Premium Dry Erase Paint: Highest in Quality and Lowest in VOCs

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Premium Dry Erase Paint: Highest in Quality and Lowest in VOCs
Premium Dry Erase Paint: Highest in Quality and Lowest in VOCs

Premium water-based dry erase paint, which is made in the environmentally-conscious State of California, contains less than 0.5% volatile organic compounds (VOCs) per unit volume. VOCs are highly noxious chemicals that easily turn to vapor and are released through the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and coal, and also by paints, coatings, solvents, cleaning agents, and many other products. Its low VOC content is one of the reasons that ReMARKable dry erase paint can be packaged in kits of greater size than those of our competitors. Top-quality dry erase paint is available in kits as large as one-and-a-half gallons, including one-half gallon of part A and one gallon of part B. This amount of paint is designed to cover 600 square feet of surface area.

Competitors’ Epoxy-based Paints Come Only in Small Containers

However, the epoxy-based dry erase paints sold by other manufacturers can only be bought in kits containing small amounts of product, such as one quart, which will cover only 50 or 100 square feet of surface area. Epoxy-based dry erase paints are restricted with regard to the amount of product that can be packaged in one container due to their hazardous, volatile nature. Some of these paints are not allowed to be shipped into certain eco-conscious states such as California and are prohibited from being transported on airplanes. On the other hand, premium dry erase paint may be shipped in large quantities to any location in the United States and around the world.

Since first-rate dry erase paint may be carried on airplanes, it can be sent via overnight shipping without going through the hazardous materials (hazmat) assessment process that many other paints have to endure. In fact, multiple 600-square-foot premium dry erase paint kits are regularly delivered worldwide in single shipments to schools, universities, government agencies, businesses, and other organizations via overnight express. By contrast, if a customer wants to cover 600 square feet of surface area with one of our competitor’s epoxy-based paints, they will need to purchase six 100-square-foot kits or 12 50-square-foot kits at a much higher cost than just one of our 600-square-foot kits, and they will not be able to get it by overnight express.

The cost for the competitors’ paints to cover 600 square feet would come to approximately $2,700, whereas the price for one 600-square-foot ReMARKable paint kit would be just $1,200, with a 20% discount and free shipping available. After the discount is subtracted, the total cost of premium dry erase paint to cover 600 square feet is $960. Thus, besides avoiding the toxic VOC content of the competitors’ products, people who use premium dry erase paint save lots of money as well.

Premium Dry Erase Paint is Virtually Odor Free

Both those who apply premium dry erase paint and those who use our finished dry erase surfaces avoid having to inhale the hazardous VOCs that continue to be emitted by epoxy-based whiteboard paints long after drying. Symptoms of inhaling VOCs include nausea, headaches, burning eyes, and an itchy, runny nose, which in turn can lead to irritability and difficulty performing routine tasks. By contrast, ReMARKable dry erase paint is extremely low in VOCs and is practically odorless. This is one of the reasons our paint complies with the strict environmental and health-safety requirements of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a worldwide green building certification program, which deems premium dry erase paint safe for schools and other environments where children are present.

So, applying and using top-quality dry erase paint is a pleasant experience, as the paint causes none of the issues caused by epoxy-based paints and finished epoxy-based dry erase surfaces. Premium dry erase paint is fast drying, low in VOCs, and virtually odor-free, so it has no lingering effects that cause feelings of illness or distress. Also, because it has a dry time of just 48 hours, the inconvenience of having to vacate a room during the paint-curing process is minimized. In a business office, for instance, top-quality dry erase paint may be applied over the weekend, the finished surface will be ready to use on Monday, or the paint may even be applied while people are working in the same environment. This is in contrast to epoxy-based dry erase paints, which require having to vacate a space for an entire week after application.

Epoxy-based Paints Have a Lasting Odor and Emit Gases Indefinitely

Typically, epoxy resins and hardeners have a strong odor, but premium dry erase paint is not epoxy-based, so it lacks this noxious smell. Before first mixing and pouring epoxy-based products, many people are unaware of their strong scent, fumes, and potential health hazards. There will always be some odor associated with mixing and pouring epoxy, but smell alone is not all that’s involved when working with epoxy materials indoors or outdoors without a mask.

In products such as epoxy-based dry erase paint, a base is mixed with a curing agent, and when these two components are combined, a so-called “exothermic” or heat-releasing chemical reaction occurs. This effect, along with the accompanying heat, is what releases the characteristic smell of epoxy as the two components combine. Moreover, while epoxy hardens, gases continue to be released. One of the most concerning issues that users of epoxy-based dry erase paints can experience is when this odor fails to dissipate as quickly as it is supposed to. Epoxy-based paints can leave an unpleasant scent in the air for 24 hours to seven days after application.

This time period may even be extended if the area where the components are mixed and the paint is applied is not adequately ventilated or the two components fail to cure properly. The odor may dissipate after a full period of curing, which can vary based on the type of epoxy, the ambient room temperature, the humidity, and the materials used. However, the off-gassing of toxic chemicals may last for an indefinite time, causing an unhealthy atmosphere and posing possible health risks, especially for those with sensitive respiratory systems.

Quick Drying Time and Lack of Odor are both Economical and Eco-friendly

Premium dry erase paint’s 48-hour drying time, and virtually odor-free formula are extremely attractive to painting contractors because they eliminate the need to pay nighttime and weekend rates to employees. Instead, the paint can be applied during regular working hours when other people are present, so the contractors save money by just paying workers their usual daytime rates. Also, the office staff in the area is not exposed to toxic fumes and so can feel comfortable that their work performance will not be affected as they operate during paint application and curing.

As mentioned, premium dry erase paint is made in the state of California, which has the strictest air quality standards related to VOCs and toxic emissions in the entire United States, if not the world. This is a significant piece of evidence supporting the environmental friendliness and health benefits of using ReMARKable dry erase paint. Premium dry erase paint lacks a noxious smell because it is extremely low in VOCs. On the other hand, paints and protective coatings such as epoxy-based dry erase paints are among the planet’s most infamous producers of human-induced VOCs.

For the same reason that it’s virtually odor-free, top-quality dry erase paint is safe for the environment. As stated earlier, premium dry erase paint has been acknowledged by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a certification program that works around the world to endorse buildings designed and constructed so as to reduce their environmental footprint with regard to indoor air quality, sustainable site improvement, building materials, water conservation, efficient energy use, and other factors. So, for the benefit of your health, the health of your team members, and the well-being of planet Earth, purchasing premium dry erase paint is a wise investment to make.

Premium Dry Erase Paint: Highest in Quality and Lowest in VOCs
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Premium Dry Erase Paint: Highest in Quality and Lowest in VOCs
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