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Whiteboard Paint for the Office

Whiteboard Paint for the Office

Whiteboard Paint for the Office

High-quality ReMARKable whiteboard paint may be applied in a wide array of venues to create ideal spaces for practically unlimited communication and expression of original ideas and images. And one area where whiteboard paint is especially effective is the business office, where managers and staff can make use of their durable, smudge-resistant painted surfaces for many purposes; the following are some of the most valuable and practical functions of whiteboard walls in the office setting.

Whiteboard Paint in the Conference Room for Better Collaboration

Collaborative work is designed to take input and feedback from a group of team members and allow their ideas to morph into various forms until a consensus is reached about how to proceed on a project. And what better way to work collaboratively than on wide-open, smudge-resistant surfaces where the working team can record whatever ad-lib ideas come to their minds through an entirely new medium – the whiteboard painted wall? Collaborating in groups can be challenging without the right tools to create a healthy brainstorming environment, and whiteboard-painted surfaces can create such an atmosphere.

For one thing, whiteboard walls are versatile. There are no rules regarding what can be written or drawn on a whiteboard painted wall. You have a vast area on which to write one word, write a sentence, write five paragraphs, write in all caps, or draw a picture – anything that’s necessary to best capture an emerging idea. The amount of versatility that huge clean whiteboard paint walls offer to brainstorming sessions is impressive. The walls encourage iteration and exploration of original ideas. And after a round of group-free association, the results of a team’s collaborative thinking can be whittled down to the most exceptional and perhaps groundbreaking ideas through the flexibility, size, and easy erasability of a whiteboard painted wall.

whiteboard painted walls are also democratizing in that they give everyone involved a voice in the action. All participants in a collaborative brainstorming session can make contributions on a spacious whiteboard wall, and all input is valued equally as the group considers everyone’s opinion while working to reach a consensus. Having all participants’ contributions recorded on a large whiteboard painted wall levels the playing field because one idea doesn’t carry any more weight than the others. Also, when thoughts are written on a whiteboard wall, more people feel welcome to participate – shy people, new people, and possibly lower-level staff people who don’t normally feel comfortable speaking up at meetings.

Finally, writings and drawings recorded on a whiteboard paint wall will ultimately be erased. They’re used temporarily to illustrate ideas and then move on, which is why they’re ideal tools for ideation, the process of generating, developing, and communicating new concepts that can be visual, concrete, or abstract. Team members discover the true unrestrained nature of brainstorming when they come to realize that ideas aren’t precious and can always be erased and superseded by the next one that comes along in the thought cycle, from invention to development, to the actualization of a plan.

Message Boards Are Always at Your Fingertips

Walls and other surfaces coated with whiteboard paint eliminate the need for cork message boards and traditional whiteboards because they offer places to write messages all over the office. With whiteboard paint, any door, cubicle, wall, or desk can be transformed into an impossible-to-miss area for posting messages, schedules, timetable changes, minutes, calendars, and reminders. Forget all those post-it notes and loose scraps of paper containing your office to-do list or weekly planner. With high-quality whiteboard paint, you can write notes around the office for the whole staff to see. Moreover, you’ll never run out of space, and you can be sure that your colleagues will never miss a message.

One of the main problems people encounter with corkboards and traditional whiteboards is their small size. cork boards are extremely limited with regard to how many messages, or memos can be posted on them, and only one person can work on a standard dry erase board at a time because, again, space is at a premium for posting messages and exploring ideas. For these reasons, whiteboard-painted walls, where multiple groups of people are able to work at once, provide a great alternative to standard message boards.

In addition, whiteboards are often surrounded by ugly grey aluminum frames that soon become an eyesore, and cork message boards also lack aesthetic appeal, being generally a drab brown color with an equally boring-looking frame. By contrast, whiteboard-painted walls don’t have frames and fit seamlessly into a room’s existing décor, offering smooth, frameless areas for unlimited message writing and spontaneous expressions of original thought.

Reduced need for environmentally unfriendly paper

Instead of coming up with a great idea, writing it down on a sticky note or a scrap of paper, and later realizing you lost the note, it’s much simpler to jot down new ideas and messages to yourself directly on your desk, cubicle or nearby wall and thus save paper to help with environmental conservation and your company’s bottom line. You can throw your sticky notes and notepads into the recycle bin. From now on, why not write everything on a whiteboard-painted surface instead?

One reason to do so is that sticky notes often cause recycling problems because of their components. Post-its use a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) that’s not water-soluble, so they are often refused by recyclers because most paper mills consider them contaminants for high-grade paper manufacture. Therefore, from the standpoints of ecology and paper reprocessing, it’s best to avoid using sticky notes and instead find an eco-friendly alternative, such as high-quality whiteboard painted walls, which have many times larger surface areas for writing notes while leaving a much smaller ecological footprint.

A Personalized Office Space

Organizing and remembering become simpler when all your thoughts, inspirations, and reminders can be written down or drawn on a desk, cubicle, or personal office wall, be it a work-related memo, a new idea for a project, or a random doodle to pass the time during a break in the day. For a touch of color and a pleasant reminder of why you work a job in the first place, you can decorate your desk area with handmade drawings in multiple colors of the people you love. Carnival-style caricatures of loved ones will definitely brighten up your day and remind you to smile. If you don’t have kids, drawings of colleagues or friends will do the trick in making your work time go faster and in lightening the mood when things get stressful.

Also, it used to be the case that children’s artwork was stuck on the home fridge for the family’s appreciation, but in today’s society, where both parents usually work, the cubicle or personal office is becoming the new go-to place to display kids’ art. When they drop by for a lunch meeting or another purpose, you can have your children create original drawings on the whiteboard-painted walls of your office space. And again, if you don’t have children, you can have your co-workers contribute original drawings and comments to your personal office art gallery to help make your part of the office your own.

Ideas Posted Anywhere in the Office

Some companies have entire floors of their offices coated with whiteboard paint so that no idea is forgotten or no contribution from staff or management goes unnoticed. The recordable surfaces of high-quality whiteboard-painted walls have all the characteristics of glossy whiteboards but are smudge-resistant and more durable, allowing you to make your own memos or record your flashes of insight and then simply wipe them away cleanly when you and your colleagues have committed them to memory. Practitioners of this technique agree that it allows for one of the most effective, low-tech forms of communication and collaboration available today for office workers.


Whiteboard Paint for the Office
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Whiteboard Paint for the Office
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