Does Your Dry Erase Paint Dry with a Matte Finish, So I Can Easily Project Onto my New Dry Erase Wall? 

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Does Your Dry Erase Paint Dry with a Matte Finish?

Does Your Dry Erase Paint Dry with a Matte Finish, So I Can Easily Project Onto my New Dry Erase Wall?

Comparisons with the competition 

Most of our competitors’ dry erase paint products are made up of a non-eco-friendly, solvent-based, two-part epoxy mixture that takes several days to dry. When these epoxy/solvent-based coatings dry, they leave a glossy finish that is virtually impossible to project onto or use for any purpose other than drawing and writing with dry-erase markers. ReMARKable Dry Erase Paint, on the other hand, is a high-quality, environmentally-friendly, low-odor, water-based product that creates a superior writable surface producing minimal glare. This extreme low-glare feature allows for easy projection onto any surface coated with our product, thus allowing you to convert any smooth, paintable area in your office into a combination dry erase wall/high-performance projection screen for use in a wide range of functions with various projectors.

Maximizing value for the money you spend 

Considering the countless product options available today that can add utility to your interior office space, it’s challenging to decide on which ones are the most cost-effective and durable while at the same time being environmentally friendly. By applying our coatings, you get all these qualities plus two excellent means of presenting information and brainstorming ideas for the price of one – a high-quality dry erase wall and an easy-to-use projector screen. Surfaces coated with our products offer an ideal alternative to traditional projection screens, which are often costly, cumbersome to handle and set up, and prone to deterioration over time so that users must perform periodic repairs or buy replacements. The cost of high-performance, professional-grade projector screens can range from $1,500 and up depending on the size you want, so combining the functionality of a first-rate whiteboard with the cost savings of a built-in projector screen makes excellent business sense.

Making the most of your precious office space

The efficiency of simultaneously using the same office area for two different creative activities allows you to take advantage of your work environment for uses other than setting up and storing traditional whiteboards and projector screens. By contrast, separate boards and screens take up valuable space in your office, require time and effort, are often bulky, and can be challenging to move and maintain. For these reasons, our product is an ideal stand-alone dry erase walland projector screen alternative that helps reduce office clutter and eliminates your staff’s need for extra manual labor. In most offices, space is at a premium, and having your combined dry erase wall/projector screen readily available on your wall or other surface conserves parts of your workplace that can be used for other purposes.

Downsides to stand-alone projector screens

Traditional projector screens require installation and maintenance, which may be costly for lost time and revenue. As mentioned above, such screens tend to deteriorate over time, one aspect of which is their tendency to develop waves or wrinkles that can warp images and thus ruin presentations. Removing these irregularities in a screen’s surface to return it to proper working condition and restore its ability to carry undistorted photos can be challenging. Sometimes the vinyl screen materials that are delivered along with a fixed-frame projection screen will arrive with wrinkles or waves due to movement during shipping. This problem may also be caused by changes in temperature and moisture levels in the course of transport from the point of origin to the destination, or it could result from an error during assembly.

When such waves or wrinkles occur, it’s possible to place the wrinkled projector screen in direct sunlight and rub the back of the heat-softened screen with the fingertips to smooth out the irregular areas. But such an effort takes time out of your busy work schedule and can delay the scheduling of presentations or meetings. 

Besides wrinkles, projector screens may also have dimpled imperfections. Dirt particles and crawling or flying insects can get trapped in the screen’s fabric, causing dimpling. And as with wrinkles, repairing dimpling on screens requires time and energy that could be more productively used in other activities. Another drawback to traditional projector screens is their delicate surfaces, which can be damaged through the slightest contact with a finger or other object. Coated screens are especially susceptible to damage and require careful attention and regular maintenance.

Beneficial effects of integrating dry erase surfaces with projector screens

Using the walls and other surfaces in your office as whiteboards and projection screens eliminates all of these problems, taking your workplace to a new level of functionality and opening up a wide range of potential uses. 

Commercial interior designers have traditionally emphasized the aesthetic qualities of walls and other parts of an office but have yet to consider ways to use workspaces to increase employee creativity and efficiency. However, nowadays, this policy is changing, as more and more companies are transforming their office interiors into valuable workplace tools. 

One of the most effective ways is to have a dry erase surface that doubles as a projector screen. Using a combined projector screen/dry erase wall will energize your company meetings and inspire your staff to be up and writing on the wall instead of seated around the conference table as usual. You can project meeting agendas onto the screen and cross each topic off as the meeting progresses. You may then use the dry erase functionality of the dry erase surface to explore and develop your staff’s questions and proposals.

Combining two creative platforms into one maximizes the flow of new images and ideas

There are many benefits to combining the two platforms of a dry erase wall and projection screen. For example, the ability to draw and write on the surface you’re also projecting on lends a new dimension to your interactive slideshow presentations. Turning your ideas into reality requires a great deal of time and space. By abandoning traditional whiteboards and converting your walls or other surfaces into dry erase areas that can also be used for slide shows and videos, you create a way to project images while noting and expanding ideas and insights from brainstorming sessions. This added benefit can significantly enhance the range of possibilities for new concepts that you and your team come up with, thus stimulating further progressive thinking and helping to advance ideas as large as your writing/projection surface. 

Sometimes, while a slide show is being presented, a staff member will get a sudden burst of creative thoughts, and if your wall is coated with one of our products, these insights can be written down on the same dry erase wall where the slides are being shown. So, with a dry erase surface that doubles as a projector screen, you and your team can capture moments of inspiration and record them as they happen for future reference. 

In addition, through projector screens/dry erase wall, you can present clear images such as graphs, tables, PowerPoint templates, or even your website to a whole room full of people. And using the writable function, you can note questions that people pose during the session or comments they make at the end, thus enhancing the interactive nature of your meetings and ensuring that any valuable insights from the participants can be saved for later discussion.

In conclusion, just because you usually work in front of a computer screen doesn’t mean you have to be limited to the dimensions of that screen when planning and carrying out your daily tasks. Why not visualize and develop your projects on a larger scale with a projectable and writable wall using dry erase paint? Efficiently envisioning and managing your assignments on a dry erase wall/projection screen can renew and transform your work.



Does Your Dry Erase Paint Dry with a Matte Finish?
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