Features and Advantages of Quality Whiteboard Paint


High-quality waterborne whiteboard paint is manufactured using the utmost quality production methods and ingredients and is 100% environmentally responsible. Being low odor and extremely low in toxic chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), our coating is recognized as compliant with the guidelines of the green accreditation system Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), which certifies buildings and communities with respect to energy efficiency, water conservation, carbon dioxide emissions reduction, enhanced quality of indoor environments, conservation of resources, and awareness of their global impact.

48-hour Dry Time

Quality whiteboard paint dries in just 48 hours, while most low-end epoxy-based whiteboard coatings take from four to seven days to dry. This brief drying period assures you of returning to your regular duties in an efficient, time-conserving manner while enjoying the benefits of working on a large, highly durable, easily erased whiteboard surface for many years. The extended dry times of many of our competitors’ whiteboard coatings are caused by the nature of their ingredients, which besides being slow to dry, can be extremely hazardous to human and environmental health, containing a wide variety of VOCs, which cause many problems for both our planet and its inhabitants. As stated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), VOCs are chemicals released as gases from certain types of liquid and solid substances. Unfortunately, VOCs are essential ingredients in many of today’s common household and commercial products, such as low-end whiteboard coatings, so they’re among the most difficult pollutants to escape from in daily life. Recognizing this fact, our company has made a concerted effort to substantially minimize VOCs from the formulas of our quality whiteboard paints, thus creating quick dry times and improving their environmental footprint.

Easy Wipe

The most important factor to think about when purchasing a whiteboard paint product is how well it erases after application, especially over many years of regular use. In the case of our high-end whiteboard paints, coated surfaces can always be erased cleanly and wiped off easily without the need for herculean scrubbing. Thus, when installed properly, our whiteboard-coated walls will be maintenance-free for ten or more years of continuous use before having to be recoated. Our top-quality surfaces provide you with trouble-free long-term performance, a characteristic that’s the main selling point for anyone looking to purchase a whiteboard coating.

White or Clear Option

If you want to obtain a traditional whiteboard look for your whiteboard surface, choose our white coating, and for any other light to mid-toned color, go with the clear option. The white variety of our paint has the same high-quality components as our clear paint, except for the addition of the chemical titanium dioxide, which gives it its white appearance. Both our white and clear coatings work most effectively when applied over satin or semi-gloss latex paint as a base coat.

Low Odor

Low-end epoxy-based whiteboard paints can be harmful as their horrendous noxious fumes containing high levels of VOCs permeate the air during application and after, potentially causing queasiness, headaches, eye inflammation, and other health-related issues such as damage to internal organs. Our high-quality water-based whiteboard paints, on the other hand, contain extremely low levels of VOCs and are virtually odorless, making them much more beneficial to human well-being and the natural environment. So, while applying our paint and after installation, you won’t need to think about getting rid of or masking the foul smell of freshly painted surfaces in your environment. Also, whiteboard coatings are by nature a little tacky right after being applied, and the rapid dry times of our products lessen this problem as well.

Smart Whiteboard Wall

ReMARKable, a top-quality whiteboard paint manufacturer, has teamed up with SmartMarker, producer of the smart dry erase marker sleeve. This is the ideal combination for a creative whiteboard surface that syncs to your favorite online broadcasts and apps such as Evernote, Dropbox, and Onenote. Help yourself and your team become more productive and creative by combining our premium whiteboard surfaces with smart dry erase marker sleeves. Your meetings, brainstorming sessions, and spur-of-the-moment group discussions can turn out to be more efficient and collaborative when you stream information and ideas in real-time to anyone in your office or around the globe. When you place a low-odor dry erase marker into a SmartMarker sleeve, you and your team can communicate together about anything you write or draw with any device you choose to use, thus making your group projects more effortless and efficient than ever.

Easy to Obtain

High-end whiteboard paint manufacturers will ship their products directly to your front door. There’s no need to make a special order to a specialty paint supplier when purchasing our paints. You can get quality whiteboard paint delivered to you with free shipping in as little as one to two days by placing an order through our online store or by calling us at our toll-free number Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Clear Option

For a colored dry erase surface, ask for the clear coating option that allows you to stretch beyond the use of traditional framed whiteboards and provide limitless possibilities to present information and express creativity for everyone in your environment. The clear variety of our coating can be used on top of your existing light-colored or mid-toned wall paint to preserve the original décor and ambiance of your office, classroom, private home, clinic, restaurant, or other venue.

Easy to Apply

Low-grade whiteboard paints can be challenging to apply as they often require extremely precise mixing of epoxy resin with a hardener. With such paints, not measuring accurately and using the incorrect amounts of ingredients can lead to improper curing and a failed application. However, our high-grade, long-lasting whiteboard paint formulas are easy for even inexperienced painters to mix and install. All you need to do is gently stir the two-part formula according to the easy-to-follow instructions included with the products and apply the mixture to your surface by rolling it on with a high-grade microfiber roller for best results.

Ten-year Warranty

The finest whiteboard paint suppliers offer an industry-best ten-year quality warranty that protects you against any cracking, discoloration, delamination, fading, or staining of your whiteboard surface. We stand firmly behind all of our products, knowing that they are the highest quality and most reliable whiteboard paints obtainable today. The warranty ensures that you’ll be satisfied with your properly installed whiteboard surfaces or otherwise receive a full refund,

Amazing Support

The finest whiteboard paint suppliers have nothing short of a world-class customer service team that’s available to support your product purchasing decisions and installation process every step of the way. You’ll be able to reach them via phone, email, or chat here on the website virtually any time of the day or night, as they supply their cell phone numbers to all of our clients. Our customer support reps are also seasoned installers with many years of experience in handling our paints, so their advice comes from real-world knowledge gained in the field and an intimate understanding of the science and high standards that go into manufacturing our premium coatings. Besides being knowledgeable, our representatives are also extremely patient and understanding when dealing with customers, so no matter how complex or simple the question is, they’re always willing to offer a concise, easy-to-understand answer. On the contrary, your average paint salesperson typically lacks any knowledge of how a whiteboard coating should be installed and used beyond the instructions provided with the product’s packaging.