How to Decorate and Complement your Whiteboard Wall

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How to Decorate and Complement your Whiteboard Wall
How to Decorate and Complement your Whiteboard Wall 

A premium whiteboard wall in the home can have an endless range of uses, providing a handy area for interaction and practical application by you and your family members. For example, if it’s installed in the kitchen, the wall can serve as a convenient place to write down recipe ingredients before you start cooking a meal. If it’s located in the mud room or foyer, it may be easily accessed by family members for posting messages to one another as they go in and out of the house. And suppose the wall is in the home office. In that case, it can serve as a helpful communications tool for job-related activities like conducting virtual meetings, planning projects, and brainstorming ideas for business initiatives.

Having a whiteboard wall in your hallway, family learning area, home office, or other places in the home can help you, and your loved ones maintain family to-do lists, complete homework assignments, and post essential notes about family activities. Whether you use it for learning, recreation, or work, and wherever you install your whiteboard wall, its look and value can be significantly enhanced by adding some of the following furnishings and decorative accents.

Borders May Give Your Whiteboard Wall a Fun and Exciting Appearance

You can add decorative borders to your whiteboard painted wall to make it look like a huge traditional framed whiteboard and give it a more enclosed look. Borders and trim are just the added decor touches you need to spice up the appearance and feel of your whiteboard wall. From traditional designs and solid colors to exotic zebra-striped patterns and glistening glitter, you can let your imagination run wild by adding bulletin board border strips to your wall. With the countless colors and patterns of these strips on the market today, you’re sure to find just the right style and color to enhance the look and feel of your whiteboard wall. Bulletin board border strips are readily obtainable online and from local teachers’ supplies stores.

A fun way to add an extra bit of excitement to your whiteboard wall’s borders is to layer them. Borders are excellent design touches for framing a whiteboard surface to make it stand out and look more attractive. And you can add a lot to the visual impact of your borders by including two or more layers. You may use mixed prints, such as zebra stripes combined with polka dots, solid-colored border strips combined with patterns, or any other combination you like. Regardless, a layered border on your whiteboard wall will significantly enhance the wall’s visual appeal and make it more fun to work and play on.

You might also want to add embellishments to the corners of your bordered wall, such as cutouts made of poster board, cardboard, or Styrofoam. You can go with two decorations in opposite corners or four embellishments, one in each corner, or add even more embellishments all along the borders. The embellishment pieces can be switched to correspond with various themes such as the holidays, the changing seasons, the months of the year, sea animals, cats, space travel, pop stars, and so on.

Themes provide a great way to build a sense of cohesiveness and continuity in the space where your wall is located. Choose themes that appeal to your family and also ones that you enjoy. For example, flower cutouts may be used during the spring season, sun cutouts during summer, orange and yellow leaves during the autumn months, and snowflakes in winter. Whatever embellishments you choose, they’re likely to add an exciting finishing touch to your wall’s borders and provide a way for family members to contribute to beautifying your whiteboard wall with their own personal touches.

Picture Frames May Inspire Your Family’s Artistic Side

Adding one or more picture frames to your whiteboard wall can create the illusion of having paintings on the wall when artistic family members draw caricatures or sketches inside. You can then take photos of the artwork to send to friends and relatives via social media, text messages, or email. Afterward, the artworks may be easily erased and changed as you please, and new pieces created for an endless cycle of creative expression and fun.

Suppose you want to avoid the hassle of drilling into your wall to mount the frames. In that case, you can instead set off square or rectangular sections of the wall with the bulletin as mentioned above board border-strip material, colored masking tape, or colorful washi tape, which comes in various versions such as floral, pastel, solid color, glitter, and gold. In this way, you can still get the visual look of a picture frame without the bother of drilling a hole, mounting a wooden frame, and marring your wall.

Seeing an empty picture frame on your whiteboard wall is sure to inspire those with a creative flair to fill it in with some kind of image or design. The frame can also serve as a place to set off and highlight inspirational quotes or famous aphorisms to help motivate you and your family throughout the day.

A Cabinet Next to your Whiteboard Wall Adds Greater Functionality

You can also install a cabinet next to your whiteboard wall. In this way, you’ll have shelves and drawers for storing tools like dry erase markers, rulers, microfiber cloths for erasing, and whiteboard cleaner. With a cabinet placed next to your whiteboard wall, you can gain easy access to the items you need for writing, drawing, erasing, and maintaining your wall. You’ll also have the ability to close the cabinet for easy cleaning and to add a stylish piece of furniture that complements the comprehensive and attractive look of your whiteboard wall.

A Calendar Makeover Can Help with Organization

You might also turn part of your whiteboard wall into a semi-permanent, fully erasable, and re-writable calendar. By using electrical tape, colored masking tape, or washi tape, you can make the squares for your calendar in a wide variety of colors and designs. You might also use 1/8″ auto pinstriping tape if you want to have thinner lines on your calendar. Auto pinstriping tape is commonly available online or at your local auto parts store.

First, draw a template for your calendar using a dry erase marker and a ruler or yardstick. Then carefully place the tape over the dry erase marker lines with the ruler or yardstick as a guide until you’re finished fashioning your calendar. You can also use the tape to write the days of the week in the appropriate boxes to avoid having to rewrite the days repeatedly when the dry erase ink becomes faded over time.

LED Lights Will Brighten up Your Whiteboard Wall and Improve Visibility

You can mount LED strip lights around your whiteboard wall to create a more vibrant and decorative look and a warm, relaxing feeling. The lights can also be used to highlight your creative designs, messages to family and friends, schedules, and other items that you want to draw attention to. Sufficient light is a prerequisite for maintaining productivity and focuses in your work. So, if you’re working from home or home-schooling your children, LED lights can be of great benefit in keeping you on track during the day and in helping to eliminate eye strain and mental fatigue.

LED lights are just the thing for adding color and brightness to your wall, whether the wall is located in your home office, your kitchen, your living room, or another area. LED strip lights generally come in separate rolls with hundreds of individual lights. Thanks to their powerful adhesive backing, the strips can be trimmed to size and easily installed. In addition, controlling the lights is easily accomplished by using a wireless remote.

How to Decorate and Complement your Whiteboard Wall
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