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You Are Not Limited When Using Whiteboard Paint

With premium whiteboard painted walls you’re not limited by the space in which you put your creative ideas, as you would be with traditional framed whiteboards. Our whiteboard surfaces offer floor-to-ceiling canvases that can be as large as your imagination can stretch. You can write, sketch and doodle without boundaries on our massive, frameless walls and have several people at a time accompany you in your work. Your writing and drawing can be big enough for anyone to see, be they participants in a meeting, students in a classroom, or family members who walk up to read messages or examine your latest artwork. The expansive, seemingly endless quality of whiteboard painted surfaces sets free the inner creativity of users, even those who normally feel hesitant to express themselves in business meetings, in school classrooms, or even at home.

On the other hand, traditional framed whiteboards only come in specific sizes, so it’s often difficult to locate a board that’s of the right dimensions to meet your needs. And if you can’t find the right-sized whiteboard, and decide to order a custom model, you’ll probably have to pay top dollar. Offices, classrooms, health care facilities, and other venues where information is exchanged on a daily basis typically require a writable surface that can accommodate a lot of information. And traditional whiteboards just don’t fill the bill in this respect because of their small dimensions. Whiteboard painted walls, by contrast, have practically unlimited areas on which to be free and creative with your writing and drawing, because their height and width extend from floor to ceiling and from corner to corner.

Dedicated Spot for Your Whiteboard Painted Wall

You can reserve a section on the office whiteboard wall that’s strictly for storyboarding. In recent years, the value of storyboarding for business applications has become more and more obvious. When companies make use of tools for strategic planning such as storyboards they help managers and staff record and learn about customers’ experiences, allowing the team to adjust their efforts to meet customer needs and develop plans for future expansion. Thus, the knowledge gained through storyboarding helps to initiate needed change, improve a company’s growth potential, and increase revenues over the long term. For these reasons, business leaders and staff members alike appreciate the large surfaces of whiteboard painted walls, where they can easily assign a specific section just for storyboarding.

Designated areas of your whiteboard walls can also be used to have fun and entertain your team as they draw, write poetry, post favorite aphorisms, or display other forms of personal expression. This approach will add individuality and amusement to your team’s workday, create a more relaxed atmosphere in the office, and act as a way to show off your employees’ talents. A designated space on a wall can also be used for guests, clients, and staff members to write comments and suggestions for improving company operations, in place of the traditional office suggestion box. In this way, you can improve your staff’s sense of involvement in the company and feeling that their voice is being heard by management.

Easy to Erase Whiteboard Painted Walls

Premium whiteboard coated surfaces can be wiped off easily and never leave the film and smudginess usually found on traditional dry erase boards. When the application instructions are well followed, our top-quality whiteboard surfaces erase remarkably well. In fact, with their low-odor, eco-friendly formula and commercial-grade performance, our coatings have received the industry’s highest ratings for erasability and durability. Our dry erase surfaces are manufactured to last and come with a full ten-year warranty ensuring trouble-free service.

Write Anything on Your Whiteboard Painted Wall

In business settings, you and your staff can write company statements, jot casual notes to colleagues, brainstorm ideas for new ventures, list schedules for the completion of projects, and do an infinite array of other tasks because whiteboard painted walls are completely flexible in terms of how they can be used. There’s no instructional manual on what can be written or drawn on a whiteboard wall, so after installation, you and your team will have a vast space to write, sketch and doodle for as long as you want. Due to their great size and ready erasability whiteboard painted walls give you the confidence to generate and develop a series of original ideas for projects until you arrive at one that everyone agrees on. And after a period of group discussion and assessment, the results of your team’s reflections can be finalized and put into motion by again using your whiteboard wall to make a flow chart of activities to complete.

Similarly, in the classroom several students at a time can use the large expanse of a whiteboard wall to write down ideas for group projects, brainstorm topics for essays, list possible locations for field trips, and more. Also, when teaching a foreign language, having access to a huge whiteboard wall allows teachers to post a large number of new vocabulary words and definitions that students want to discuss. Keeping the new words on display on the wall allows the students to see and practice the target language throughout the various stages of a language-learning activity. And the information can also be left on the wall for the rest of the day because plenty of room will be left over for teaching lessons in other subjects.

Whether teaching adults or children, educators always face the task of having to reach a room full of students with a variety of learning styles: aural, verbal, physical, or mathematical. And a good way to bridge the gap between what the students need to learn and their ability to grasp the material is to use classroom technology wisely to achieve the greatest learning outcomes for all students. To this end, a whiteboard painted wall can provide a medium for combining reading-writing practice, graphics, kinesthetic activity, and multi-media input (through projection of slides and videos) to accommodate the needs of various kinds of learners.

Do Artwork on Your Whiteboard Painted Wall

You can do beautiful artwork on your whiteboard painted walls, which most often serve practical purposes like office brainstorming, storyboarding, note-taking, or classroom lessons. However, if 21st-century artists have taught us anything, it’s that any common surface can become the medium for a work of art. And whiteboard painted walls are no exception. A key aspect of artistic talent is that if you love to express yourself through art, you won’t feel constrained by an unusual medium. Whether you draw on a paper napkin in a restaurant, on a cell phone screen or on a paper coffee cup at Starbucks, people recognize talent when they see it, even when displayed on the highly unlikely canvas of a whiteboard painted wall.

Moreover, you don’t need to be a modern-day Rembrandt to show off your skills on a whiteboard wall, a medium that’s often reserved for classrooms and business offices and seen as a short-lived means of expression for artists. With only a set of dry erase markers and a bit of imagination you can take the art of drawing to a new level or just doodle with no special aesthetic goal in mind. Sometimes it can interrupt the flow of work when you have to exchange markers of different colors, so you may decide your images can be more effectively presented with just one color. But whether you use just one color or several to do your art, you’ll no doubt feel inspired by the immense canvas of your whiteboard wall and show creativity you never knew you had.

Remarkable Whiteboard Paint

Our professional-grade whiteboard paint products are genuinely remarkable in both name and quality, being low in odor when applied, environmentally friendly during and after application, highly durable, and warranted against cracking, peeling, or yellowing for ten-plus years of continuous use. Also, unlike the epoxy-based paints made by many of our competitors, our coatings are produced using ingredients that are extremely low in toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are among the first whiteboard paint products to comply with the safety guidelines of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), one of the world’s leading green building certification programs. So, whether you choose to apply our white or clear coating you’ll be making an investment in a top-quality communication tool that will reap countless rewards for many years to come.