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Essential Things to Know About the Best Whiteboard Paint
Exhaustive Quality Testing for Whiteboard Paint before Shipping

The paints and coatings industry uses a wide array of equipment and techniques to assess the quality of its products, varying from simple devices such as flow cups, which measure the viscosity of paints, coatings, varnishes, and similar products, to special computerized systems that have extremely high calibration and measurement abilities. Testing is done for qualities such as viscosity, the thickness of a paint or coating, specific gravity, a measure of density usually expressed in weight per gallon, and environmental compliance, which relates to the level of hazardous chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in a paint or coating. You can rest assured that ReMARKable conducts a wide range of these quality-control procedures multiple times to assess every single batch of its premium whiteboard coatings before the products are placed in containers and shipped to customers. This rigorous quality-testing process ensures that our clients receive only the highest grade materials, which when applied and used according to directions, will last ten or more years under normal circumstances, and provide durable, easily erased, and smudge-free surfaces for countless creative, business, and instructional uses.

LEED-friendly Whiteboard Paint

The stringent quality testing done on our products is especially meaningful now that our whiteboard dry-erase coatings have passed all LEED compliance third-party tests for volatile organic compound emissions and is one of the world’s first LEED-compliant whiteboard paints. LEED is an abbreviation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a certification system that works around the globe to verify that buildings are designed and built to enhance their impact on the environment, particularly regarding indoor environmental quality, selection of building materials, sustainable site development, energy efficiency, and water conservation. Vitally important in encouraging the growth of eco-friendly construction worldwide, a key aspect of LEED testing involves the number of toxic chemicals emitted by the materials used to create living, teaching, and working spaces. All of the whiteboard paints currently on the market emit some of these chemicals as VOCs, so the fact that our top-quality whiteboard coatings are considered LEED compliant due to their low VOC emission levels is especially noteworthy. This significant achievement reflects the dedication to environmental preservation that goes into each batch of our products, from the start of the manufacturing process to the final stages of quality control assessment.

Environmental Compliance Testing for Whiteboard Paint

Manufacturers with customers in green markets or in geographical areas with strictly regulated markets perform a wide array of eco-related tests measuring for volatile organic compounds. In the US green home-construction market, the above-mentioned LEED system is a green building certification program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a private membership-based non-profit group that fosters sustainability in building design, construction, and use. In order to comply with the LEED program, paints and coatings have to be tested for a number of properties, mainly involving the efficient use of water, the materials used in manufacturing, indoor environmental quality, sustainability, and other factors related to energy use and atmospheric pollution. Becoming LEED compliant thus requires rigorous testing for a wide range of qualities, and involves working directly with the USGBC or consultants to fully understand the nature of the tests needed to become compliant. The fact that ReMARKable took the time and effort to become LEED compliant reflects the company’s strong dedication to environmental protection and the excellence of its manufacturing and quality control systems.

The Importance of Proper Whiteboard Paint Installation

Our high-quality whiteboard coating is not a kind of paint but is actually a type of specialty coating — a two-part water-based aliphatic polyurethane coating, to be precise. When mixed properly, the product creates a dry erase overlay for interior smooth painted surfaces, allowing for the conversion of almost any wall, table, desk, door or other flat areas into a high-performance, durable, and erasable canvas. Ideal for schools, offices, warehouses, cafeterias, gymnasiums, homes, etc., the product has superior cleanability, stain and chemical resistance, firmness, durability, and abrasion resistance, and is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are hazardous to human health and the natural environment. Considering their two-part formula, which requires careful blending, you should avoid trying to reinvent the established method for mixing and applying our products. To get the best results, you will need to carefully mix the two parts, and coat your surface by rolling the mixture on with a premium-grade microfiber roller within the time period known as pot life, which is defined below. You’ll then experience a seemingly magical end result, when, after applying our premium whiteboard coating and allowing ample dry time (48 hours), you can take your favorite colored dry erase markers and begin writing and drawing on your surface as if it were a traditional whiteboard. However, one big difference between your new whiteboard paint wall and a standard whiteboard is that you will have infinitely more room on which to express your thoughts and images compared to a standard dry erase board, and it will be smudge-free and effortlessly cleaned as well.

The necessity of Following Whiteboard Paint Application Instructions Carefully

The easy-to-follow application instructions provided with our products and in our online tutorial video must be followed to the letter to achieve a successful whiteboard paint installation. Deviating from the instructions, improvising, “winging it,” and taking shortcuts can cause serious issues with the application process and the product’s usefulness, longevity, and long-term durability. With our product, you can rest assured that you’re getting the top-quality whiteboard paint coating on the market today, but you’ll need to follow the simple step-by-step application instructions carefully. Always feel free to call if you have any questions at all before mixing the two parts together. Regarding the instructions, as part of prep work, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the surface to be coated, as you would before applying any paint or coating. It’s also essential to make sure the surface is as smooth as possible before application because your whiteboard painted area will only be as smooth as the wall, door or other place was before application. Another aspect of prep is making sure to repair any lumps or scratches on the surface to be coated. If you’ve recently applied a fresh layer of paint, make sure to let it dry for at least 24 hours before rolling on your whiteboard coating. The whiteboard coating must be applied over genuine white paint, and should not be rolled directly over primer or paints containing additives, such as antimicrobial chemicals or wetting and dispersing agents. The base paint should be a satin or eggshell water-based enamel. Finally, always test the adhesion of the undercoat before applying the whiteboard coating. In addition, the instructions stipulate that for proper dispersal our premium whiteboard coating must be applied when the room temperature is between 65°F and 85°F. And you’ll need to remember that after mixing of the coating’s two components, the whiteboard resin, and whiteboard hardener, open containers of the mix have a pot life of about 45 minutes. Pot life, the length of time in which multiple-part coatings or paints can be applied to a surface, begins when the blending of the parts is complete and ends when the mixture is unsuitable to be applied or has congealed. The application of the mixed components should begin immediately after gently stirring the two parts together for 3-4 minutes. Pot life is an important consideration when applying coatings to a surface. If the mixture is blended inadequately and the pot life never even begins, then the coating could fail. On the other hand, if the mixture has been left to rest too long and the pot life has expired, then the coating could also fail. Thus, care must be taken to ensure that the proper amounts of your two whiteboard paint components, the resin, and hardener, are blended together and that the 45-minute pot life of the mixture is not allowed to expire. On average one can manageably apply about 200 square feet of quality whiteboard coating in approximately 20 minutes.


Essential Things to Know About the Best Whiteboard Paint
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