Different Ways to Use Premium Dry Erase Paint at Home

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Different Ways to Use Premium Dry Erase Paint at Home
Different Ways to Use Premium Dry Erase Paint at Home

Making use of easy-to-apply, low-odor, and environmentally friendly premium dry erase paint in the home environment can add a whole new dimension to your personal and family communications in the home office, kitchen, garage workshop, children’s room, and other areas. Once you make the move to install dry erase paint in your residence, you’ll be amazed at how much easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable your life will become. Below are some ideas for upgrading your daily activities with dry erase surfaces in various parts of your household.

Dry Erase Wall

If you’re fond of the traditional whiteboard look, you can install the white version of premium dry erase paint, or if you prefer to keep your dry erase wall the same color as the surrounding walls, you can choose the clear version. Either way, you’ll end up with a durable, easy-to-use, and highly functional medium for performing job-related tasks and taking breaks to do casual doodling and drawing. These leisure time activities have been shown to boost productivity and cognitive functioning in people of all ages, and there’s no better place to engage in them than a dry erase painted wall.

The Dry Erase Painted Home Office

Having a top-quality dry erase painted wall in your home office can be really convenient in drawing up plans for work projects, making daily schedules, writing lists of essential jobs, doing virtual meeting presentations, jotting down information you get during phone calls, and an endless array of other tasks. Other surfaces in the home office may also be coated with dry erase paint, such as your desktop, work table top, file cabinet, computer desk, door, and bookshelves.

Dry Erase Painted Desk Top

Coating your desktop with dry erase paint can be especially handy for taking down information on the fly during business calls and other phone conversations. Doing so can help eliminate the use of easily lost post-it notes, notepads, and other paper products, contributing significantly to global deforestation. In addition, by always keeping a fresh, low-odor dry erase marker nearby while you’re at your desk, you can be ready to record any critical data you receive from phone calls and video conferences right on the surface in front of you. Then you can easily erase the information after it’s been transferred to your desk computer, laptop, or other devices.

Dry Erase Wall in the Garage Workshop

Applying premium dry erase paint to one or more walls in your garage workshop can be helpful in doing many tasks, such as the following:

· Listing your inventory of hand and power tools
· Posting current work to be completed
· Writing down equipment, fasteners, and other items needed to complete DIY projects
· Making sketches and diagrams of planned home improvement jobs.

Also, if you apply dry erase paint to your workbench drawers, you can label the drawers to indicate what tools, parts, or other items they contain and then easily erase the words and re-label when the contents change.

You might also apply dry erase paint to a section of your workbench so you can write down quick notes on the dimensions of the wood you plan to cut on your table saw and other information. If you install dry erase paint on the peg board where you hang your tools, you can write the names of the tools at appropriate distances under the hooks so that you’ll always know where to put the tools back after use.

Dry Erase Paint on the Kitchen Walls

Turning one or more walls in your kitchen into dry erase surfaces can be helpful for various purposes. On them, you can list the ingredients of dishes to be cooked, weekly menus, grocery items to be purchased, and more. A dry erase wall in the kitchen may also be a place where family members can post ideas about dishes to prepare, favorite foods to buy at the grocery, and schedules of daily chores.

If kitchen cabinet doors and counter drawers are made into dry erase surfaces, you can use them to write down the contents inside. Cabinet doors can also be great substitutes for your refrigerator as places to input family activity schedules and errands to be run. Using the innovative new magnetic hanging system GoodHangups, children’s artwork, outstanding tests and essays, grade reports, and other items can also be posted to encourage children in their school work and artistic efforts.

Dry Erase Family Calendar Wall

A dry erase wall in the kitchen is also an ideal place to create your own home calendar. This can be fun for reminding family members about what’s to come in terms of family activities, kids’ and parents’ birthdays, summer trips, holiday events, and much more. If you’re not sure about how to design your calendar, many attractive calendar templates are available online.

Also, if you wish to have a more permanent calendar on your wall, you can make it with 1/8” auto pinstriping tape, which comes in a wide variety of colors to suit your decor, and is available online or at auto parts stores. To make a calendar with pinstriping tape, first, draw your template with a low-odor dry erase marker and a ruler or yardstick. Then carefully apply the tape over your template using the ruler or yardstick as a guide for straightness. When you’re finished, you can enter the days of the week and the appropriate dates for the month you’re in, along with all the relevant information on appointments, kids’ pickup times, and the like. Having a more permanent family calendar at everyone’s disposal can avoid the need to redo or touch up your calendar periodically due to fading or accidental erasure of dry erase ink lines.

Dry Erase Paint in the Kids’ Room

The kids will thank you for installing a dry erase painted wall in their room, where they can express their ideas and develop their language and graphic arts skills. A dry erase wall is an ideal medium for children to unleash their energy through spontaneous drawing, doodling, poetry writing, and other activities. A dry erase wall in the kids’ room can also serve as a beneficial aid for the children’s homework assignments. For example, the kids can use it to work out solutions to math problems, brainstorm ideas for essays, do sketches for science projects, make timelines to help understand events in history, and much more.

Children’s all-too-common habit of writing and drawing on the walls of their room will thus be transformed into a harmless, fun activity that’s also educational and stimulating to their physical and cognitive growth. For example, numerous studies show that the actions of writing and drawing on vertical surfaces like dry erase walls are highly beneficial for developing children’s strength and flexibility in the joints and muscles of the upper body and arms.

When kids write and draw on dry erase walls, they need to use wide arm movements that enhance their muscle, nerve, and joint development in these areas of the body. In addition, children’s hand strength is improved by working against gravity to make vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines on the walls with dry erase markers.
The top-quality writing and drawing surface of a dry erase wall has a lot to offer in promoting kids’ independent play and original thinking. In the home, children will repeatedly return to using their dry erase wall without being prompted due to its open, inviting nature and the limitless opportunities for creativity it presents. Being such a vast canvas, there’s no limit to how a dry erase wall can be used, so children are instinctively driven to play, explore, and experiment more than they would on the limited surface of a traditional whiteboard. For this reason, they learn, experience, discover, and feel free to express their creativity in exciting new ways, thus helping them to unlock their hidden talents.

Different Ways to Use Premium Dry Erase Paint at Home
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Different Ways to Use Premium Dry Erase Paint at Home
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