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A Boundless Canvas

Your most significant ideas have room to grow with a wall-to-wall whiteboard covering that lets you think far beyond the limits of a traditional whiteboard frame. Because of their great size and easy erasability, whiteboard walls are ideal vehicles for boundless creative thinking and imaging since their dimensions allow students, staff, or family members to express ideas through both handwriting and drawing pictures, charts, graphs, and other visual forms without limit. Whiteboard painted surfaces can be as large as the walls of your meeting room, office, clinic, classroom, or other workspaces. By contrast, traditional dry erase boards only come in specific sizes, so you’re severely limited with regard to how much writing and drawing surface you can use. With their virtually limitless surfaces, dry erase coated walls will move you and your team to reach new levels of creativity because most people can’t write or draw small enough to fit all of their ideas into a traditional whiteboard’s 4’x 6’ surface, particularly when making flow charts, mind maps, storyboards or other visuals that require large areas to be fully presented.

Whiteboard Painted Walls Are More Affordable

With our premium dry erase paint, you can cover a 10 X 10 wall for up to 60% less than the cost of a traditional whiteboard of similar quality. Creating a larger canvas with traditional whiteboards would be unattractive and costly, as the price of a standard 4’ x 6’ dry erase board can be as much as $200. Instead, with top-quality whiteboard coatings, you can cover a 50-square-foot area for the same price or less, and have vast areas on which to brainstorm, write memos, draw graphs, make mind maps, and more. This great affordability, combined with immense areas for writing and drawing, has great appeal for business owners, directors of organizations, and heads of households, as they get virtually unlimited room for working and expressing creativity at a low price per square foot.

Also, the two-day dry time of our premium dry-erase coatings, the fastest on the market, contributes to their cost efficiency because it allows for a quick return to work and less time wasted in avoiding freshly coated walls or relocating an entire office while waiting to use a whiteboard painted surface.

Whiteboard painted walls Look Amazing

Whiteboard painted walls add an aesthetically pleasing element to any office, home, classroom, or other area. Unlike the stark-looking lines and frames of a traditional dry erase board, a whiteboard painted wall has a contemporary, inviting, inspiring, and forward-thinking appearance. Conventional whiteboards are surrounded by unsightly grey aluminum frames and soon become unpleasant to look at because of hard-to-remove smudges that appear on their surfaces after just a few weeks of use.

Whiteboard painted walls, on the other hand, are smudge-free and are frameless so they can be stylishly integrated into a room’s existing décor, especially when our clear coating is used over a room’s present wall paint. Whiteboard painted walls thus offer smooth, fresh-looking, and appealing areas for unrestricted brainstorming, message writing, spontaneous expressions of original thought, and countless other uses. Give your office, kids’ room, restaurant, or other venue a distinctive, up-to-date look by transforming its walls and other surfaces with attractive, attention-grabbing whiteboard paint.

High-quality dry erase paint keeps walls looking fresh and elegant for ten or more years before ever needing to be recoated. Compared to standard flat or semi-gloss indoor wall paint, our premium dry-erase paints are formulated to create an eye-catching, glossy and durable finish that produces minimal glare, permitting users to write or draw as long as they like without experiencing eye strain or fatigue. Our durable coatings come in two colors, white and clear. They’re designed to create the customary whiteboard effect on the coated surface, while also possessing the quality of excellent erasability, which allows marks made by low-odor dry erase markers to be effortlessly wiped off without smudging or streaking. However, it’s essential to carefully follow the cleaning and care instructions provided with the products to guarantee that your dry erase coated surface remains fresh, attractive, and new, looking for many years of reliable service.

Paint Any Surface With Whiteboard Paint

You aren’t limited to just coating walls with our premium dry erase paint. You can transform a tabletop, a cabinet, a desktop, a lamp, a room divider, or virtually any other smooth flat surface into a canvas for brainstorming, writing messages, and countless other uses. And, if you prefer a colored dry-erase look, you can simply apply our clear coating to a surface such as a desk or a door as long as the original color is light enough to write and draw on with dry-erase markers. At home, you can paint a tabletop with our white coating to cover the dark wood tone of the table and thus produce a paper-optional work or play area for your family to use. You could also install the white version of our paint on a pantry door for an easy-to-access place to leave notes, write shopping lists, make calendars, list pick-up times, leave appointment reminders, and write a host of other information. In this way, your kitchen area can become a practical medium and creative space for family communication that prompts you to finish chores reminds you of important dates and displays your family’s thoughts and inspirations.

On a bedroom door, you could coat the entire surface to have a handy place to display your temporary artwork or spur-of-the-moment literary outbursts. In the office, you can coat desks and other furniture with whiteboard paint to produce convenient locations for message taking, personal memo writing, and the like. At school, teachers can have their own, and their students’ desks painted in either our white or clear coating so that everyone can work on lessons, take notes, and leave reminders about homework assignments and other aspects of school life.

Whiteboard Paint Is Environmentally Friendly

You’ll create less waste by using whiteboard paint because dry-erase painted surfaces have no backing material, and our paint kits require less packaging to ship and have lower transport costs than regular dry-erase boards. Perhaps the most significant environmental benefit of using our premium whiteboard paint is the fact that it helps to reduce the use of paper products, melamine or porcelain whiteboards, and electronic devices such as tablets, notebooks, and laptops, all of which are incredibly harmful to the environment in terms of their manufacture and ultimate disposal.

The negative ecological effects of producing and using paper are significant and include forest destruction; excessive water and energy use, production of harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and carbon dioxide; water and soil pollution; and excessive waste production. Similarly, the conventional whiteboards used in offices, meeting rooms, school classrooms, and other work environments are harmful to the planet and have many qualities that make them poor choices for use in business offices and different settings. The adverse ecological effects of whiteboards include the air, water, and soil pollution generated in their manufacture, and their massive contribution to landfill overflow around the world.

Moreover, of all the many environmental benefits to using dry erase painted surfaces, one of the greatest is that they reduce the use of electronic devices such as tablets and laptops, which generate enormous amounts of e-waste that leave a devastating environmental footprint. Computers and most other electronics contain highly toxic metals such as lead, zinc, nickel, barium, and chromium. When disposed of in landfills, these metals and the other toxic chemicals found in electronic waste seep into the local groundwater, negatively impacting the surrounding soil, local inhabitants, and land and sea animals.

Considering all of the harmful environmental effects of using paper, traditional whiteboards, and electronic devices, choosing affordable, durable, and eco-friendly premium whiteboard paint is a sensible alternative for all types of applications. So do yourself and the planet a favor by choosing our high-quality dry-erase coatings as your next business investment.

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Home / News / The Advantages of Quality Whiteboard Paint

Posted: September 21, 2020


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