Why Only Use High-End Water-Based Whiteboard Paint

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1. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint Dries Faster

After application, you can write on a premium whiteboard coated surface in just 48 hours, which is three to four days earlier than you can on surfaces covered with solvent-based whiteboard coatings, which not only dry slowly but also emit toxic gases even after curing and being used for many years. The extremely fast drying time of top-quality whiteboard paint allows you and your team members or family to save a great deal of time in using the surface for writing memos, brainstorming new project ideas, doing group presentations, and a host of other tasks. For businesses and organizations, rapid dry time also means saved revenue and an improved bottom line, because as the age-old saying goes, “Time is money.”

2. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint is Odorless

High-end whiteboard coating doesn’t have a toxic smell because it’s extremely low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), highly toxic substances that vaporize easily and are emitted through the ignition of fuels like gasoline, diesel fuel, coal, and wood, and also from industrial and consumer products such as paints, coatings, solvents, cleaning agents, and hair spray. As a matter of fact, paints and protective finishes such as solvent-based whiteboard coatings are among the world’s most notorious generators of anthropogenic VOCs.

Thus, for the same reason that it’s odor-free, top-quality whiteboard coating is safe for the environment, as VOCs contribute significantly to worldwide air, water, and soil pollution. In fact, our premium water-based, low-odor whiteboard coatings have been acknowledged by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a certification program that operates worldwide to endorse buildings designed and constructed in ways that reduce their environmental impact, especially regarding indoor air quality, building materials, sustainable site improvement, efficient use of energy, and conservation of water.

3. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint Erases Great

When applied and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions, premium whiteboard coated surfaces always look new and never dingy because of the proprietary formula that’s used for making each batch of the coating. The chemical structure of the finished whiteboard coated surface makes it impermeable to dirt, water and dry erase marker ink. This impermeability factor also permits ink to be easily erased without the need for intense rubbing because the coating’s tough Teflon-like surface prevents marker ink and dirt from sinking in and causing problems such as ghosting, streaking, and staining.

4. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint Ultimately Cost Less

Over time the price tag for high-quality whiteboard coating amounts to a fraction of the cost of a traditional framed whiteboard. This great cost-efficiency stems from the fact that surfaces covered with the whiteboard coating last for ten or more years of continuous normal use, so their price per square foot is extremely low compared to that of standard whiteboards, which have to be replaced regularly because of deterioration and issues with appearance, writing, and erasing.

5. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint is Very Durable

Both the clear and white versions of our high-quality water-based whiteboard coatings are made with environmentally friendly ingredients and are recognized around the world for their ease of application, trouble-free erasability, and great resilience. These attributes result from a cutting-edge production process and a stringent quality control system that generates the highest grade whiteboard coatings available today. The outstanding quality and toughness of our premium whiteboard coatings are backed up by a ten-year warranty that protects against yellowing, fading, cracking, and peeling.

6. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint Is Extra Marker Friendly

High-end whiteboard coated surfaces work great with eco-friendly low-odor dry erase markers, and their brightness and glossy sheen cause ink markings to be readily seen, even from across a room. This lustrous surface quality also allows for quick and thorough erasing of writing and drawing with a few simple swipes of a microfiber cloth or mitt.

7. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint Comes In Two Colors

Top-quality whiteboard coating is available in two versions, white and clear, both of which have the same chemical makeup. The only variation between the two types of coating is the inclusion of titanium in the white variety during production, which gives the finished dry erase surface an appearance similar to that of a standard framed whiteboard.

The high-end clear whiteboard coating and the white brand of coating are obtainable for the same affordable price. When you examine the various whiteboard coatings on today’s market that are economical, long-lasting, and eco-friendly, our clear and white coatings emerge as the best available because they possess all of these attributes and are also higher in overall quality.

8. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint Comes In Various Sizes

Depending on the amount of surface area you wish to cover, premium whiteboard coating is available in several kit sizes, for example, 35-square-feet, 50-square-feet, and 100-square-feet. When purchasing one of these kits, it’s important to carefully calculate the exact amount of area you are planning to cover with the coating because the application needs to be done with one generous coat and with no “stretching” of the material to try to cover more space, as is acceptable with conventional paints such as latex house paint.

The containers in each kit are separated into Parts A and B, which need to be mixed in a specific ratio to produce a blend that will function properly in covering the square footage stated on the packaging. However, if you want to coat a surface that’s of a different size than that designated on the kit you purchased, for example, covering 40 square feet with a 50-square-foot kit, it’s crucial to avoid “eyeballing” the amount you’ll need and instead use containers with exact volume markings to measure. In this way, you can guarantee that you’ll produce a mix that has the precise ratio of parts A and B needed to coat your area without creating issues.

9. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint Is Easy to Apply

Just follow the simple instructions supplied with each coating kit, and your application process should come off without a hitch. A manufacturing system that uses the highest grade eco-friendly components and an exhaustive quality testing program in the factory ensure users that both the clear and white versions of premium whiteboard coating are the most outstanding products of their type available today. However, it’s important that the coatings be installed, used, and maintained in line with the manufacturer’s directions so they will last for ten or more years of regular use, providing durable, easy-to-use, blemish-free surfaces for a wide array of business, educational, and other purposes.

Also, to eliminate the possibility of issues with the finished dry erase surface due to inexact or inadequate mixing, you’ll need to be careful about the tools you use to mix the two parts of the product. With many multi-component coatings, it’s OK to combine the ingredients with a power mixer to make sure that the parts are thoroughly blended. However, with top-quality whiteboard coatings, moderate hand mixing with a stirring stick in an appropriately sized tub is the only way they should be blended. To avoid the problem of producing bubbles in the coating, it’s important to not forcefully stir or whip the product in its container during hand mixing.

10. The Highest-End Whiteboard Paint Comes Is A Superior Product

Top-quality whiteboard coating is a technically and visually superior water-based product that’s made with the finest eco-friendly ingredients in a state-of-the-art facility by world-class chemists and engineers. When properly applied, the coating produces an extremely attractive high-gloss whiteboard surface that far surpasses the products of the competitors and the expectations of users. Premium-grade ReMARKable whiteboard coatings retain their bright shiny look for ten-plus years of continuous normal use if cleaned and maintained with microfiber fabrics and eco-friendly water-based cleaners.

The whiteboard coating consists of chemical components that upon curing, produce an exceptionally strong, impermeable, and elastic dry erase surface that can endure great temperature variations and prolonged physical stress. These properties allow our premium whiteboard coatings to be applied in all types of environments and to withstand many years of normal use with appropriate care and maintenance.