Why is Quality Whiteboard Paint Guaranteed?

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Why is Quality Whiteboard Paint Guaranteed?
Introduction: The highest quality whiteboard coatings on the market are manufactured with eco-friendly ingredients, combined to create water-based paints applied around the world, and consistently recognized for their ease of application, great erasability, and outstanding endurance. These qualities result from a rigorous manufacturing process and quality control program that produce top-grade whiteboard coatings for a world in growing need of cost-efficient and sustainable communication tools for business, education, and other fields. The quality and durability of our premium coatings are guaranteed by a ten-year money-back warranty against fading, cracking, peeling, and yellowing.

High-quality Production Whiteboard Paint

Our premium eco-friendly whiteboard coatings are made with ingredients of the utmost quality in a technologically advanced facility, under the guidance of highly experienced chemists and engineers, who apply the whiteboard paint industry’s strictest standards in all stages of the production process from raw materials to finished product. This continuing focus on quality was recently acknowledged by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a world-renowned green building accreditation system created by the non-profit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED rates buildings, homes, and entire neighborhoods vis-à-vis the eco-friendliness of their design, creation, functioning, and maintenance, thus helping building proprietors and operators as well as local leaders to be environmentally conscious and make efficient use of their resources.

Our premium water-based, low-odor whiteboard coatings received recognition for their compliance with LEED’s strict guidelines on the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous chemicals that easily vaporize or become gases and are released through the burning of fuels such gasoline, wood, and coal, and are also discharged from many industrial and consumer products such as paints, coatings, solvents, and household cleaners. In fact, paints and protective finishes such as whiteboard coatings are among the main sources of human-generated VOCs.

For many decades these products used highly toxic high-odor solvents such as aliphatic hydrocarbons, ethyl acetate, and acetone. However, driven by increasing costs, growing environmental awareness, and governmental regulations, the paint, and coating industries are increasingly moving toward water-based formulas for their products. This is definitely the case for our company, which will continue to produce and develop the highest quality environmentally friendly low-odor water-based whiteboard coatings and base paints to help keep our planet safe to live in for our own and future generations.

Defect-free Whiteboard Paint

The industry’s top-quality whiteboard coatings are always 100% free of any manufacturer defects due to the world-class state-of-the-art production methods and rigorous testing procedures conducted in our plant, which are repeated five times before our whiteboard coatings and base paints ever reach the market.

Money Back

If our whiteboard paint does not perform as advertised, your purchase price plus shipping costs will be fully refunded. However, in order to qualify for a refund, you must not try to reinvent the established process for applying our products and use your own techniques. Our customer support team will work together with you to establish if a manufacturing defect was the cause of your issue and help to overcome any difficulties you might experience. We’ve developed an extremely simple and verified system and procedure for mixing and applying our whiteboard paints that works flawlessly 100% of the time when properly applied. Since our support staff can’t be present for every installation, we’re unable to give refunds for issues caused by user error.

Tested Whiteboard Paint

Every batch of our top-quality whiteboard paints is thoroughly tested before it’s put into containers and allowed to enter the market. In fact, our paints are assessed five separate times for various qualities, including viscosity, which is the thickness of a coating or paint, specific gravity, a measure of density typically described in terms of weight per gallon, and observance of environmental regulations, which involves the number of harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained in a particular coating or paint. You can be sure that our products are constantly assessed for these properties as well as a range of others before being sent to our customers. This meticulous quality-control system guarantees that our clients get only the highest grade whiteboard coatings possible that will last ten-plus years with normal use and maintenance, offering tough, beautiful surfaces that can be easily written on, drawn on and erased all through their lifespans.

Our premium whiteboard coatings and base paints were developed after a long period of testing numerous other products on the market for the following common qualities: (1) how easy they were to apply for the ordinary amateur painter; (2) how many toxic gases and noxious odors they emitted during application; (3) the erasability of the whiteboard surface after the coatings were applied; (4) whether smearing, smudging, or discoloration occurred while the surface was being erased; and (5) whether, after application, the products showed any tiny pores and uneven flaws on the whiteboard surface that disrupted the writing process. Regrettably, every single whiteboard paint product that was studied through these tests failed.

For this reason, our top-quality whiteboard coatings and base paints were created out of a desire to provide functional, cost-effective alternatives to the many inadequate coatings and problems that exist in the whiteboard paint industry today. Our ideal whiteboard paint formula can be easily applied, written on, and erased; never smears, smudges, or yellows when properly applied and cleaned; is non-toxic and nearly odor-free; and is completely smooth to the touch after drying, thus providing users with an outstanding experience of writing and drawing for ten or more years. In addition, each batch of our paints is regularly tested for the properties mentioned above and is able to pass the assessments; otherwise, they’re not released onto the market and shipped to our customers.

Exceptional Quality Whiteboard Paint

Our company has a proven track record of many thousands of successful whiteboard paint installations in business offices, schools, gyms, clinics, universities, organizational headquarters, hospitals, private homes, and countless other venues in the U.S. and around the world. Some of our most renowned and respected clients include Harvard, Princeton, and Yale Universities, Google LLC, Facebook, Inc, and the Starbucks and Sony Corporations. Due to their high quality, our whiteboard coatings consistently receive high ratings from these and other satisfied customers. Our company website features many of these positive assessments by leaders in the industry, information technology, education, and other fields.

One such reviewer states, “As a lead painter for one of the largest tech companies in the world, I can stand behind the ReMarkable dry erase product and their supportive staff.” The customer goes on the say that for him, the most attractive quality of our whiteboard coatings is their extremely quick dry time, which allowed one of his clients to return to the workplace after waiting just one business day for a newly painted surface to dry. The customer adds that he has applied many of the whiteboard paint products currently on the market and has found that our coatings are on the whole the easiest to work with, from the mixing of their components to their application, and that “the final product is a high quality, durable, and long-lasting dry-erase surface [his] client is happy with and will continue to use throughout [his] facility and its rapid growth.”

In addition, our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team, which consists of experienced installers, contributes to the high quality of our coatings by offering patient, insightful, and caring advice to customers anytime from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday EST. As our website states, we love our customers and constantly strive to ensure that their whiteboard paint installations are carried out as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. We also urge people to contact us by phone, email, or chat to discuss the details of their projects, thus helping to guarantee seamless installations of durable, attractive, and easily erasable whiteboard surfaces that will last for many years to come.