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Using Dry Erase Walls in a Public Facility or BusinessUsing Dry Erase Painted Walls in a Public Facility or Business

Premium dry erase painted walls have a myriad of practical and recreational uses and may be installed in a wide variety of settings. Most people think of dry erase walls as mainly being useful in business offices, schools, and universities, but these versatile writing and drawing surfaces may also be applied in other less frequently considered venues, such as the settings discussed below.

Dry Erase Painted Walls in Public Libraries

When installed in public libraries, whiteboard-painted walls can be used for posting announcements about new books and electronic media offerings, free services such as preschool story times, study areas for patrons, book clubs to promote literature appreciation, and other public libraries in the area, and numerous other topics.

Promotion of Student Voice in the Library
Besides such general informational uses in the library, dry erase walls can also support the concept of student’s voice by letting students in the local area express their views in a free public forum for all to see and respond to. Student’s voice involves sharing values, opinions, and beliefs by students in a school and teaching methods based on students’ choices, interests, desires, and goals. Students’ voice gives students the power to impact the learning process with respect to school policies, educational and extracurricular programs, physical surroundings, core principles, and more. Thus, by having access to a dry erase wall in the public library, students can have a place to express their voice to people who are knowledgeable and interested in reading, learning, and expanding their thinking.

Dry Erase Walls in Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Cafes

With dry erase paint installed on one or more walls of a restaurant, café, or coffee shop, it’s easy for managers and workers to post new offerings, daily menu items, and lunch specials and to change the menu as often as necessary using multi-colored markers, accompanied by eye-catching graphics and designs. Owners can give their eateries a unique, up-to-date look and feel by making over the kitchen, dining, and entrance areas with durable, inviting, and attractive dry erase walls.

With a large, easy-to-access whiteboard wall installed behind the cash register, customers can easily check out current menu items, read inspiring quotes of the day, study nutritional facts about the food, discover new additions to the menu, and gain other information as they enter and leave the establishment. Managers might also designate a specific area on a wall for customers’ opinions about the food, areas for possible improvement, and the overall quality of the eatery. Then at the end of every business day, photos may be taken of the most constructive and positive comments to post on the business’s social media pages and website. In this way, a restaurant, café, or coffee shop can include a distinctive, contemporary form of marketing to its standard advertising approach and show customers that the owners are grateful for their input and patronage.

Whiteboard Walls in Government Offices

In government offices, premium dry erase walls may be used to post daily schedules, important announcements, and a host of other information, making the data easy to view and access by both employees and the general public. In military and in local, state, and federal government operations, it’s essential to be methodical with workplace procedures and to regularly set the daily agenda. Whiteboard walls are beneficial for offices in any branch of the military, whether it be the army, navy, marines, air force, coast guard, or reserves. Dry erase walls allow staff to keep track of topics such as training exercises, equipment availability, the status of military drills, and schedules for army, navy, air force, or marine reservists.

Through the use of the large surface of a dry erase painted wall, federal government personnel can also manage their daily work and appointment schedules, staff meeting times, daily activity lists, and more. Air force office staff can use whiteboard walls to keep up to date with flight training schedules, ensure compliance with various types of weapons, help identify security threats, devise military tactics, delegate tasks to subordinates, and manage surveillance tools.

Moreover, in state, city, or township government offices, top-quality whiteboard walls can be beneficial in managing daily operations. For example, dry erase walls are ideal for use by local police and fire department personnel in crime and fire prevention, firefighting, emergency medical care, search and rescue efforts, hazardous materials mitigation, disaster response, public education, and community service programs.

Whiteboard Painted Walls in Clinics

While children wait in the lobby of a clinic, they can sketch, doodle, and scribble to their hearts’ content on a whiteboard-painted wall and thus avoid becoming bored or getting rowdy. When installed in the clinic’s office area, dry erase walls can be used for scheduling and coordinating patient appointments, brainstorming ideas for increasing clinic efficiency, helping to supervise office staff and training new hires about office systems, procedures, and rules.

Dry Erase Painted Walls in Daycare Centers

Dry erase walls are also a natural fit for use in daycare centers, as they provide a huge, inviting, and easily accessed surface where children can draw, write, doodle, and express their creativity as much as they choose throughout the day. Since whiteboard-painted walls stretch from floor to ceiling, there’s no limit on the sizes of children who can use them. For this reason, daycare attendees of all ages and heights will have no trouble accessing various parts of the walls to do original artwork, alphabet and numbers practice, poetry writing, and other fun and exciting activities. Also, since the paint formula used to produce premium dry erase walls is non-toxic and free of hazardous fumes, it’s entirely safe for children to use and touch after curing.

Daycare workers can also use the walls to conduct lessons on the alphabet letters, number recognition, the names of objects, and other topics. As the workers teach young children through play activities, problem-solving exercises, question answering, and experimenting, their dry erase wall can be employed as a useful tool to supplement these strategies. In addition, childcare workers can use dry erase walls to go along with less structured approaches to teaching children, such as artwork, group dance lessons, and singing.

Structured activities such as daily storytelling sessions and group play designed to develop speaking, writing, and social skills in young children are especially appropriate for the application of whiteboard walls. For example, before telling a story, a worker can write keywords from the story on a dry erase wall and then ask the children to repeat the words several times to help them learn and memorize new vocabulary. Then the children can try to write sentences using the words or draw pictures related to the words’ meaning.

Dry Erase Walls in Hospitals

In the hospital setting, whiteboard-painted walls can be of great help to physicians and ancillary staff in improving group and patient communication, enhancing patients’ knowledge about their health care team, and keeping track of plans for admission and the length of stay. This information can significantly increase general patient satisfaction with their care, as well as their confidence in caregivers. For these reasons, the installation of dry erase painted walls in patients’ rooms is a powerful way to improve interaction and patients’ overall experience while in the hospital. When installed close to patients’ hospital beds, the walls allow health care providers to convey a wide array of valuable data.

Top-quality dry erase painted walls are designed to look and function like new for ten or more years of continuous use in hospitals. The walls offer an efficient, wide-ranging, and easy-to-use medium for managing and monitoring patient-staff relations, time schedules, patients’ medical notes, patient tracking, and more. Whiteboard walls in patients’ rooms and elsewhere in a hospital can thus serve as valuable tools for transmitting facts among hospital care providers and as a means of engaging patients more fully and happily in their care.

Using Dry Erase Walls in a Public Facility or Business
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