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Several independent online review sites that deal with medical, business, industrial products and software have rated ReMARKable as its “ Best Whiteboard Paint / Dry Erase Paint for 2017 – 2020.” These comparison site assess a number of different types, brands, and colors of dry erase coatings and rated them based on the their formulation quality, warranty, whiteboard finish quality, durability (the length of time they remain useable on a surface), odor, cost-efficiency, compatibility with various types of marker pens, and dry time. Below are some outstanding reasons to choose the products determined by independent reviewers to be the best among all the whiteboard coatings on the market today!

Environmental Friendliness of a Non-Epoxy Whiteboard Paint

Thanks to their advanced formulations, both our white and clear dry erase paints are manufactured with the environment in mind and are extremely low in volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are hazardous chemicals emitted from building materials and products such as paints and floor coverings. VOCs can have a major impact on the indoor air quality of your workplace, school or home. In small amounts, most VOCs are not harmful, but in high doses they can cause headaches, allergic reactions, eye, nose, and throat irritation, shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, skin problems, and irritation of the lungs, as well as liver, kidney, and brain damage. VOC levels are monitored by both the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), so when you purchase and use our premium low-VOC whiteboard coatings you can be sure that you’re getting products that adhere to strict US environmental health and safety guidelines. In fact, our dry erase paints are in compliance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), an organization that is recognized worldwide for promoting environmentally friendly building practices and materials.

Thoroughly Testing Each Batch of Whiteboard Paint Prior to Shipping

You can also rest assured that to maintain our LEED-compliant status, every single batch of our dry erase coatings undergoes a wide range of quality-control processes in multiple cycles before being placed in containers and shipped to our customers. This rigorous quality-testing system ensures that our clients receive the highest grade materials possible, which when applied and used according to directions, will last ten or more years indoors under normal circumstances, and provide durable, easy-to-erase, smudge-free surfaces for countless creative, business, and instructional uses.

Amazing Customer Support Service from Experienced Installers

With more than 30 years of experience in applying and using our dry erase coatings, our customer service team has a wide-ranging understanding of the scientific research that goes into their products, the proper techniques for applying them, and the countless ways in which they can be used. Besides being customer-care experts, our helpful reps are also experienced whiteboard paint installers, so you can ask them any questions you may have about preparing, applying or using your whiteboard coated surface, and these seasoned professionals will be able to give you clear, detailed, and informed answers. What sets our customer service reps/installers apart from others is the fact that they can provide clients with consistent, gold-star treatment no matter who answers a phone call or email inquiry.

In addition, unlike most other customer service people, our professionals are available by phone or email both during and after normal business hours and on most weekends, so you can feel free to seek answers to your questions at any reasonable time of the day or night. All of our reps/ installers provide you with their direct cell phone numbers, so whenever you have a question they’re easily available for contact and a meaningful, courteous response.

Ten-Year Warranty on Whiteboard Paint

We stand firmly behind our products, knowing that they are the highest quality dry erase whiteboard coatings on the market today. For this reason, our products are accompanied by a warranty on quality for a period of ten years from shipment to protect our customers against problems over time. The warranty assures that our coatings will not delaminate, peel, crack or “yellow” in any way, and will resist staining and show no measurable degree of fading when used with suitable dry erase markers, and are properly installed, cleaned, and maintained in accord with the instructions that come with the products.

Ease of Whiteboard Paint Application

Many whiteboard paints consist of a two-part formula that can be extremely challenging for all but professional painters to apply properly. By contrast, our premium dry erase products, which are also based on a two-part formula, are simple for even inexperienced painters to install. Besides being easy to apply, if certain places on your dry erase coated surface have been missed during installation and need to be touched up, you’ll realize this fact in just 48 hours and the filling-in process can be taken care of immediately. With other dry erase paints, if you notice a spot that needs to be filled in or repainted, you have to wait an extra three to seven days for the surface to be fully useable again.

Low-Odor Whiteboard Paint Formula

Many whiteboard paints can be quite hazardous to the well-being of both humans and the environment due to their high concentrations of VOCs, which have a terrible smell and can cause dizziness, confusion, headaches, and countless other physical problems. Our products, on the other hand, have extremely low levels of VOCs and odors, making them safe and pleasant both to apply and to use.

Easily Wiped Down Finished Whiteboard Surface

You can write or draw on our whiteboard coated surfaces using dry-erase markers and even apply removable decals then easily wipe the surfaces clean with a microfiber cloth, and do it all over again, just as you would when using a traditional whiteboard, only with a vastly larger area to work on. You’ll also find that your dry erase surface will remain free of smudging or ghosting, which occurs when the ink from dry erase markers penetrates the outer layer of a traditional whiteboard and forms dark cloudy areas. Due to the superior hardness and impenetrable nature of surfaces coated with our products, these problems are avoided, saving you and your staff hours of unnecessary cleaning time that could be more profitably spent on other duties.

Ghosting can be caused by dirty erasers, by trying to erase still-wet marker ink, by using the wrong kind of marker, by using a whiteboard of poor quality, by frequent heavy use of a dry erase board, or by leaving writings or drawings on a whiteboard for a long period of time. However, with our high-quality dry erase coatings you won’t have to be concerned about any of these issues because of their wear-resistant and smudge-resistant finish.

Quality Whiteboard Paint Drys Within 48 Hours

To find the most rapid dry time in the whiteboard coating industry, you need search no further than our line of quality products. The dry time of most of our competitors’ whiteboard paints ranges from three to seven days, but with our top-quality coatings you can get back to work in two days after installation, thus saving valuable hours to pursue business, household or organizational affairs with the benefit of virtually unlimited space for writing and drawing.

Being able to return to work a few days earlier than you would with other products has many advantages, one of the greatest being saved time, which is invaluable when operating a business, school or organization. Even if you have no urgent projects to complete, the chance to return to the office or classroom in only two days is still significant, not to mention that wet paint can lead to a hazardous workplace, so it’s safer for everyone to choose a quick-drying coating. Unintentionally touching a wet wall and getting paint on your hands is never pleasant, and with our coatings’ quick dry times, such accidents are much less apt to happen than with most other dry erase paints.