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There are countless advantages to using ReMARKable whiteboard painted walls as media for expression, instruction, data transfer, and creative thinking, but the following are seven of the most outstanding.

Whiteboard Paint’s Versatility

Our dry erase walls are extremely versatile in terms of where they can be applied, being serviceable in a wide range of venues, such as business offices, classrooms, university lecture halls, conference rooms, hospitals, veterinary clinics, retail stores, home kitchens, children’s rooms, home offices, restaurants, research laboratories, and a host of others.

Our dry erase walls can also be used for countless purposes, such as drawing sketches and graphs, writing lists, brainstorming ideas, and doing calculations. An extra advantage is that all of these functions can be carried out on a surface that’s much larger than those of traditional whiteboards, allowing for greater flexibility, expressiveness, and originality. With proper upkeep and ordinary use, our painted surfaces preserve their dry-erase capability for ten or more years indoors before you ever have to apply a new coat. They’re also guaranteed not to crack, peel, stain, yellow or fade under normal circumstances. So turn every wall in your home, school, office or other space into a launchpad for an unlimited opportunity with our superbly manufactured whiteboard coatings.

Environmental Friendliness of Whiteboard Paint

Unlike traditional whiteboards made of melamine, plastic, porcelain, or other materials that are ecologically damaging to produce and dispose of, our whiteboard paints are low-odor, extremely eco-friendly coatings that contain no toxic chemicals and minimal amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meaning that no unsafe substances or vapors enter the room during or after application. For this reason, our high-quality whiteboard paint is LEED-compliant. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the most commonly employed green-construction rating method worldwide, is preferred by architects and engineers when building environmentally friendly, extremely efficient, cost-effective structures. In August 2017, our dry erase paint renewed all LEED tests for VOC emissions and is now one of the world’s first LEED-compliant whiteboard paints. Developed by the non-profit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the LEED rating system for the design, construction, operation, and care of green buildings, homes, and neighborhoods helps owners and managers to use resources responsibly and to maintain environmentally sound practices.

Also, low-priced melamine- or plastic-covered whiteboards typically last for only one to five years, after which they’re discarded and have to be replaced with new models, adding large quantities of needless waste material to the world’s rapidly expanding landfills. More expensive whiteboards, such as those made of porcelain, can last longer but are limited in size compared to high-quality whiteboard walls, which have a lifespan of ten years or more with proper maintenance and feature large surface areas with limitless possibilities for use.

Space-saving Features of Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard painted walls help to conserve precious space in offices, classrooms, clinics, teacher’s lounges, cafeteria rooms, or any other place where they’re applied because they eliminate the need for traditional whiteboards, which may only be a quarter to an inch thick but are typically 4’-5’ high x 6’-12’ wide. Thus, standard whiteboards take up a lot of space in a room but still have limited surface areas on which to convey ideas and information and foster creativity. Dry erase paint whiteboard walls, on the other hand, have surfaces as high and as wide as the walls they’re applied to, creating virtually unlimited opportunities for expression and communication without taking up any extra area in a room. After all, walls are all around us, and our high-quality whiteboard paint helps bring them to life so your mind can explore and create without limits.

Whiteboard Paint’s tech-friendly Capability

High-quality dry erase painted walls are now tech-friendly in the sense that they can act as “smart” surfaces. All you need to do is place a dry erase marker into a SmartMarker sleeve, and whatever you write or draw, with whatever device you’re using, you and your colleagues can collaborate effortlessly and save all the details of your interactions while freeing up everyone’s imagination for generating ideas. With no adjustment of the devices or training required, using markers equipped with SmartMarker sleeves on your dry erase wall never hinders the flow of your thoughts and images. And since the smart marker sleeves feature built-in memory, you can rest assured that everything you write or draw is saved for future reference. Write anywhere you like, capture every original idea you come up with, and share it with anyone around the world. What starts on your whiteboard wall doesn’t have to stay there, so transfer your words, ideas, and images into shareable digital files as you write. You can be as spontaneous and creative as you desire because the large surface areas of quality whiteboard painted walls give you free reign to let your mind soar, and smart markers allow your ideas to enter the broader digital world.

Freedom from Ghosting and Smudging on a Whiteboard Painted wall

When using a traditional whiteboard with dry erase markers, the whiteboard usually looks fine for the first month or two of use. But it takes little time for the board to start smudging or “ghosting,” making what’s written or drawn on the board less legible or viewable and the board more difficult to use and clean. Ghosting is caused due to deterioration of a traditional whiteboard surface caused by the solvents and binders in the ink of the pens. Quality whiteboard paint is completely impervious so this does not happen when it is properly applied. A few remedies are available for addressing ghosting problems, but most are just temporary and need to be repeated monthly or even weekly, for the entire life of a whiteboard, which, as mentioned, is typically only one to five years. For example, you can go through the tedious process of cleaning your erasers by brushing, beating, and vacuuming; erase the whiteboard with a dry eraser; clean the board with a whiteboard cleaner; and then spray the board with a special spray. Thus, ghosted whiteboards only last so long, and the stain removal process is extremely labor-intensive.

Instead, when it’s time to start looking for alternatives, you need look no further than high-quality dry erase paint, because when applied and maintained properly, ghosting is never an issue and the whiteboard surface will last for ten-plus years of continuous use. Quality dry erase paint has become popular around the world for a myriad of applications because unlike traditional whiteboards, it’s durable, attractive, low maintenance, and eco-friendly.

Whiteboard Paint’s Differences from Other Types of Paint

Unlike other paints, ReMARKable whiteboard paint can be purchased in either a clear or white version so it can be used for a wide variety of functions on many types of surfaces. And the clear variety is the only dry-erase coating that goes on clear and stays clear without yellowing for ten or more years. The clear paint can be applied directly to an already painted surface, transforming it into a dry-erase board without changing a room’s color scheme. Perfect for offices, homes, schools or any other place where both functionality and attractiveness are desired, our whiteboard paint can enhance learning and the transfer of ideas and facts, thus helping students, staff or family members to explore and express innovative concepts and designs. Also, in contrast to other dry-erase coatings, its high-tech formula allows surfaces covered with our whiteboard paint to be used quickly. After application, it’s dry to the touch in just eight hours and is ready to be written or drawn on in 48 hours.

Whiteboard Paint is Applicable to any Smooth Interior Surface

ReMARKable can be applied to virtually any smooth painted interior surface, such as a wall, a desk, a door, a tabletop, or a bookcase. One easy-to-apply coating transforms drywall, plaster, wood, tile, glass, metal, concrete, and other smooth painted surfaces into whiteboard areas with limitless potential uses and commercial-grade performance quality. And because our whiteboard paint is a coating, the finished surface will only be as smooth as the underlying surface was before application.



Advantages of using whiteboard paint in the class, home and office
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Advantages of using whiteboard paint in the class, home and office
There are countless advantages to using whiteboard-painted walls as media for expression, instruction, data transfer, & creative thinking.
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