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ReMARKable whiteboard painted walls are excellent alternatives to traditional whiteboards for countless reasons, including their greater usefulness as tools for conducting and conferences and creative brainstorms. The following are some of their most significant pluses in this regard.


Whiteboard Walls Feature Virtually Unlimited Room for Expression and Flow of Ideas

By their nature, traditional whiteboards are limited to certain shapes and sizes, often making it hard to find a board of the appropriate form and dimensions to meet your specific needs. And if after searching in vain for an appropriately sized standard whiteboard, you opt to order a custom-sized board, you’re apt to pay a premium price. Meetings require a writing-and-drawing surface that allows for the free flow of ideas among participants, and with a traditional whiteboard this process can be severely restricted by a board’s dimensions. Whiteboard walls, by comparison, permit a much freer environment in which meetings can get open and creative, because they’re only limited by the height and length of the walls in the rooms where they’re used.


Whiteboard Painted Walls provide the Ability to Make Your Meetings More Dynamic

Whiteboard walls are superb media for heightening employee enthusiasm, engagement, and productivity at meetings, and for assisting with collaborative tasks, thus making work gatherings more enjoyable and worthwhile for all the participants. Featuring huge surface areas, painted whiteboard walls are ideal for large-scale planning projects, group brainstorming sessions, collaborative schedule making, group storyboard creation, and a host of other activities where a large writing space and an unrestricted flow of ideas is essential. The sheer size of dry erase painted walls allows for extensive use of participants’ imagination and ability to collaborate efficiently with colleagues, fellow students, managers, or others. Designed to stimulate inventiveness and engagement and thus increase output among staff members, whiteboard walls are essential for any business, home, or office where practically unlimited writing and drawing potential is desired.

In contrast, the use of traditional whiteboards during meetings has numerous downsides. For example, their surface areas are typically small, restricting the flow of ideas and making it hard to record all the thoughts that meeting participants generate without having to erase previous words and write down new ones. Using a standard whiteboard can also become chaotic, as people look for any available bit of open space to write on after filling most of the board with text; thus, participants can lose their train of thought, the meeting can become disorganized, and precious time is wasted. This scenario can lead to inefficiency and the need to repeat information if someone at the meeting failed to jot down the earlier contents of the whiteboard.


Whiteboard Painted Walls Offer an Ideal Way to Retain Information from a Meeting

Effective listening is one of the hardest skills for human beings to master and is also the most difficult way to retain information. It involves actively absorbing information given by a speaker, showing that a person is listening, and giving feedback to the speaker so that the hearer can clarify the details of the message being conveyed. In the context of a meeting, these actions are not always possible for everyone to perform. At times, participants may have trouble staying focused, especially during a lengthy presentation. And sometimes even during brief talks it may be hard to listen attentively. Some of the factors that interfere with listening at a meeting include the following:

• physical noise, or sounds in the environment that interfere with the ability to hear.

• psychological noise, or distractions to a meeting’s message caused by participants’ thoughts.

• physiological noise, or interference caused by a listener’s own body such as a growling stomach.

• semantic noise, or confusion over the meaning of a speaker’s words.

In the last case, while the participants are trying to understand a particular word or phrase that a speaker just said, the speaker continues talking, so the listeners become sidetracked from hearing the rest of the meeting. In addition, the participants are unable to save any ideas or images presented on the board to any type of computer file, so what was not understood during the meeting is lost.

These problems can all be solved by using a whiteboard painted wall at meetings in combination with a dry erase marker in a smart sleeve that allows presenters to write out information by hand and have participants retain the data through the use of the sleeves’ digital memory. In this way what is heard during a meeting or conference can be saved indefinitely for future reference, thus freeing participants from the need to remember everything that was said. In this way high-quality dry erase painted walls can act as “smart” surfaces with virtually endless possibilities for idea generation. All that’s required is to place a dry erase marker into a smart sleeve, and whatever you write or draw, with whatever device you’re using, you and the other participants can collaborate smoothly and save all the details of your meeting while freeing everyone’s imagination for creative thought.


Whiteboard Walls Have More Surface Area Allowing for Larger Text and Visuals for Greater Inspiration

Considering the limited surface areas of traditional whiteboards, meeting presenters are always limited with respect to how large they can write or sketch on the boards. For this reason, meeting participants often have difficulty discerning what’s being written or drawn right in front of them, especially in large conference rooms or lecture halls. This is especially problematic for visually impaired participants, who may not be able to effectively comprehend part or all of a meeting’s contents due to the size limitations of the text and graphics being presented. Also, participants who sit in the back of the room where a presenter is writing on a whiteboard might have to struggle to view the board when the text or visuals are too small because of the restricted size of the board.

These problems can all be avoided through the use of high quality dry erase painted walls to interact and collaborate during meetings. The huge surface area of a whiteboard painted wall permits both presenters and attendees to continuously expand their thinking as meetings progress, and jot down whatever words or visuals emerge from their imaginations in a large format that everyone can clearly see and understand. This expansiveness by its nature breeds greater engagement from both managers and employees and sparks more new ideas than would be likely to emerge if a smaller surface such as a standard whiteboard were being used.

Facebook, a highly dynamic company that always stresses teamwork in its business philosophy, has found that applying spacious whiteboard painted walls throughout their offices has powerfully transformed staff meetings, offering employees and managers unlimited space on which to create, collaborate, and generate new ideas, workflows, mind maps and other tools to apply to their projects. Regarding mind maps, which organize data hierarchically and show connections among the parts of a whole, what better surface to create one on than a massive whiteboard wall? Mind maps focus around a single concept in the center of a blank space, to which related images, words, and phrases are added. Major ideas are linked directly to the central concept, and others branch out from these. On an enormous whiteboard wall, the ability to spread out the ideas in a mind map is practically limitless.

After enhancing the quality of their meetings through the effective use of such working tools on dry erase walls, Facebook is experiencing more creative, efficient, and productive outcomes from their staff meetings. And Facebook is not the only company or group to undergo such a transformation. Google, Sony, Harvard University, and countless other businesses and organizations have elevated their teams’ levels of engagement and excitement during meetings through the use of high-quality ReMARKable whiteboard painted walls.

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Posted: November 28, 2019


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