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Introduction: The field of architectural design deals with a structure’s components, focusing on the real-world implementation of whiteboard design ideas. Being typically responsible for the architectural design of buildings, architects work with space and construction materials to create well-integrated, functional homes and other structures. Premium whiteboard painted walls are practical additions to structural designs that forward-thinking architects can use to enhance the quality of daily life and work for residents and workers in commercial and residential buildings.

Whiteboard Paint in Home Offices

Architects can designate a whiteboard painted wall to be installed in a home office so that the homeowners can list essential appointments and other information to be remembered, as well as do brainstorming on work-related projects, present ideas for home maintenance jobs, calculate family income and expense statements, organize personal time schedules, write to-do lists, and post countless other items. On a more casual note, they might also use the wall to write down jokes and riddles, list the titles of movies to see, write inspirational messages and meaningful quotations to ponder, outline your dreams for the future, or simply doodle or draw amusing pictures to make the environment more cheerful and upbeat.

If the office is shared by several family members as a multifunctional space, you can post a schedule on the wall listing designated times for using computers and other equipment, a list of rules for keeping the office neat and tidy, personal messages to others using the room, to name just a few possibilities. You might also use different colors of dry erase markers to represent different categories of items on your schedules and lists. In this way, you’ll be able to maintain a clean, organized communal space that everyone will be able to use wisely and maintain efficiently.

Whiteboard Paint in Office Blocks

Whiteboard paint can be installed on the walls of individual offices and work cubicles so that you and your team members can have your own private surfaces for generating ideas and posting information; the coating may even be applied directly onto employees’ desks so that notes and messages can easily be made on the fly for everyone in the office to see and respond to. Other obvious places to install our premium whiteboard paint are meeting rooms and conference rooms, where brainstorming, staff gatherings, small-group discussions, and storyboarding sessions can become more exciting and enjoyable for you and your team by having a vast, open, easy-to-erase surface to write and draw on.

Brainstorming and storyboarding are especially appropriate activities to perform on the huge open canvas of a whiteboard painted wall. If the brainstorming activity involves mind mapping, for instance, the wall will provide virtually endless amounts of space to extend the map as far as your team’s imaginations can take them. To start a mind map, you should draw a square or other geometric figure in the middle of your whiteboard painted wall and write the idea you want to brainstorm on inside the figure. After the main concept of your mind map is written on the wall, you can add branches extending out from the main concept that contain the most basic subtopics related to it in the form of words, images, phrases or parts of phrases. Then you may explore more detailed subtopics by adding more and more branches, and also use images and colors to coordinate related ideas. With the virtually unlimited surface area that you’ll have available on your whiteboard wall, this free-associational activity will be sure to generate some useable material for project development.

At this point, storyboarding can next be utilized to arrange the useable concepts generated through brainstorming into a realistic group of scenarios for initiating and carrying out the project. Creating a storyboard to portray the sequence of actions to be taken in order to implement your project allows you to reduce the essential steps into single, easy-to-understand frames and thus avoid having to write long complicated reports that no one ever likes to read. Once again, the vast surface area of your whiteboard painted wall will serve you well because you’ll feel uninhibited about how much content you can include in your storyboard presentation.

Whiteboard Paint in Kitchens

Using whiteboard paint on at least one wall in a kitchen will provide you and your family members with plenty of room to write down your grocery lists, favorite recipes, and important appointments, as well as being the perfect spot for keeping a schedule of daily chores, making suggestions, posting important messages, and displaying a host of other information.

Pantry doors, cabinet doors, and tabletops are also ideal kitchen areas to cover with our top-quality whiteboard paint, as is the kitchen backsplash, which is placed or installed on the area of the wall between your countertops and wall cabinets. It’s meant to protect the walls from discoloration, especially in the places near your sink and stove, where you cook, wash your dishes and hands, and prepare meals. While your backsplash might get quite dirty, it’s meant to be easy to clean and maintain. The main reasons whiteboard paint would make the perfect backsplash surface are that it offers endless possibilities for creative use and is easy to clean. You can post humorous notes, write daily lunch and dinner menus, draw cartoon-like characters, or cover the area with aesthetically pleasing patterns for everyone to enjoy.

With their clean, simple, and polished appearance, whiteboard painted surfaces are highly adaptable and easy to incorporate into any type of existing kitchen décor, from the earthy, subtle tones, natural materials, and comfortable furniture of the rustic style, to the sleek lines, rounded edges, and neutral colors of the contemporary style. If you plan to use our clear whiteboard coating in the kitchen, just make sure that the surfaces to be painted are of light or medium-toned color so that dry erase markings will be easy to see after application.

Whiteboard Paint in Kids’ Rooms

Walls, doors, and furniture can be coated in whiteboard paint to keep the kids occupied with fun writing and drawing activities, and also to encourage them to be creative without being concerned about keeping walls and other flat surfaces clean. In this way, you can avoid having to say, “No writing on the walls!” ever again. Besides the fun aspect of writing and drawing on walls, research in early childhood development has shown that working and playing on vertical surfaces such as whiteboard painted walls also has great benefits for children’s physical growth. Most of the time kids engage in fine motor activities such as writing, drawing, coloring, and playing with toys on horizontal surfaces like tabletops, desktops, and floors. Although this habit may be easy and convenient, the positions children assume when doing these activities can negatively affect certain areas of their physical growth by encouraging them to look down, bend forward, assume a slouching position, and make restricted arm movements.

By contrast, working and playing on a large vertical surface such as a whiteboard painted wall helps to foster the development of both gross and fine motor skills in growing kids. For example, the standing posture necessary for using the wall fosters the growth of strong abdominal and back muscles, and the large surface area of the wall requires a lot of reaching and moving around, so the shoulders and arms get stronger and more coordinated in the process. In addition, writing and drawing on the vertical surface of a whiteboard wall helps to develop the correct wrist position for grasping pencils and writing. Thus, whiteboard painted walls installed in your kids’ room can be fun and creative, as well as highly beneficial for their healthy growth into adulthood.

Whiteboard Paint in Garages

Architects can design whiteboard painted workspaces to be applied on workbench surfaces and walls so that you can make notes and brainstorm ideas and diagrams for DIY projects. Garage walls are also natural places to list the parts and steps needed to conduct vehicle repairs, as well as deadlines for project completion and regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, engine tune-ups, and car washing. If you use the garage regularly as an entryway into your home, a whiteboard painted wall can also serve as a message board for family members to notify others about pick-up times, lost items that need to be found, help needed with household chores, and the like.

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