously.

On the other hand, the first of April may not denote mischief-making to you at all. Instead, the day may evoke all the pleasure and freshness of the spring season, from warm weather to budding flowers to dreamy walks in the woods. The name April comes from the Latin verb “Aperire,” meaning “to open.” So, just like the flowers, shrubs, and trees, it’s a time to open up, start afresh, and shed those cold weather blues.

Whatever the month means to you, you can have fun and gain some food for thoughtful reflection by posting these quotes about April and April Fools’ Day on your dry erase wall. Doing so may make your days in April more meaningful and enjoyable and perhaps lift your spirits when things get stressful.

General Dry Erase Wall Quotes About April

“April’s rare capricious loveliness.”
— Julia Dorr

“April is optimistic, despite the taxing April 15 doldrums. It is a month of planning and promise, anticipating June weddings, May graduations, and summer vacations, which don’t always live up to the hype.”
— Half Moon Bay Review

“Spring is April’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Bloom.'”
— Bethany Hogg

“April is when the hearts of the young turn to thoughts of love. And the hearts of the old aren’t usually very far away. April is when we dare to hope.”
— Michael Austin

“For April sobs while these are so glad April weeps while these are so gay Weeps like a tired child who had Playing with flowers, lost its way.”
— Helen Hunt Jackson

“Sweet April’s tears are dead on the hem of May.”
— Alexander Smith

“Spring in April is just like a child on Earth that knows his favorite poem by heart.”
— Bethany Hogg

“As we all know, ‘April showers bring May flowers,’ so if the rain of April ever gets you down, never forget the silver lining!”
— Michelle Gabriel (The Fact Site)

“April is the best month of the year because spring is the best season, and April is squarely in spring, unlike those half-in, half-out months, March and June.”
— Half Moon Bay Review

“April can make old things new.”
— Bethany Hogg

“Every month has a birthstone. And people born in April hit the jackpot. They are lucky enough to call the diamond their birthstone! The most valuable stone represents courage, strength, and power.”
— The Birth Poster

“Special people are those who were born in April.”
— Anonymous

“If you weren’t lucky enough to be born in April, but you chose to get married in April, you’re more likely to have a successful marriage! Everything’s coming up, April!”
— Linsey De Ruysscher

“People born in April are more likely to have a “glass half-full” outlook on life and often find something good in a bad situation. According to researchers, babies born in the spring score higher on the hyperthymic scale, which stands for general optimism in scientific terms.”
— The Birth Poster

“April is an amazing month for travel. April is all light showers, cool breezes, and flowers galore, making it the perfect time to take a trip.”
— Jake Kilroy

Whiteboard Wall Quotes about Nature in April

“Black butterflies making love – April moon.”
— Mike Garofalo

“There is something magical about April that makes us want to feel its warmth.”
— Bethany Hogg

“April is during the season of spring, which happens to be the best season. It is not too hot, and it is not too cold. You can get a little bit of rain and a bit of sun on the same day and be able to appreciate the rainbows.”
— Samantha Hansen

“As the first full month of spring, April may be the most enjoyable warm-weather time of year, a 30-day-long pick-me-up that reintroduces the glow of nature we’ve all so dearly missed over the winter.”
— Jonathon Rowe

“Sweet April time — O cruel April time! Year after year returning, with a brow Of promise, and red lips with longing paled, And backward-hidden hands that clutch the joys Of vanished springs, like flowers.”
— Dinah Maria Mulock

“April is a most confusing month; rainy and wet one day, the next full of a warm promise of green growth to come. Besides the weather, the month is full of surprises and contradictions, prized for rebirth and endings, and a birth month to amazing geniuses. You must love April. It is just like life.”
— Dixie Allan

Quotes about April Memories

“April was just beginning, and after the warm spring day, it turned cooler, slightly frosty, and a breath of spring could be felt in the soft, cold air.”
— Anton Chekov

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”
— George Orwell

“So sweet love seemed that April morn When first we kissed beside the thorn, So strangely sweet, it was not strange We thought that love could never change.”
— Robert Bridges

Quotes about April Fools’ Day

“April 1st rolls around, and all of a sudden, everyone thinks they are comedians. It’s like April Fools’ Day is a free pass for terrible jokes. There are no funny April Fools’ pranks.”
— Mary Grace Rice

“One benefit of April Fools’ Day is that it promotes laughter. According to Yahoo News, laughter remains the number one benefit to April Fools’ Day because of the psychological and physical health benefits. This includes decreased stress and lower blood pressure.”
— April Carr

“April Fools’ Day is arguably one of the worst holidays invented. It’s a celebration for middle school boys and millennials who watch too much of “The Office.” I can’t stand it.”
— Dani Moore

“Surely laughing at the expense of a fool is not a very nice thing to do and should certainly not be given its own day of celebration. [But] rather than denouncing April Fool’s Day, celebrate its potential benefits. The laughter might not only make you healthier but more creative too.”
— ParentCo.

“This holiday has gone on for hundreds of years, and the fun is worn out. The pranks have been done and then imitated so many times that the bar for April Fools’ pranks is scraping the ground. From a balloon-filled room to a ringing phone in a ceiling tile, the April Fools’ pranks are hackneyed.”
— Mary Grace Rice

“April Fools’ Day originated in 1582, originally called “All Fools’ Day.” The point was to perform practical jokes and pranks on others, attempting to trick as many gullible and naïve people as possible. Well, as I happen to be one of those naïve and gullible souls, I would like to say, “Thanks a lot, ancestors.”
— Dani Moore

“When you post your April Fools’ Day joke the day before April 1st, you’re not beating the crowd, you’re not getting ahead of the game – you’re cheating, you’re taking the easy way out while everyone else is battling it out for the real fools tomorrow.”
— Eric Wainwright

“Maybe April Fools’ is simply a good excuse to interrupt the monotony of everyday life, but if that’s the only reason we keep it around, then April Fools’ Day should be a day where some workers get the day off, and schools are closed.”
— Mary Grace Rice

“Doing harmless April Fools’ Day pranks is a great way to let people’s inner child surface and remind people of their old adolescent ways. This strengthens people’s emotional connections and is significant in keeping life not so serious.”
— April Carr

Dry Erase Wall Quotes for April 2023
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