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  1. Whiteboard Painted Calendar

Every well-ordered person knows that calendars are essential tools in helping to structure the environment of a business, organization, club, school, home or other place where activities occur on a regular basis. And a communal calendar posted on a whiteboard painted wall makes keeping track of meetings, appointments, times, and locations much easier. Multiple people can add notes and comments about upcoming events or important dates on a large durable surface that can be quickly erased and updated when necessary. Becoming organized through the use of a whiteboard wall calendar will put your mind at ease. In comparison to a paper calendar or one printed on a traditional whiteboard, having your calendar on a huge whiteboard wall has countless benefits.

First, on a weekly whiteboard wall calendar you can list all of your meetings and appointments for a seven-day period, and if a change needs to be made you can simply erase that part of the calendar and write in the revision. This is much more trouble free than writing items on a paper calendar with a pen and not being able to remove them. Or, with an hour-by-hour whiteboard wall calendar, you can plan your day from start to finish, and as with the weekly calendar, if something comes up and you have to delay a project or appointment until later in the day, you can easily erase and move the task to a later time slot.

Looking at the bigger picture, you may even want to create a yearly calendar for projects that extend through long periods, and that’s where whiteboard painted walls are a perfect fit. For detailed project planning over an extended time, the immense surface areas of whiteboard walls are ideal for visualizing and storyboarding a whole process and list of tasks. Moreover, you can also use the same calendar to post upcoming events of shorter duration.

  1. Whiteboard Wall Imagery

You and your team can use your whiteboard painted wall to draw images around textual content to better explain and help visualize concepts and come up with additions and changes. This technique makes for strong collaboration and expansion of thought by the whole staff in areas such as project development. For instance, you might write a project idea in the middle of a geometric figure on your whiteboard wall. Then you and your team members can work collaboratively along the sides of the figure to produce graphics and additional text related to the five stages of project development: initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.

Such a strategy not only encourages teamwork and interaction among staff and managers, but also helps to make project development and other business related tasks more creative, challenging, and fun. As can be seen from this example, whiteboard painted surfaces offer an excellent medium for managers and team members to try novel approaches to group work that add visuals to subjects that might normally be handled through writing alone. Thus, you can foster team effort and cooperation among workers and stimulate highly creative thinking at the same time.

  1. Dry Erase Note Taking

Apply clear dry erase paint to your desk so that when people phone you at your office you’ll be able to use a semi-permanent, re-writable surface to make quick notes of names and numbers or messages that need to be passed on to others or remembered for your own use. This innovative scheme eliminates the need for writing reminders on memo pads, sticky notes, or loose pieces of paper that might easily get lost in the shuffle during your daily routine. With your memos sitting right in front of you on your desk in large lettering, you’re more likely to remember them than if the notes were written on small sheets of paper.
An added benefit is that reducing the use of paper products such as note pads helps the environment because most paper seldom gets reused or recycled. And even if it does go to the recycle bin, materials such as post-it notes and memo pads are hard to recycle due to their chemical composition. In fact, sticky notes are considered serious environmental pollutants by producers of high-grade paper and companies that collect paper for recycling because of the adhesives they contain. So, when you install a whiteboard painted surface on your desk to take notes, you’re not only making your life easier but also doing a big service to planet Earth.

  1. Whiteboard Painted Brainstorming Surface

A large writable surface such as a whiteboard painted wall provides a practically limitless canvas on which teams can brainstorm and generate project ideas, without worrying about running out of space as they would using a traditional whiteboard or spiral notebook. Acting as a team can be tough without the proper medium for conducting healthy brainstorming sessions, and whiteboard painted surfaces are perfect for the job.

First of all, thanks to their vast surfaces, whatever comes to your teams’ minds can be written down or drawn virtually without size limits on a whiteboard wall. You can write just one word, write several paragraphs, do bullet points, write in multiple colors, or draw pictures – anything that helps to represent an emerging idea. The amount of versatility that huge whiteboard walls offer to brainstorming sessions is significant, as they encourage endless growth and exploration of original ideas. And after a vigorous round of group free-association, the results of a team’s collaborative thinking can be honed down to the most exceptional ideas, through your flexible, easily erased whiteboard painted wall.

Whiteboard painted walls are also democratic in that they give everyone a chance to voice their ideas. All the participants in a collaborative brainstorming session can make contributions on a spacious whiteboard wall, and all input is valued equally as the group considers opinions while working to reach a consensus. Having every team member’s contributions recorded on a large whiteboard wall levels the playing field because one idea doesn’t carry more weight than any of the others. Also, when thoughts are recorded on a whiteboard wall, everyone feels secure about participating, including shy people, new people, and others who don’t normally feel comfortable talking at meetings.

Finally, writings and drawings posted on a whiteboard wall will ultimately be erased. They’re only used temporarily to illustrate ideas, making them ideal tools for ideation — the process of generating, developing, and sharing new concepts that can be visual, concrete, or abstract. Team members discover the truly unrestrained nature of brainstorming when they come to see that their ideas aren’t precious and can always be erased and superseded by the next one that comes along, while conceiving, developing, and actualizing a plan.

  1. To-do List on a Whiteboard Painted Wall

The object of a to-do list is not only to record tasks that need to be done, but also to refer back to what you’ve listed to determine what needs to be completed next. If you just accumulate to-do lists, glance at them once, and never refer back to them, you’re effectively relying on your mind to recall your remaining chores. If you’ve developed this habit, you can create a large to-do list and put it in a place where you can’t help but look at it. A whiteboard painted wall in the office or home is the ideal surface for doing just that. By jotting down your daily, weekly or monthly tasks in large writing that’s directly in your line of sight, you’re far less likely to go off track or become distracted when you need to check your list.

With whiteboard walls you can write down your to-do items using a single-colored marker, but using multiple colors makes your list more interesting. Plus, you can use different colors to signify a task’s category or priority level if you want a quick way to distinguish between types of tasks and which ones need to be completed first.

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Posted: November 4, 2019


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