What’s So Great about Whiteboard Walls?

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Whiteboard Paint is Simple to Apply

Premium whiteboard paint kits come with a handy guide to a perfect application, so be sure to stick to the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and your installation should be a breeze to complete, giving you a dry erase wall that will be effortless to maintain while offering trouble-free performance for ten-plus years before needing a new coat. Both white and clear products can be applied to nearly any type of flat painted area, and with these high-quality coatings, just one simple step transforms drywall, plaster, metal, tile, wood, and other materials into a durable dry-erase surface. The directions on the box are extremely clear, and when the contents of the two cans in the kit are evenly mixed, a smooth liquid is produced that is easy to apply with the recommended roller.

Premium dry-erase paint works perfectly each time when carefully applied. You can cover your designated area with as many layers as the mixture will allow, but just one coat is sufficient to produce a durable, long-lasting whiteboard surface. After application, your freshly coated area will produce few if any fumes or odors while drying. And in no time, you’ll be able to enjoy a tough, easily erased surface for writing, drawing, or casual doodling that offers unlimited possibilities for creativity, writing messages, and countless other uses.

Whiteboard Walls are Easy to Erase

When the application instructions are followed to the letter, our top-quality whiteboard surfaces erase exceptionally well and can be further cleaned by light buffing with a microfiber cloth. In fact, with their low-odor, eco-friendly dry erase formula and commercial-grade performance capacity, both our white and clear coatings have been given the highest ratings for erasability and durability of all whiteboard paints on the market today. Our dry erase surfaces are designed and formulated to last and come with a full ten-year warranty guaranteeing trouble-free erasability. Be certain to follow the whiteboard cleaning and care instructions provided with the product to guarantee that your dry erase coated surface remains fresh and new looking for many years to come.

Being huge and extremely easy to erase, whiteboard painted surfaces are the perfect media for expressing creative thoughts and images, since their large dimensions allow students, staff or other users to communicate effortlessly and endlessly through both writing and the drawing of sketches, charts, graphs, and the like. On a whiteboard coated wall, creative individuals can come up with original thoughts and images for as long as they’re able, using the same space repeatedly to add content and then erase it in real-time. In this way, a group’s ability to focus in brainstorming sessions, meetings, or conferences can be significantly enhanced. According to recent research conducted at Indiana University Bloomington, the mere activity of writing by hand releases creative potentials in the brain not easily accessed through other means.

Thus, whiteboard painted walls encourage the generation and exploration of original ideas that can be continuously revamped and edited to arrive at highly novel results. And after a session of free associational thinking, the outcomes of a team’s collaborative reflections can be honed down to the most exceptional and even revolutionary ideas, through the flexibility, large size, and easy erasability of a dry erase coated surface.

Two Varieties of Dry Erase Paint

Unlike other paints, our whiteboard paint is available in both a clear and a white version, making it useful for an infinite range of functions on surfaces of many types and colors. The clear variety is also the only dry-erase coating guaranteed to go on clear and remain clear without yellowing for ten years or longer. The clear version can be installed right onto a previously painted surface, converting it into a durable whiteboard without affecting a room’s current decor. Ideal for use in business offices, private residences, classrooms or any other location where both functionality and aesthetic appeal are desired, our whiteboard coatings can enhance learning and the transmission of concepts, graphics, and information, thus allowing students, employees, or family members to examine and convey their original ideas. Also, unlike other coatings, their high-tech, eco-friendly formulas allow surfaces covered with our whiteboard paints to be used quickly. After application, they’re dry to the touch in just two hours and ready to be written or drawn on in 48 hours, thus allowing business owners, teachers, and other users to save time and money.

No Frame or Space Limitations with Whiteboard Walls

You can install quality whiteboard painted walls in your office for a fraction of the cost of traditional dry erase boards, which don’t provide nearly the amount of surface area for writing and drawing. With a 4’ x 6’ framed whiteboard running as much as $200, it’s only reasonable that businesses, schools, hospitals, and organizations are increasingly converting to dry erase coated walls in their venues, where a 50-square-foot area can be covered for the same cost or less. In many circumstances, such a purchase will allow for a whole wall to be coated and used as a dry-erase surface, providing a much greater space than a standard whiteboard for writing messages, drawing mind maps large enough for everyone in a meeting to see, and countless other functions. In addition, dry erase painted walls have approximately three times longer lifespans than standard whiteboards, providing even greater cost savings over time, as well as reduced waste going into our already overflowing landfills.

Moreover, traditional whiteboards typically have metal or plastic frames and thus can appear bulky and unsightly. As well as taking up valuable workspace in the office, home, classroom or other venue, standard whiteboards can also be hazardous to human health and safety, particularly in places such as schools, where they could become detached and cause injuries to unsuspecting young users or passersby. Dry erase painted walls, on the other hand, are harmless and frameless and fit like a dream into any room’s existing interior design, offering smooth open areas for unlimited message writing, spontaneous expressions of original thought, drawings or just plain doodling during breaks or slow periods in the office or at school.

Pick Your Own Color

If you want a durable and environmentally friendly dry-erase surface in a color other than white, you can apply the clear variety of our quality coating to areas that are already painted in various light pastel shades such as pink, lavender, peach or baby blue, which are often described as “soothing.” Thus, you can maintain the current color scheme of a room, take advantage of the psychologically calming effects of pastel-painted walls, and still have the benefits of a large dry erase surface to work on.

In fact, with respect to blue, besides being calming, it’s been found to aid in worker concentration and efficiency, and it also promotes wakefulness and clear communication. Thus, it’s not surprising that blue is a popular color of paint for use on office walls. As the worker-productivity website, Redbooth says, “Use blue for a productivity boost if you’re an office worker. Blue is brilliant for completing administrative tasks or projects that require maximum focus.” The clear version of our coatings is also ideal for offices, hallways, or other areas that feature a brightly colored map, diagram, or logo on a wall that you want to keep intact for customers, staff, or others to see.

Thus, our premium whiteboard paints provide improved performance and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional whiteboards, and if you apply the clear version of our coatings, you can maintain your venue’s original aesthetics while at the same time enhancing staff efficiency and communication. And just like with the white variety of our dry erase paints, walls or other surfaces covered with our clear coating are non-ghosting, non-staining, non-yellowing, and easily erased clean each time you use them.