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Although whiteboard painted walls are usually associated with business offices, school and university classrooms, and commercial enterprises, they have a myriad of uses in the home as tools for communication in homeschool teaching and learning, work-at- home office projects, enhancement of children’s academic and physical development, and more.

The following are some advantages of having a whiteboard painted wall in the combined work-at-home and homeschool setting.

Virtually Limitless Space

A whiteboard painted wall offers a huge area for brainstorming ideas involving work-related projects and for creating your homeschool curriculum, class lessons, activity plans, and the like. The typical height and space limitations of a home-office desk, kitchen table, traditional whiteboard, or flip chart are eliminated when doing office work, homeschool lessons, and other pursuits on a vast, readily accessed whiteboard painted surface. Your whiteboard wall can greatly supplement your efforts in both telecommuting and homeschooling and make life easier for both parents, who need to work, and children, who need to engage in daily homeschool lessons and activities.

Posting Your Daily Schedule

The large open spaces of a whiteboard wall give you the opportunity to post large-sized schedules of your daily homeschool lessons and telecommuting work projects for everyone to easily see and for you to alter whenever the need arises. You can also use the wall to list the hours of operation for your home office and homeschooling program, so that you and your children will be clear about how much time you’ll be spending each day on both your telecommuting work projects and home teaching activities.

Creating Whiteboard Calendars

A whiteboard painted wall provides a vast space to create large whiteboard calendars – one for posting dates when homeschool class projects are due, field trips are scheduled, etc., and another for recording dates and times when home-office-related projects need to be completed, meetings and other events are planned to happen, and more. The easy visibility, writability, and erasability of whiteboard coated surfaces make generating, observing, and changing dates, times, and details quick and simple to accomplish.

Enhanced Engagement in Learning

Research has shown that writing and drawing on a large vertical surface like a whiteboard painted wall greatly increases children’s levels of creativity and engagement in school lessons. Working with dry erase markers on the vast surface of a whiteboard wall is a lot more fun than writing and drawing with pencil and paper on a cramped desk or table. Young students are always more excited and engaged when doing their work with a marker and a whiteboard painted

surface because the freedom and mobility of using a large area for school work makes them more interested in exploring new academic material. Also, their mistakes can be easily erased so that concerns about making errors in front of others are greatly reduced. As compared to writing on notebook paper or a flip chart, writing with dry erase markers on a whiteboard wall is less permanent. With a quick wipe of a microfiber cloth, mistakes are eliminated and new answers may be produced until the ideal solution or idea is reached. This feature makes your homeschool a safe learning environment where children who may be struggling with a subject or task, or those who are perfectionists are more willing to make errors, erase, and move on to find new options.

The open, inviting surface of a whiteboard painted wall will also stimulate your own engagement in home office activities and your creativity in coming up with new ideas for projects or solutions to business-related problems. Many cutting-edge companies and prestigious educational institutions such as Facebook, Google, Harvard University, and the University of California Berkeley have come to recognize this creativity-enhancing aspect of whiteboard coated walls, and so have had them installed in their corporate and administrative offices, classrooms, and other areas.

Enhancement of Psychomotor and Learning Skills

Writing and drawing on a large open vertical surface like a whiteboard wall when doing homeschool work can enhance the development of growing children’s gross and fine motor skills, for example, wrist extension and pencil grasp. The large sweeping movements that children need to make when working on a whiteboard wall help to develop strength and flexibility in the joints and muscles of the arms and wrists. The hands are also strengthened because the children have to go against gravity to write and make lines while drawing.

Moreover, using a dry erase marker on a whiteboard wall helps to develop children’s facility in observation and in focusing their attention on a specific task. Finally, drawing, sketching, doodling, and making charts and diagrams provide useful training in problem-solving, because these activities help children to visualize their ideas and intuitions. This advantage also applies to adults who can benefit from producing large-scale graphics of various kinds on whiteboard walls to aid in visualizing ideas and plans and thus help the thoughts to get realized while working on business-related projects and problems in the home office.

Easy Visual Assessment

The large surface area of a whiteboard wall allows for quick, easy visual assessment of children’s math answers and work in other school-related areas such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Error correction and elaboration and expansion on key teaching points are effortless when using a large whiteboard wall, because space is no limitation and changes can be made quickly and easily with a few swipes of a microfiber cloth, towel, or mitt, the recommended erasing tools for whiteboard coated surfaces.

The same is true of home-office-related work projects, which can be readily created, viewed, assessed, and amended as needed with a dry erase maker and a microfiber cloth, without having to cope with the size limitations of traditional framed whiteboards, paper notebooks, laptops, flip charts, or tablets. Developing and assessing new ideas for marketing campaigns, product development, search engine-optimization projects, and so on are made much easier through the use of a whiteboard painted wall’s large canvas, where you can produce mind maps and other brainstorming tools ad infinitum.

Flexibility of Time and Use

A whiteboard painted wall in the home office and homeschool environment allows you great flexibility in assigning short or long, planned or unplanned school lessons, projects and activities when you’re occupied with office-related paperwork, making phone calls, dealing with clients or visitors, handling behavioral issues with the children, and the like. The handy access, large surface area, and enjoyable nature of using a whiteboard painted surface give children a chance to unleash their inner creative urges and learning potential while you engage in in-home work-related tasks. The vast surface of a whiteboard wall is excellent for having children work together in solving math problems, writing definitions of new words, doing matching exercises, brainstorming ideas for writing assignments, and more.

Giving your children assignments to complete on their whiteboard wall can be either planned in advance or done on the fly. You can have students make illustrations of some of their recently learned vocabulary words, count by multiples of various numbers, or list as many two-part verbs as they can. Such assignments will keep children on task and learning while you take care of your business-related work. Given its great size, a whiteboard painted wall is collaborative by nature and encourages involvement. More than one child at a time can use the surface, so it increases response and sharing of ideas and images, even for those who may be easily bored or disinterested. A whiteboard wall is thus an invaluable teaching tool that facilitates the participation of everyone involved.

Use in Choosing Online Homeschool Training Courses

Finally, a whiteboard wall can help you in listing and choosing appropriate online homeschooling courses to suit your needs and availability, because many such courses are time limited and it’s important to have a visual presentation of the various options and their duration so you can schedule courses that don’t overlap timewise. Additional resources for information on homeschooling can also be listed to prepare you mentally for the task of teaching your children at home.

Whether you’re a telecommuter operating from home or a stay-at-home parent maintaining a household, your time can be used for both work duties and homeschooling by using the handy, innovative medium of a whiteboard painted wall. The large easy-to-access surface is ideal for hands-on activities such as developing your homeschool curriculum, planning daily schedules for office work and homeschool lessons, and creating a whiteboard calendar for posting both work-related and homeschooling events.

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Home / News / Advantages of Working and Learning at Home Using a Whiteboard Wall

Posted: April 6, 2020


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