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Whiteboard Painted Walls For Kids’ Rooms

Painting your kids’ room with ReMARKable whiteboard paint to solve the no-writing -on-the-walls problem is one of many great whiteboard paint ideas. With their huge durable surfaces, the walls can be used by the children to decorate their room with multi-colored drawings of family members, friends, pets, action heroes, or any other person or animal they like. Children’s caricature-like drawings always bring a smile and can brighten up your day when things aren’t going as you had planned. Having access to large vertical surfaces to freely express creativity through writing and drawing has been found to benefit growing children in many ways.

Whiteboard painted walls stimulate youngsters’ imaginations, enhance the learning process outside of school, and offer alternate means to focus attention other than the all-too-popular electronic gadgets that many children and teens are fixated on. Giving your kids the chance to exercise their minds by sketching, writing, and doodling on a massive surface like a whiteboard wall can inspire highly unique thoughts, stories, and artwork. And after a sketch or story is completed, plenty of room will be left on the wall for other family members to write thoughtful or amusing notes, thus making the activity a family affair and promoting positive feelings for the group.

In addition, researchers have found that the following developmental areas can be enhanced when children write or draw on a vertical plane like a whiteboard painted wall: (1) shoulder and elbow stability; (2) ability to coordinate the use of both hands; (3) ability to cross the body’s midline; (4) wrist extension and pencil grasp; (5) visual attention and hand-eye coordination; (6) sensory control; and (7) core and back muscle strength and posture. Thus, the advantages to youngsters of writing and working on a whiteboard wall are many, and besides these bonuses, allowing kids to show their ingenuity through writing, drawing, and doodling is a way to help them pursue their interests and find satisfaction and encouragement in their academic skills.

Whiteboard Painted Walls for the Meeting Room

Coat the office meeting room walls with whiteboard paint for brainstorming sessions, discussions, presentations, and activities involving collaboration on group assignments or tasks. Doing so allows your team to work together on vast, smudge-free surfaces where participants can note down whatever spontaneous thoughts come to mind through a stimulating new vehicle – the whiteboard painted wall. Office meetings can be challenging without the right tools to create a beneficial atmosphere for individual expression, and whiteboard painted surfaces can do just that.

First of all they’re flexible. There are no rules about what can be written or drawn on a whiteboard painted wall. You and your team can have a vast space on which to write one word, a sentence, or five paragraphs – anything needed to capture a budding idea. The degree of freedom that whiteboard painted walls offer to meetings is amazing. The walls encourage the unlimited birth and development of original ideas by a group. And after a round of free-association, the results of the team’s thinking can be reduced to the most realistic and useful ideas through the easy erasability of a whiteboard wall.

Whiteboard Painted Pantry Door or Kitchen Wall

In the kitchen, in place of a traditional cork bulletin board, which is limited in size and requires the use of easily lost and sometimes painful stick pins, you can paint a pantry door or wall in the kitchen to provide yourself and your family with an easy place to post grocery and to-do lists, leave notes, list pick-up times, leave appointment reminders, and provide a host of other information. In this way your kitchen area can become a practical medium for family interaction that motivates you to complete tasks, reminds you of what you need to do, and displays your own and your family’s thoughts and objectives — a creative space where all your household members can write and draw at their leisure any time of the day or night.

Whiteboard Painted Walls for the Classroom

In school settings, teachers can have entire classrooms painted in either our white or clear dry erase coating so that lessons, seminars, tutorials, workshops, and class brainstorming sessions can take place anywhere they choose. When whiteboard painted walls are used for teaching, they stimulate dynamic interaction among students and teachers working collaboratively on the contents of a lesson. Also, when an entire wall is turned into a whiteboard it fosters creativity among students and teachers alike. As there is no room for posters, paintings or other items to be hung up on the wall, teachers often fill whiteboard wall space with fun drawings or writings and let their students add their own contributions.

Also, when whiteboard painted walls are installed in a classroom, information about lessons, homework, field trips, and the like can be presented and revised endlessly. Being huge and extremely easy to erase, top-quality whiteboard painted surfaces are the perfect media for displaying information and noting creative thoughts and images, allowing students and teachers to communicate constantly through both writing and drawing. When students are given unlimited surface space with a whiteboard wall, everyone will be raising their hands for the opportunity to express their ideas, answer questions or solve problems.

Whiteboard Painted Wall Calendar

Create your own calendar on your whiteboard painted wall or other surface. As all organized people know, calendars are essential tools in structuring the operations of a business, organization, club, school, home or other active place. And a communal calendar posted on a whiteboard painted wall makes keeping track of meetings, appointments, and locations much easier. People can add notes and comments to your calendar about upcoming events or important dates that can be quickly erased and updated when needed. Getting organized by using a whiteboard wall calendar will put your mind at ease, and compared to a paper calendar or one printed on a traditional whiteboard, a calendar on a whiteboard wall has many benefits.

First, on a weekly whiteboard wall calendar you can list all of your meetings and appointments, and if a change needs to be made you can simply erase that part of the calendar and write in the revision. Or, with an hour-by-hour calendar, you can plan your day from start to finish, and as with the weekly calendar, if you have to delay a project or appointment until later, you can easily erase and move the task to a different time slot. Finally, you may even want to create a yearly calendar, and for this purpose whiteboard painted walls are ideal, because their vast surfaces are ideal for visualizing and storyboarding a whole process or large list of tasks.

Whiteboard Painted Ceiling

Paint a ceiling with our whiteboard paint as a showcase for temporary artwork or spontaneous written inspirations. This offbeat technique can allow you to act like Michelangelo as he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome! The ceiling is generally overlooked as an important surface in a room. Rather than being like most people and leaving it a blank slate, especially in rooms or areas where you regularly look at the ceiling — such as your bedroom — why not write words of inspiration or a favorite story or poem that will entertain and amuse you and your family and provide a focal point for creative thought?

Whiteboard Painted Table Top

At home or in the office, you can paint a table top with our white coating to cover the dark wood or other material on the table and thus produce an alternative to paper that’s ideal for endless uses related to work or play. In this way your table can be transformed into an impossible-to-overlook surface for leaving messages and writing schedules, timetables, calendars, and the like. This strategy can liberate you from all the sticky notes and loose scraps of paper you use in your home or office. With a high-quality whiteboard painted table top you can write notes for the whole staff or family to see and respond to. In addition, you’ll have a larger-than-usual space to express yourself that your family or colleagues will never be able to miss.


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Posted: October 27, 2019


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