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Introduction: Among the many top brands of whiteboard paint available in the marketplace, the number one premium coating stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of its overall quality, its performance capacity over time, its trustworthiness, and the level of service provided by both the manufacture’s paints and their customer support team. For this reason, only one product has become the gold standard that other whiteboard paint manufacturers strive to emulate. The high level of whiteboard paint reflects the great dedication to excellence shown by the manufacture’s founders after many years of working with other less effective products.

The PTS In Whiteboard coatings

Performance, trust, and service are key concepts that go hand-in-hand in driving a top manufacturer’s efforts and making premium whiteboard coatings the best obtainable on the market today. The high performance of the best whiteboard paint is guaranteed by a ten-year warranty, which ensures that your whiteboard surface won’t fade, crack, peel, or yellow over the course of its lifetime. This fact in turn leads to trust in the quality and reliability of premium whiteboard paints, and in the many years of service, they can deliver.

Another aspect of high-end manufacturer’s commitment to service is demonstrated by their website’s wealth of easy-to-follow written information, as well as tutorial videos on the steps involved in applying their paints. In addition, guidelines for the proper use and maintenance of quality coatings are always offered through the manufacture’s website resources tab.

The Gold Standard Of Whiteboard Paint

By cultivating a business environment geared toward constant invention and evolution, one manufacture has become the whiteboard paint industry’s gold standard for excellence, the top brand other manufacturers strive to imitate, and by which they gauge their level of quality. The superiority of high-end paints stems from a manufacturer’s years of experience in the coatings industry, from their great desire to offer alternatives to less reliable and less eco-friendly products on the market, and from the outstanding group of world-class chemists and other team members who develop whiteboard paints.

The excellence of the best whiteboard paint was recently recognized by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a green building certification system developed by the non-profit group U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The best paint formula has passed all of LEED’s tests regarding the emission of hazardous chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and is currently among the first LEED-compliant whiteboard paint products in the world. More specifically, both the clear and white varieties of the best paints are completely free of lead and asbestos and contain fewer than 50 grams per liter of VOCs, meaning that they release almost no harmful substances into the atmosphere, and are thus kind to both humans and the environment.

Performance Of The Best Whiteboard Paint

The best coating is the highest performing and most environmentally friendly of the whiteboard paints available today. When applied and maintained according to the easy-to-follow instructions supplied with the paint kits and in a video on their website, the premium whiteboard painted surfaces will perform reliably and consistently for ten-plus years of daily use without the need for replacement. Undoubtedly the major measure of performance in a whiteboard coated surface is its erasability, and unlike other brands, the best whiteboard surfaces remain easily erasable throughout their entire lifespan. As one user noted about one of the cheap competitor’s products, “I have used IdeaPaint before and some other paints like this. The biggest problem was the slow deterioration in the erasability. After a while, it was a wall with ‘faded memories’ on it.” By contrast, with quality whiteboard painted walls you’ll never have to be concerned about “faded memories,” or markings that can’t be completely erased, because, with proper use and maintenance, high-end surfaces stay highly erasable for many years.

Most Trusted Whiteboard Coating

We’re the most widely used and trusted whiteboard paint brand on the market, as shown by the fact that premier businesses and institutions such as Google LLC, Starbucks Corporation, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale Universities, Sony Corporation, and Facebook, Inc. have all installed the best whiteboard paint in their offices or classrooms, as have thousands of lesser-known business, commercial, academic, and residential users who value the excellence of commercial-grade coatings. Be certain that premium whiteboard paints are trustworthy and will always perform at the highest level since they were developed by well-schooled coatings experts who actually use the products themselves every day in the field, and who also work on the manufacturer’s customer support team. Based on personal knowledge gained through many years of testing and use of top-shelf paints, the trained support staff will make sure that your application is successful if you need to contact them. And to make it even easier for you, customer service representatives supply all clients with their personal cell phone numbers so that you can contact them directly with your questions.

Dedicated Support Staff

We’re fully dedicated to manufacturing whiteboard paints of the highest quality, and offer them as practical answers to many of the problems that exist in today’s whiteboard coatings marketplace. The premiere whiteboard paint manufacturer company was founded by highly experienced professional faux finishers who tried working with many brands of whiteboard paints and encountered serious issues with application, toxic fumes, poor erasability, smearing, smudging, discoloration, and unsmooth surfaces that disrupted the writing process. Thus, the best whiteboard paint company arose out of a desire to remedy the deficiencies the founders saw in other brands of whiteboard coatings. They eventually developed an ideal whiteboard paint formula that’s easy to apply, maintain, and erase. The best whiteboard painted surfaces also remain free of smearing, smudging, and yellowing, and are eco-friendly, practically odor-free, and completely smooth after application, thus creating superior writing and drawing canvases that last for ten-plus years of regular use.

Moreover, the dedication to developing the best whiteboard paints on the market continues, as a top-notch team of chemists and designers work constantly to create even more durable, erasable, user-friendly, and environmentally friendly products for use in all types of venues from residential settings to schools, offices, and industrial spaces.

Quality Whiteboard Paint

Only the best manufacturers stand confidently behind all of their whiteboard paint products by offering their customers a ten-year warranty against cracking, fading, peeling, and yellowing. A manufacturer’s longstanding reputation for excellence is based on countless successful installations in a wide range of venues in the US and across the globe, and the paints, which contain ingredients of the utmost quality, are manufactured in a cutting-edge facility, under the supervision of world-class chemists who apply the most stringent production standards to every lot of paint they make. Moreover, each batch is thoroughly tested by a quality control team before reaching your door, so you can be guaranteed that the coatings are completely free of any manufacturing issues.

The high quality of the best whiteboard paints has been recognized by numerous independent online review sites such as wiki.ezvid.com, which includes top products in their group of Seven Best Dry Erase Paints, and many trusted sources, which rank the Best Dry Erase/Whiteboard Paint for 2020. The wiki.ezvid.com site reviewed products like ReMARKable’s 35-square-foot kit, noting that it can be purchased in both white and clear forms, and that the paint is totally undetectable when a surface is not in use. The reviewers also noted that besides writing and drawing on the best whiteboard surfaces, users can apply stickers to them and no marks will be left behind when the stickers are removed, reflecting the toughness and durability of only the best of the best coatings. Finally, the site mentions that the better paints feature a non-toxic child-safe formula and that they emit no foul odors when applied.

Regarding websites that rank whiteboard paint, the reviewers based their ranking of number one on the following features: (1) the superiority of the paint’s formula; (2) its ten-year warranty; (3) its easily erasable finish; (4) its durability (the length of time the surface remains useable); (5) its minimal odor; (6) its cost-effectiveness; (7) its usability with different kinds of dry erase markers, and (8) its rapid drying time. After testing many whiteboard paint products, the site’s reviewers concluded that for these reasons only one whiteboard paint was the best of all the whiteboard coatings on the market today. Remarkable Whiteboard Paint was chosen.