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Buy whiteboard paint is actually not really a paint. It’s a coating, but close enough. The coating is comprised of a two-part mixture, a formula that when combined needs to get applied to a wall within a short amount of time, usually immediately, like within 15-60 minutes after mixture, max.

Once the two parts are combined, they form a perfect chemistry and consistency that gets applied via roller to just about any wall or surface. For specific recommendations on the application and installation of whiteboard paint, please visit our Whiteboard Paint 101 page, and enjoy our videos full of tips and tricks for a great installation!

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The coating, when applied usually needs a 48-hour dry time (for ReMARKable, the fastest dry time whiteboard paint in the industry – usually 72+ hours for competitive whiteboard paints). Once dry, you will be able to use dry erase markers (color of your choice), to write, doodle and create on your new dry erase surface made completely with your existing surface, like a wall, table, furniture, etc. and the application of the whiteboard coating.

Whiteboard paint usually comes in both white, and clear coatings. The white whiteboard paint coating will typically create a traditional whiteboard look and is recommended you use a light color primer or coat of paint on the wall previously because applying a white coating over top of darker colors can come out looking pretty bad, with distorted hues and not pure white.

The clear whiteboard paint coating will be a transparent coating that allows the current color of the surface to shine through. We also recommend lighter colors for behind the clear coat so that your dry erase surface looks great and works well with a variety of dry erase colored markers.

For more information about What is Whiteboard Paint? please visit our home page at https://www.remarkablecoating.com and browse our library of information, resources, as well as shopping area that will aid you in determining the best whiteboard paint kit for your next project. Before finalizing any whiteboard paint it is important to check out whiteboard paint reviews for utmost satisfaction.

Keep in mind, that with ReMARKable, you are getting the perfect dry erase formula, that is toxin-free, unlike many of our competitors in the dry erase paint industry, doesn’t smell horrible and make you sick or give you headaches, is super easy to apply, especially after watching our instructional videos, dries the fastest amongst all whiteboard paints out there, and is hands down the best value and most affordable as far as quality whiteboard paint goes.