Embracing the New Normal of Remote Work with the Help of a Dry Erase Wall

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Remote Work with the Help of a Dry Erase Wall.

Embracing the New Normal of Remote Work with the Help of a Dry Erase Wall

With the global workforce still in a state of flux due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the push by many companies to get employees back into the office is conflicting with the wishes of those who have embraced working from home as the new normal. The liberty to work anywhere on a flexible schedule is highly motivating for people who have an aversion to the restrictions of traditional office life. In fact, many employees are willing to sacrifice vacations, pay increases, and even retirement options for the opportunity to work from home. While employers have promised their team members greater flexibility in terms of scheduling, some managers are wary of remote work, believing that it lessens team cooperation and company culture.

The Trend toward Remote Work is Growing Rapidly

However, large numbers of employees around the world have shown that high-quality work can be done from any location, without the need for long, stressful commutes on congested highways or trains. According to a recent study, fewer than 30% of office workers in the US are back in their buildings, and it’s too early to predict exactly how the post-pandemic work environment will look. But while the emphasis on returning to the office is strong among many managers, employees are seeking other options. Thus, it appears that remote work and the mixture of remote and in-office work are here to stay. When surveyed, people currently operating from home said that avoiding the need to commute and saving the money spent on fuel or train fare are the main advantages of telecommuting.

The Perks of Work-from-Home Flexibility are Endless

Along with the benefits of not having to commute and saving money, the enjoyment of working from home can be enhanced by embracing the concept of telecommuting and making the home office as “user friendly” as possible. One way to do so is to incorporate a dry-erase wall and other dry-erase-painted surfaces into your work-from-home décor. Top-quality dry-erase paint can be applied to virtually any smooth flat surface in the home workplace, such as walls, desktops, tabletops, doors, room dividers, and file cabinets. With some of the money saved by not having to go to and from the office each day, you can invest in dry erase paint for your home office and for other areas of the house as well.

Whether you’re doing software development, working as a freelance writer, running your own art business, selling items online, or working as a corporate project manager, the great flexibility that remote work offers can be increased through access to a large, durable, and easy-to-use dry erase painted wall. On it, you can keep track of daily tasks to be completed, take notes during conference calls, conduct PowerPoint demonstrations for virtual meetings, brainstorm ideas for job-related projects, outline plans for new marketing campaigns, and an endless array of other tasks.

A Dry Erase Wall can be a Great Stress-relief Outlet

In addition, since stress is one of the most serious threats to physical and mental health today, finding ways to lessen their stress level should be a goal for all workers, and a dry erase wall can be of great help in this regard. In a recent survey, a majority of the respondents felt that working away from the traditional office reduces their stress and enhances their general health and wellbeing, as it allows them time to pursue a better diet, increased exercise, and an overall healthier way of living. Thus, choosing to work from home should be considered by anyone whose job will allow it.

A dry erase wall in the home office can help to reduce stress even more because it offers a massive canvas for doodling or “spontaneous drawing,” as researchers call it. Doodling has been studied for its effects on psychological distress, and even among cancer patients, creating art helps lower stress. It’s believed that the repetitive, rhythmic motions involved in doodling and sketching trigger the body’s relaxation response to counteract our natural fight-or-flight instinct. And making art is also known to reduce the body’s production of cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone.” So, given the huge surface area offered by a dry erase painted wall, doodling and sketching can be done effortlessly and as long as you like so as to make working from home even more relaxing than it already is.

The Home Office Provides the Perfect Venue for Using a Dry Erase Wall

Working inside an office building restricts time and creates more chances to become distracted from work than many people realize. Research on remote work shows that most employees feel working outside the office eliminates distractions that keep them from concentrating, such as interruptions by colleagues, calls to meetings, and general office noise. In the home, external noise and other forms of disturbance can be kept to a minimum so that you can feel freer to use your dry erase wall to brainstorm ideas for work projects, set up daily schedules, do storyboards for long-term job assignments, come up with new marketing strategies, and more.

Thinking of New Options for Making a Living has never been Easier

For many, the work-from-home experience provides extra time to reassess and redraw the blueprint of their lives, and this process can be enhanced through the use of a dry-erase-painted wall. If you’re one of the many people nowadays who have chosen to give up their traditional workplace job and seek a new path, a dry erase wall is an ideal medium for brainstorming ideas about new kinds of occupations. In the current business environment, skepticism about navigating the conventional career path is growing quickly around the globe. This feeling isn’t restricted to a specific age group, but younger Millennials and members of Generation Z have expressed this sentiment most strongly. Many people in these age categories are dissatisfied with the idea of traditional careers and are looking for new ways to make a living. Even those who currently have jobs are reassessing their work situations and searching for new options.

Monetize Your Current Hobby and Gain a New Livelihood in the Process

One approach to this process is to monetize your present hobby and thus gain a new revenue stream to support yourself. However, certain types of hobbies like bird-watching and gardening may be difficult to transform into a money-making venture. Such leisure-time pursuits can only be monetized by becoming a teacher or perhaps an influencer who uses social media to make endorsements and place products to get people to buy goods or services. Once demand appears, selling in this way can accelerate rapidly, and you can make use of your dry erase wall to keep track of sales, brainstorm ideas for new products or services, and an endless array of other functions.

Also, if you’re teaching a skill or activity such as gardening, bird watching, or dog training, you can use your dry erase wall in virtual instruction sessions to present facts, diagrams, drawings, outlines, flow charts, and the like for students to study. Dry erase painted walls are ideal media for virtual teaching, as they’re expansive enough to accommodate large text and images and easily erased so as to keep the flow and time span of a lesson going indefinitely. The vast canvas of a dry erase wall, with its easily seen words and graphics, makes presenting information and ideas easier than trying to teach on the limited surface of a conventional whiteboard, chalkboard, or flip chart. In addition, dry erase painted walls are more eco-friendly than these other types of non-recyclable media, being made of ingredients that have met the stringent environmental standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a green building certification program used around the globe.

Embracing the New Normal of Remote Work with the Help of a Dry Erase Wall
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Embracing the New Normal of Remote Work with the Help of a Dry Erase Wall
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