Unique Surfaces Where You Can Apply Premium Dry Erase Paint

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Unique Surfaces Where You Can Apply Premium Dry Erase Paint

If you think you know all the places where you can install top-quality dry erase paint, you may need to think again. When you’re searching for a handy, attractive dry erase surface for a special function or in a particular locale, there are unlimited options for you to choose from.

In many of our other blogs, we’ve presented information on the most traditional areas to apply premium dry erase paint, namely walls. Still, countless more unique and out-of-the-ordinary surfaces exist for your use. You need to get creative and “think outside the box” to give yourself new and unusual ways to record information, get creative with art, or just doodle to relieve daily stress on a dry erase painted surface.

The places described below may not suit the needs of every business office, school, private residence, or other venue. Still, you might find a new and inventive way to use dry erase wall paint that makes your space more functional and attractive.

This article offers tips on unique surfaces in your business, residence, school, or other location where dry erase paint may be applied for an infinite range of practical and recreational uses.

Room Dividers Offer Ideal Surfaces for Writing and Drawing

In most people’s minds, the installation of top-quality dry erase wall paint is associated only with walls in offices, classrooms, private homes, and other spaces. However, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the variety of different surfaces and locations you can apply the paint for writing, drawing, or doodling.

For example, large, smooth vertical surfaces such as room dividers are perfect for producing text and drawings during group brainstorming sessions and for carrying out shared work activities such as group project planning and management. They’re also great for conducting events like conferences, seminars, and training workshops with larger groups of people.

As supplements to your dry erase walls, room dividers are excellent places for applying premium dry erase paint, as they offer large, smooth canvases similar to walls and are easily accessed and used by anyone in the room. For even more writing areas, horizontal surfaces such as office table tops, low cabinets, credenzas, and office desks may also be painted for activities such as individual meetings and one-on-one brainstorming sessions that don’t need everyone on the team to be involved.

The Refrigerator Door is a Handy Writing Space for Useful Information

When you coat your refrigerator door with premium dry erase paint, your kitchen area becomes an easy-to-access communications hub that allows for the writing of memos to family members, inspirational quotes to uplift your spirits, weekly grocery lists, the day’s dinner recipes, and more. Converting your fridge this way eliminates the need to post notes and lists on easily lost bits of paper with tape or magnets. Once your refrigerator door is covered with dry erase wall paint, you can write in large letters and quickly erase the content with a few swipes of a microfiber cloth when the data is no longer needed.

The ability to write in large letters and numbers on your fridge door’s dry erase painted surface will make it easy to leave attention-grabbing messages about essential appointments, memos to family members, homework, household chores that need to be completed, and other topics that your household should be aware of and remember.

Your Kitchen Island Counter Can Take On a Host of New Functions

Add a stand-alone island to your kitchen decor and customize it to accommodate your specific needs and taste. You can significantly enhance the look and functionality of your home cooking area. You may install a freestanding stationary island or a mobile one for greater flexibility. The traditional kitchen island is rectangular, with one section often used as a handy breakfast counter. Your kitchen island can be a breakfast and meal-prep area, a convenient storage unit, or even your kitchen’s primary work and communication center.

Too frequently, island counters just become surplus fixtures in the kitchen. Instead of merely encumbering this vital room in your house with an item of cabinetry that’s never used, why not transform it into the centerpiece of your kitchen activities? These days, kitchen islands usually contain integrated cabinets that provide household members with extra storage space and allow the countertops in the kitchen to be used for different purposes. But why not make your kitchen island even more useful for daily household functions? 

One unique way to do so is to coat the countertop with premium dry erase paint. Doing so will allow you to create a handy place to jot down recipe ingredients and cooking directions, keep track of grocery items that need to be purchased, leave notes for family members, and much more.

If you want a highly serviceable kitchen island counter, you need to maximize it to perform multiple functions, such as using it for cooking and baking and as a storage area. For the latter function, you can use dry erase paint to coat the drawer fronts and cabinet doors for listing the contents and other relevant information.

Kitchen Cabinets are Ideal for Putting up Information

The doors of your kitchen cabinets and counter drawers can easily be transformed into highly accessible dry erase painted surfaces for listing their contents and recording other helpful information. Cabinet doors can also be excellent supplements to your dry erase painted refrigerator door as places to input family activity schedules, errands to be run, kids’ after-school activities, and more. By using the unique and handy magnetic hanging system called GoodHangups, you’ll also be able to post your children’s drawings and paintings, graded exams and essays, class grade reports, and other items that will encourage the youngsters in their school work and artistic efforts and thus improve their self-esteem and image.

Why Not Use Dry Erase Painted Panels at Large Family or Business Events?

One of the most unique ways to use premium dry erase painted surfaces is to incorporate them into wedding receptions, family reunions, and other large family or business gatherings. To do so, you can coat large plywood or particle board panels with dry erase paint and then use the panels for posting the event’s seating plan for the guests to check, along with other information such as arrows and text indicating the right direction to go to get to the event.

In case you need to make sudden changes, the easy erasability of premium dry erase painted surfaces makes revising information like seating arrangements quick and effortless. Also, when creating seating arrangements, you can use various colors of dry erase markers to categorize the different types of guests who will be attending an event such as a wedding reception.

Typical categories of guests to be seated include the bride and groom, the parents/siblings/grandparents, the wedding party, the children, and high school friends. A seating arrangement that features an overview of all the guests and their designated tables can be made to fit many different wedding themes, such as romantic, vintage, whimsical, rustic, art deco, and garden party or casual. Find a friend, family member, or relative who is adept at calligraphy and has a steady hand to create an attractive and elegant seating chart on your dry erase painted panel to impress all of your guests.

Having an array of dry erase painted panels at wedding receptions, family reunions, large birthday parties, business gatherings, and other such events is a fun, exciting, and novel way to keep attendees informed about important information and to add a touch of uniqueness and visual appeal to the proceedings as well.






Unique Surfaces Where You Can Apply Premium Dry Erase Paint
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